Adyen Revenue and Growth Statistics (2023)

Key Adyen user stats. Includes data on Adyen's profit, revenue, investments, number of employees, and more.
Adyen Revenue and Growth Statistics (2023)
Last updated on:
March 2, 2023
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Adyen Interesting Key Facts

  • Adyen means ‘start again’ in Sranan Tongo, the lingua franca of Suriname. This was a reference to the founder’s second project, Bibit.
  • In 2015, Adyen was the sixth largest European unicorn with a valuation of $2.3 billion. Unicorn in this context are companies with a valuation of over $1 billion.
  • Adyen obtained its acquiring license through a BIN sponsorship in Brazil.
  • In 2016, Adyen ranked number 10 on Forbe’s Cloud 100 list.
  • On June 13, 2018, Adyen went public by listing shares publicly in Amsterdam.
  • Adyen was one of the companies that benefited from the accelerated digitalization of global eCommerce during the pandemic in 2020.
  • In January 2018, eBay made Ayden its primary payments processing partner.

Sources: NOS, Forbes, Business Insider, DPG Media, CNBC

Adyen: Company Overview (About)

Adyen is a Dutch payment company founded in 2015. The story of Adyen is promising, so let's take a look at some interesting facts about the company!

At a glance:

Key statKey Info
Launch datePublic Company
IndustryPayment Processor, Technology, e-commerce, point of sale
Founders:Arnout Schuijff, Pieter van der Does (CEO)
HeadquartersAmsterdam, Netherlands
ServicesPayment service provider, gateway, risk management, local acquiring, point of sale, issuing
Revenue$1.05 billion (2021)
Operating Income$583.1 million (2021)
Profit$492.28 million (2021)
Total Assets$5.73 billion (2021)
Total Equity$1.90 billion (2021)
Number of employees3,650

We've summed up almost everything within the table above. How much of this did you know already?

We guarantee that there's going to be a lot of new information for you below.

Sources: Linkedin, Adyen

What is Pieter van der Does’ net worth?

According to Forbes, Pieter van der Does have a net worth of $2.6 billion in 2021. As of Q3 of 2022, Pieter van der Does has a net worth of $2.2 billion.

Graph about Pieter van der Does’ net worth
YearNet Worth
2019$1.1 billion
2020$1 billion
2021$2.6 billion
Q3 2022$2.2 billion

As with Adyen's revenue going up, the CEO's net worth also increases.

Speaking of which...

Source: Forbes

What is Adyen’s Revenue?

Adyen had revenue of €8.94 billion or $6.28 billion.

Adyen revenue in EUR.

YearRevenueY/Y Change
2017€1.01 billion53.55% increase
2018€1.65 billion63.26% increase
2019€2.66 billion60.73% increase
2020€3.64 billion36.84% increase
2021€6.00 billion64.65% increase
2022€8.94 billion49% increase

Look at that increase! At Adyen, every year has an at least 50% increase in revenue.

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Profit

Adyen had a profit of $429.06 billion or €469.72 million in 2021.

Graph about Adyen Profit
YearProfit (USD)Y/Y Change
2017$80.61 million 
2018$154.90 million92.16% increase
2019$262.37 million69.38% increase
2020$298.08 million13.61% increase
2021$555.68 million86.42% increase
2022$594.49 million6.98% increase

Adyen profit in EUR

YearProfitY/Y Change
2017€71.31 million-26.66% decrease
2018€131.15 million83.92% increase
2019€234.28 million78.64% increase
2020€261.02 million11.41% increase
2021€469.72 million79.96% increase
2022€564.14 million20.10% increase

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Funding History

Adyen has raised a total of €253.41 million in funding over 3 rounds.

Announced DateTransaction NameNumber of InvestorsMoney RaisedLead Investors
September 30, 2015Series C- Adyen3ICONIQ Capital
December 16, 2014Series B -Adyen4$250 millionGeneral Atlantic
August 22, 2011Series A-Adyen1$16 millionIndex Ventures

Source: Crunchbase

Adyen Investments

Adyen has only made one investment. Adyen has invested in Skeleton Technologies on November 3, 2020.

The funding round, Series D - Skeleton Technologies, was valued at €41.3 million.

Source: Crunchbase

How much is Adyen worth?

In 2018, Adyen was valued at €7.90 billion when they opened for an IPO.

That is the most recent evaluation that we currently know of. As soon as a new evaluation comes out, we'll be sure to update this post.

Until then, stay tuned.

Source: Crunchbase

What is Adyen’s market capitalization?

