Atlassian Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

Key Atlassian user stats. Includes data on revenue, investments, number of employees, and more.
Atlassian Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Atlassian Interesting Key Facts

  • Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar founded Atlassian in 2002.
  • The two started the company through bootstrapping and apparently held a credit card debt of $10,000.
  • The name Atlassian came from Greek mythology’s Atlas, a titan punished by the Greek gods to hold up the heavens through eternity.
  • The company had based their logo on the titan as an x-shaped human-like figure holding what appears to be the bottom of the heavens.
  • In September 2017, the company rebranded and changed their logo, which has three different meanings depending on the looker’s perspective. It could be two hands doing a high five, a mountain that is ready to be scaled together, or the letter A being held by its two pillars. All of these indicate teamwork which Atlassian highly promotes.
  • Atlassian released Jira in 2002, an issue and project tracker.
  • Confluence. a team collaboration platform, was released in 2004
  • In 2012, Atlassian’s products were used by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where they build software used for modeling data sent from Mars rovers and satellites as well as planning for flight missions.
  • On December 10, 2015, Atlassian went public and was listed on NASDAQ as TEAM.
  • In January 2017, Atlassian bought Trello, another management platform, for $425 million.
  • In 2017, Atlassian launched Stride to compete with Slack. Later that year, Slack bought Stride and HipChat from Atlassian.
  • Both Stride and HipChat were closed in 2019.
  • On the 4th of September 2018, Atlassian acquired OpsGenie, an incident response and alerting tool.
  • 83% of Fortune 500 companies use Atlassian products.

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Atlassian Company Overview (About)

Join us and check out some interesting information about Atlassian as a software and as a company. At a glance:

Key statKey Info
TypePublic Company
Traded asNasdaq: TEAM (Class A)
FoundersMike Cannon-Brookes, Scott Farquhar
HeadquartersSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Key peopleShona Brown (Chair), Scott Farquhar (co-CEO), Mike Cannon-Brookes (co-CEO)
ProductsJira Confluence, Hipchat/Stride, Bitbucket/Bitbucket Server, Bamboo, Fisheye, Crucible, Trello, Atlassian Marketplace, Sourcetree, Crowd, Statuspage, OpsGenie, Jira, Align, Halp, Mindville
Revenue$2.80 billion (2022)
Operating Income$106 million (2022)
Profit$614 million (2022)
Total Assets$3.36 billion (2022)
Total Equity$336 million (2022)
Number of employees8,813 (June 2022)

Sources: Atlassian, Google Finance

What is Atlassian’s Revenue?

Atlassian has a revenue of $2.80 billion in 2022, an increase of 34.16% from 2021.

Graph about Atlassian revenue
YearRevenueY/Y Change
2013$148.51 million-
2014$215.11 million44.85% increase
2015$319.52 million48.52% increase
2016$457.06 million43.05% increase
2017$619.94 million35.64% increase
2018$880.98 million40.58% increase
2019$1.21 billion37.36% increase
2020$1.61 billion33.39% increase
2021$2.09 billion29.42% increase
2022$2.80 billion34.16% increase

With every new year, Atlassian's revenue goes higher by a couple of million dollars.

Sources: Google Finance

What is Mike Cannon-Brookes’ net worth?

Forbes claims that Mike Cannon-Brookes has a net worth of $9.2 billion according to their tracker. However, the table that Forbes provided also claims that Mike Cannon-Brookes has a net worth of $15.3 billion as of December 2022.

Graph about Mike Cannon-Brooke (Atlassian Founder) net worth
YearNet Worth
2015$1.1 billion
2016$1.4 billion
2017$2.1 billion
2018$3.4 billion
2019$6.9 billion
2020$8.0 billion
2021$14.2 billion
2022$15.3 billion

Looking at Mike Cannon-Brooke's net worth, you can see how it goes up with each new year. This is obviously expected since Atlassian's revenue did the same.

Source: Forbes

What is Scott Farquhar’s net worth?

Forbes claims that Scott Farquhar has a net worth of $9.1 billion according to their tracker. However, the table that Forbes provided also claims that Mike Cannon-Brookes has a net worth of $15.1 billion as of December 2022.

Graph about Scott Farquhar (Atlassian Founder) net worth
YearNet Worth
2015$1.1 billion
2016$1.4 billion
2017$2.1 billion
2018$3.4 billion
2019$6.9 billion
2020$8.0 billion
2021$14.0 billion
2022$15.1 billion

Source: Forbes

Atlassian Profit

Atlassian has a negative profit of -$614.12 million in 2022, an increase of 11.80% - a slight improvement of what they had in 2021 which was -$696.32 million.

Graph about Atlassian Profit
YearProfitY/Y Change
2013$10.76 million-
2014$18.98 million76.3941% increase
2015$6.78 million64.2782% decrease
2016$4.37 million35.5457% decrease
2017-$42.50 million-1072.54% decrease
2018-$113.43 million-202.90% decrease
2019-$637.62 million-462.12% decrease
2020-$350.65 million45.01% increase
2021-$696.32 million-98.58% decrease
2022-$614.12 million11.80% increase

Unfortunately for Atlassian, the company has not been profitable ever since 2018. The company always had a loss of at least $100 million.

