How To Add Wet Signature To PDF (Free, 2023)

Insert a wet signature to a PDF by capturing your handwritten signature, uploading it to our software, and positioning where you want to see it on the document.
How To Add Wet Signature To PDF (Free, 2023)
Last updated on:
July 9, 2023
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Everything is digital in this world. Including wet signatures, now eSignatures!

With electronic documents and signatures, you can save up so much time and reduce paperwork printing and reduce that stack of paper near your desk.

In this guide, we'll teach you everything about we signatures, and how to add them to PDF files. Basically, digitalizing your signature for PDFs.

But first, let's answer the first question that comes in mind.

What is a wet signature?

A wet signature represents the symbol or text you're writing on a piece of paper to sign a document under your name.

Wet signatures are handwritten and legally binding on contracts and agreements. They are the classic, go-to type of signatures.

They are also known as "wet ink signatures", which refer to signatures written by somebody using a pen.

At SignHouse, we're using modern software and tools to turn your handwritten, wet-ink signature into a digital one. Let's check it out!

How to add a wet signature to a PDF (for free)

There are different methods to add a wet signature to a PDF:

  1. Use an eSignature software — most efficient method;
  2. Scan and upload your signature — time and paper consuming;
  3. Print and scan your document — the classic, lengthy way;

We'll now go through each method on how to sign a PDF with your wet signature.

Method 1: Use an eSignature software

What this does is basically digitalizing your signature and documents so you can use them swiftly whenever you need them.

The fastest and most relevant way to add a wet signature to a PDF is to use a free software, like our online signature generator:

  1. Upload your PDF document;
  2. Select the signature box (left side);
  3. Create your digital signature just like the wet one;
  4. Drag & Drop your signature on the file;
  5. Apply changes and download.

Simply upload your PDF document in the box above, and then you'll be forwarded to our document editor.

With SignHouse, you can create your electronic signature in multiple ways: upload a picture of your wet signature, draw it, or use text with handwritten-alike font.

How to add wet signature to PDF

Above you can see an example of a wet signature added to a PDF.

In fact, the document above is our free Non-Disclosure Agreement Template. Get access to it and freely use it for any purpose!

Method 2: Scan and upload your signature

Scanning your signature is also a quick way to scan your wet signature for a PDF:

  1. Write your signature on paper;
  2. Take a picture of it;
  3. Upload your PDF to SignHouse's editor (the box below);
  4. Click the signature box (left side);
  5. Import the picture of your signature;
  6. Drag & Drop it on the PDF document;
  7. Download the PDF with your wet signature on it.

Scanning your signature is slower than just creating your eSignature.

That's because you can take pictures in the wrong lighting and extend the process just to re-take the picture of your wet signature.

At the end of the day, scanning and uploading a picture of your signature is still a good way to add your wet signature to a PDF.

Let's move on to the third and the last method!

Method 3: Print and scan your document

Another way to add your wet signature to a document is to scan and sign it:

  1. Connect a printer to your computer;
  2. Print your PDF document;
  3. Grab a pen → Physically sign the paper(s);
  4. Take pictures → Scan the document;
  5. Save the new PDF with your wet ink signature.

As you can see, printing your PDF document just to sign it with your wet signature is not the fastest option.

It's both time and paper consuming.


How do you make a wet signature?

Create your own wet signature on the spot: Grab a piece of paper > Get your favourite pen > Write your name or initials to represent yourself.

What is a wet signature in Adobe?

A wet signature in Adobe is an electronic signature that looks just like the one you'd write on a piece of paper — only now it is virtual, added to your online documents.

Can I do a wet signature electronically?

Yes, you can create a wet signature electronically. There are multiple ways for it:

  1. Upload a picture of your signature to a signature scanner (our is free);
  2. Print your document, wet-sign it, and then scan the file;
  3. Create your electronic wet signature with a software like ours.

How do I make my electronic signature look wet?

Make your electronic signature look wet with our online signature generator that creates cursive signatures.

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