As of 2022, Adyen’s market cap is €44.48 billion or $47.20 billion.

Graph about Adyen's market capitalization

The data below shows us Adyen’s complete market cap history at the end of every year.

YearMarket CapY/Y Change
2018$13.94 billion
2019€21.91 billion57.17% increase
2020€58.23 billion165.769% increase
2021€71.26 billion22.3768% increase
2022€44.48 billion-37.5807% decrease

Notice how 2021 had Adyen's greatest market cap, totaling 71.26 billion Euros. That is an over 22.3% increase than in the year before!

Though, one year after, Adyen's market capitalization was of 44.48 billion Euros in 2022, falling under 2021's numbers.

Source: Google Finance, Companies Market Cap

Who invested in Adyen?

Adyen has a total number of 7 investors with 3 lead investors.

Investor NameLead InvestorFunding RoundPartners
ICONIQ CapitalYesSeries C - AdyenDivesh Makan VenturesSeries C - AdyenMark Bivens
Mutschler Ventures AGNoSeries C - Adyen
Index VenturesNoSeries B - AdyenJan Hammer
Felicis VenturesNoSeries B - AdyenAydin Senkut
Temasek HoldingsNoSeries B - Adyen
General AtlanticYesSeries B - AdyenJonathan Korngold
Index VenturesYesSeries A - AdyenJan Hammer

There are quite a lot of investors in Adyen. Which one do you know most about?

Source: Crunchbase

How does Adyen make money?

Adyen’s primary revenue comes from the settlement fees and processing fees charged per transaction to its merchants. The fees vary depending on the method of payment and the region where the transaction takes place.

Infographic about How does Adyen make money

Source: Adyen, Join Colossus

How many payment methods does Adyen support?

As a payment gateway platform, Adyen supports more than 100 payment methods as of December 2022. Some of these payment methods are:

  • Swish
  • Affirm
  • Samsung Pay
  • Visa
  • Blik
  • Payco
  • oney
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Grab Pay
  • and more.
Infographic about How many payment methods does Adyen support

Source: Adyen

Adyen Total Payment Volume (TPV) through payment gateway

Adyen has processed a total payment volume of $808.79 billion or €767.5 billion.

Graph about Adyent TPV through payment gateway
Fiscal YearTotal Payment Volume (USD)
2015$35.74 billion
2016$73.38 billion
2017$122.54 billion
2018$187.79 billion
2019$268.33 billion
2020$346.71 billion
2021$610.43 billion
2022$808.79 billion

Adyen Total Payment Volume in EUR

Fiscal YearTotal Payment Volume
2015€32.2 billion
2016€66.3 billion
2017€108.4 billion
2018€159 billion
2019€239.6 billion
2020€303.6 billion
2021€516 billion

Observe how from 2015, each year had more total payment volume. That only shows how much Adyen grew throughout the years!

Source: Statista

What is Adyen’s exchange rate?

Adyen’s exchange rate depends on the day of the transaction. As of December 2022, Adyen charge 1.2% for the primary settlement currencies (USD, EUR, SEK, NOK, GBP, etc) and 3% for other currencies.

Source: Adyen

How many people work at Adyen?

As per Linkedin, Adyen has 3,650 employees in December 2022, an addition of around 1,500 employees compared to 2021.

Graph about Adyen employee count
YearNumber of employeesY/Y Change
20191,18235.40% increase
20201,74747.80% increase
20212,18024.79% increase
20223,65067.43% increase

Just like revenue and TPV, with each new year, numbers go higher for employees too. In 2018, there were 873 people at Adyen, and now there are over 3,650.

Source: Linkedin, Adyen 1, Adyen 2, Adyen 3, Adyen 4

How many partners does Adyen have?

Adyen has 159 partners. 85 of Adyen’s partners are in the tech industry. Some of these partners are:

  • eBay
  • Magento
  • Cegid
  • Hybris
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Netsuite

See how there are a quite a lot of big names that work with Adyen!

Source: Adyen, Partnerbase

How many customers does Adyen have?

Adyen has 10,000 businesses and 40,000 consumers as their customers.

Infographic about Adyen's number of customer

Source: Adyen

Who are Adyen’s biggest customers?

Adyen’s biggest customers are retail brands from Levi’s and Gap Inc. to Swarovski and L'Oréal, as well as major online platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and Uber.

There are only a few payment companies that have the capacity and the ability to unify transaction processing across digital and physical shopping, Adyen is one of them.

Source: Fortune

What is the age distribution of people who use Adyen?

As of December 2022, most of Adyen’s users are people age 25-34 with 32.44% percentage of its overall consumer population.

