How To Add Multiple Signatures To A Document (2023)

Upload your document, sign it yourself, add signature boxes, and then send it to other people so you'll collect multiple signatures.
How To Add Multiple Signatures To A Document (2023)
Last updated on:
April 1, 2023
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Looking to learn how to add multiple signatures to a document? In this guide, we'll show you how to send a document for signing and collect signatures.

Whether you have a PDF, Word, or any other type of document, this guide is for you, as our solution works smoothly for any kind of document.

Let's not waste any time and see how to insert multiple signatures in a document.

Can I add more than 2 signatures in a PDF?

Yes, you can. There are many online tools (like ours) that allow you to add more than two signatures on a PDF — add yours, and then send the file for signing.

At SignHouse, you can request a signature from more than just one individual. Get as many signatures as you need in just one file!

Now, let's see how to actually do this.

Can a PDF have multiple digital signatures?

Yes, a PDF can have as many digital signatures as needed. Use an online software to digitally sign a document yourself and send it for signing to others.

Pro Tip: Our software helps you create a digital signature for free. Click the linked text to read our guide on how to create yours!

How to put multiple signatures on a document

  1. Upload a document in the box below;
  2. Create your signature and insert it on the file;
  3. Add signature fields for others' signatures;
  4. Click the Review and Finish button (top-right);
  5. Type in your signees' details;
  6. Click the Send this document button.
How to send a PDF for signing via email

Once you've signed a document yourself, add a signature block anywhere on the file for your users to electronically sign the document themselves.

After you're done editing the document, click the button in the top-right corner of the PDF editor and tell our system to who you want to send the document.

Basically, that refers to who you want to fill and sign your document.

How to put multiple signatures in Word

  1. Click Insert in the top-left corner;
  2. Select Signature Line;
  3. Enter the first signee's details;
  4. Click OK to apply changes;
  5. Repeat the process multiple times.
How to insert digital signature in Word

We've got a separate, fully-detailed guide on how to sign in Word. The process is all the same, only it repeats itself a couple of times for multiple signatures.

Pro Tip: You can also draw a signature in Word to make it easier and avoid all of the data you have to go through with the Signature Line feature.

How to send a document with multiple signatures?

Send a document for multiple signatures in these simple steps.

  1. Upload your document;
  2. Sign it yourself;
  3. Add signature boxes;
  4. Review the changes you've made;
  5. Type in your signee's details;
  6. Click Send.

With our online signature tool, you can sign documents yourself and send them for signing. Hence, you can easily collect multiple signatures on a PDF document.

That's all you need to know about adding multiple signatures to a document.


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