Graph about Adyen's age distribution of Adyen users

The following data are estimations based on the web traffic on Adyen.

Age BracketPercentage

The second largest age bracket of Adyen users is the 18-24 group, with 22.56% of all the users.

Source: Similarweb

What is the gender distribution of people who use Adyen?

As of December 2022, there are 55.22% of male users and 44.78% female users.

Graph about Adyen users distribution

The following data are estimations based on the web traffic on Adyen.


Source: Similarweb

What are the top industries that are using Adyen?

According to an estimation by Enlyft in 2022, Adyen is mostly used in retail industry and least used by companies in the consumer service industry. There were 1,700 companies and businesses used as sample for this estimation.

Graph about top industries using Adyen
IndustryNumber of Companies
Computer Software241
Information and Technology Services138
Financial Services135
Hospital and Health Care131
Apparel and Fashion110
Consumer Services102

Source: Enlyft

Followed by the Retail industry, there's the Computer Software industry, with 241 of the total companies that are using Adyen.

Look at the table above and see how there is a wide variety of industries that are using Adyen. The payment processor is dedicated to any almost domain!

Where is Adyen available (in which countries)?

As of December 2022, Adyen support local payouts from a lot of European countries. Aside from Europe, Adyen has begun supporting other countries’ local payouts.

Here is the complete list of the countries where Adyen is available at.

European CountriesOutside Europe
CyprusHong Kong
Czech RepublicIndia
FinlandNew Zealand
GermanyUnited Arab Emirates
GibraltarUnited States
United Kingdom

At the moment, there are only 11 countries outside of Europe where Adyen is being used as a payment processor.

Source: Adyen

Which countries is Adyen most popular in?

As of December 2022, Adyen is most popular in Germany with 12.33% of the traffic. Then, it is also popular in United Kingdom with 9.84% contribution on the oncoming web traffic.

Infographic about Which countries is Adyen most popular in

The following data are estimations based on the oncoming web traffic to Adyen.

9.84%United Kingdom
8.18%United States

Leaving Germany and the UK aside, you can see how France is the third most popular country for Adyen. Not too far are the US and Netherlands!

Source: Similarweb

Adyen Financials

This section provides us with a more detailed look at Adyen’s financials throughout the years. It includes their operating expense, the net profit margin, earnings per share, and more.

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Operating Expense

Adyen had an operating expense of €152.04 million or $159.20 million in 2021.

YearOperating ExpenseY/Y Change
2017€60.13 million51.97% increase
2018€87.65 million45.75% increase
2019€116.92 million33.40% increase
2020€129.91 million11.11% increase
2021€152.04 million17.04% increase

See how the operating expense is not as high as the profit increase throughout the years, which is obviously good for Adyen.

Just like any other company, Adyen tries to keep the operating expense at a minimum, with the Y/Y change lowering almost every year.

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Net Profit Margin

Adyen had a net profit margin of 7.83 in 2021.

YearNet Profit MarginY/Y Change
20177.04-52.27% decrease
20187.9312.64% increase
20198.8211.22% increase
20207.17-18.71% decrease
20217.839.21% increase

There are both ups and downs when we're talking about Adyen's net profit margin. Some years have a decrease, while most of them have an increase.

Source: Google Finance

What is Adyen’s Earnings per Share?

Adyen had an earning per share of 15.32 in 2021.

YearEarnings Per ShareY/Y Change
20196.6955.94% increase
20208.5127.20% increase
202115.3280.02% increase

Excluding 2017 and 2018, you can see how the 2019-2020 interval has only seen increases in Adyen's earnings per share.

Notice this especially in 2020-2021, when there was a huge 80% increase.

Source: Google Finance

What is Adyen’s EBITDA?

Adyen had an EBITDA of $767.48 million or €728.3 million.

YearEBITDA (USD)Y/Y Change
2017$110.79 million
2018$212.74 million92.02% increase
2019$339.82 million59.73% increase
2020$398.51 million17.27% increase
2021$737.09 million84.96% increase
2022$767.48 million4.12% increase

Adyen’s EBITDA in EUR

YearEBITDAY/Y Change
2017€98.01 million25.55% decrease
2018€180.12 million83.78% increase
2019€303.44 million68.74% increase
2020€384.96 million26.87% decrease
2021€623.07 million61.85% increase
2022€728.30 million16.89% increase

Source: Google Finance

What is Adyen’s Effective tax rate?

Adyen had an effective tax rate of 19.13% in 2021.

YearEffective Tax Rate

Source: Google Finance

What are Adyen’s cash and short-term investments?

Adyen’s cash and short term investments was €4.62 billion or $4.84 billion in 2021.

YearEffective Tax Rate

Source: Google Finance

Adyen’s Total Assets

Adyen had  total assets of €5.78 billion or $6.05 billion in 2021.

YearTotal AssetsY/Y Change
2017€1.14 billion-17.33% decrease
2018€1.86 billion63.60% increase
2019€2.61 billion40.24% increase
2020€4.16 billion59.39% decrease
2021€5.78 billion38.89% increase

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Total Liabilities

Adyen had total liabilities of €3.97 billion or $4.16 billion in 2021.

YearTotal LiabilitiesY/Y Change
2017€747.43 million-29.53% decrease
2018€1.28 billion70.99% increase
2019€1.69 billion32.29% increase
2020€2.94 billion73.92% decrease
2021€3.97 billion34.86% increase

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Total Equity

Adyen had a total equity of €1.81 billion or $1.90 billion in 2021.

YearTotal Equity
2017€389.78 million
2018€582.40 million
2019€918.33 million
2020€1.22 billion
2021€1.81 billion

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Shares Outstanding

Adyen had shares outstanding of 30.96 million in 2021.

YearShares Outstanding
201729.44 million
201829.53 million
201930.06 million
202030.36 million
202130.96 million

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Price-to-Book Ratio

Adyen had a price-to-book ratio of 24.82 in 2021.


Source: Google Finance

Adyen Return on Assets

Adyen had a 7.65% return on assets in 2021.

YearReturn on Assets

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Return on Capital

Adyen had a return on capital of 23.00% in 2021.

YearReturn on Capital

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Cash from Operations

Adyen had cash from operations of €1.82 billion or $1.91 billion in 2021.

YearCashing from OperationsY/Y Change
2017€200.61 million3.60% increase
2018€384.01 million91.42% increase
2019€529.46 million37.88% increase
2020€1.02 billion92.02% increase
2021€1.82 billion79.03% increase

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Cash from Investing

Adyen had a cash from investing of -€42.13 million or -$44.12 million in 2021.

YearCashing from InvestingY/Y Change
2017-€18.02 million-8.94% decrease
2018-€16.43 million8.82% increase
2019-€22.76 million-38.53% decrease
2020-€22.16 million2.63% increase
2021-€42.13 million-90.13% decrease

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Cash from Financing

Adyen had a cash from financing of €96.24 million or $100.80 million in 2021.

YearCashing from FinancingY/Y Change
2018€5.12 million420.12%
2019€9.36 million82.84%
2020€3.39 million-62.74%
2021€96.24 million2736.43%

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Net Change in Cash

Adyen had a net change in cash of €1.88 billion or $1.97 billion in 2021.

YearNet Change in CashY/Y Change
2017€182.86 million2.88%
2018€368.99 million101.78%
2019€513.47 million39.16%
2020€992.10 million93.21%
2021€1.88 billion89.36%

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Free Cash Flow

Adyen had a free cash flow of €1.63 billion or $1.71 billion in 2021.

YearFree Cash FlowY/Y Change
2017€178.86 million37.12%
2018€400.39 million123.86%
2019€431.96 million7.88%
2020€903.97 million109.27%
2021€1.63 billion80.86%

Source: Google Finance

Adyen Traffic Analysis

These are data collected on Adyen Website Traffic Analysis as of November 2022:

Adyen Traffic Summary

Key StatKey Info
Daily Unique Visitors407,956
Monthly Visits12,361,067
Pages per Visitor1.89
Daily Pageviews771,036
Monthly Visits (SEMrush)12,238,671
Monthly Unique Visitors (SEMrush)7,322,349
Alexa Rank2,060
Alexa Reach0.0331% (of global internet users)
Bounce rate61.72%

Source: HypeStat

Adyen Traffic Sources

Infographic Adyen Traffic Sources

Source: HypeStat

What are the top outgoing links from

Since Adyen’s main feature is to act as a payment gateway, it is important for us to know which different websites receive the most outgoing links from Adyen. Similarweb stated that there were 325 websites that receive’s outgoing links. 50% of the time, visitors on gets sent to its start a trial webpage. The table below shows us a more detailed breakdown.

WebsitePercentage of Outgoing Links
Start a Trial50.76%
Start a Trial11.46%
Start a Trial5.67%

Source: Similarweb

How much time do people spend on

The average time spent by people visiting is:

  • 00:01:29
Infographic about average time spent by people visiting

Source: Similarweb


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