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Operating Expenses

Atlassian has an average operating expense of $1.44 billion from 2018 to 2022. Also, the company has $2.44 billion in operating expenses in 2021.

Graph about Atlassian Operating Expenses
YearOperating ExpenseY/Y Change
2013$102.36 million-
2014$154.42 million50.86% increase
2015$264.88 million71.53% increase
2016$387.16 million46.16% increase
2017$563.86 million45.64% increase
2018$754.33 million33.90% increase
2019$1.06 billion40.55% increase
2020$1.33 billion25.57% increase
2021$1.64 billion23.54% increase
2022$2.44 billion48.58% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Funding History

Atlassian has raised a total of $210 million over 2 funding rounds with the last funding in 2014.

Announced DateTransaction NameNumber of InvestorsMoney RaisedLead Investors
Apr 8, 2014Secondary Market - Atlassian3$150 millionT. Rowe Price
Jul 14, 2010Secondary Market - Atlassian1$60 millionAccel

So far, we know that Atlassian has only had two fundings: one in 2010, and the most recent one in 2014.

In total, Atlassian had 4 investors within two fundings in the course of 4 years.

Source: Crunchbase

Atlassian Investments

Atlassian has made a total of 10 investments where in the company is the lead investor in 3 of them. Their most recent investment was on August 2, 2022, in a funding round for with $1.8 million money raised.

Announced DateOrganization NameLead InvestorFunding RoundMoney Raised
Aug 2, 2022Spinach.ioYesSeed Round -$1.8 million
Mar 15, 2022LiveblocksSeed Round - Liveblocks$5 million
Jan 5, 2022MiroSeries C - Miro$400 million
Aug 3, 2021adam.aiYesPre Seed Round -
Aug 25, 2020Splift SoftwareNoSeries C - Split Software$33 million
Feb 27, 2020Process StreetSeries A - Process Street$12.2 million
Apr 15, 2019MyVillageSeed Round - My Village$6.1 million
Dec 11, 2018InVisionSeries F - InVision$115 million
Jan 1, 2018PercentSeed Round - Percent
Jun 21, 2011CLoud9 IDEYesSeries A - Cloud9 IDE$5.6 million

Source: Crunchbase

Atlassian Acquisitions

Atlassian has a total of 18 acquisitions. Their latest acquisition was in January 2022. Let’s have a look on their latest acquisitions.

Acquiree NameAnnounced DatePriceTransaction Name
Percept.AIJan 27, 2022Percept.AI acquired by Atlassian
ThinkTiltApr 19, 2021ThinkTilt acquired by Atlassian
ChartioFeb 26, 2021Chartio acquired by Atlassian
MindvilleJul 30, 2020Mindville acquired by Atlassian
HalpMay 12, 2020Halp acquired by Atlassian
Code BarrelOct 17, 2019Code Barrel acquired by Atlassian
Good SoftwareApr 10, 2019Good Software acquired by Atlassian
Jira AlignMar 19, 2019$166 millionJira Align acquired by Atlassian
OpsGenieSep 4, 2018$295 millionOpsGenie acquired by Atlassian
TrelloJan 9, 2017$425 millionTrello acquired by Atlassian

Source: Crunchbase

Who invested in Atlassian?

The two lead investors in Atlassian are T. Rowe Price and Accel.

Below you can see a list of all the investors in Atlassian:

Investor NameLead InvestorFunding RoundPartners
T. Rowe PriceYesSecondary Market - Atlassian
Employee StockSecondary Market - Atlassian
Dragoneer Investment GroupSecondary Market - Atlassian
AccelYesSecondary Market - AtlassianRichard Wong, Ryan Sweeney

Source: Crunchbase

How does Atlassian make money?

Atlassian makes money by selling different products on their platform. Most of their products can be accessed through subscription payments with different prices per plan.

Their most popular products are Jira Software, Confluence, BitBucket, and HipChat. Paid subscription prices range from $10 to as high as $1,500 per month.

Infographic about How does Atlassian make money

Source: Atlassian

How much is Atlassian worth?

As of December 2022, Atlassian has a market cap of $35.09 billion with an average volume of 3.48 million. Atlassian’s market cap in 2022 decreased by -63.69% on year-over-year change.

Graph about Atlassian Valuation
YearMarket CapY/Y Change
2015$6.38 billion
2016$5.30 billion-16.93% decrease
2017$10.47 billion97.55% increase
2018$21.31 billion103.53% increase
2019$29.53 billion38.57% increase
2020$58.28 billion97.36% increase
2021$96.65 billion65.83% increase
2022$35.09 billion-63.69% decrease

The highest increase of Atlassian's worth was in 2018, when the market cap went 103.53% higher than in 2017, as it reached $21.31 billion in 2018.

Source: Google Finance, Companies Market Cap

How many apps are there on the Atlassian Marketplace?

The Atlassian Market Place was launched back in 2012 and only began with 60 apps for sale from a few innovative MarketPlace Partners. As of December 2021:

  • Marketplace Partners had $2 billion in lifetime sales
  • with over 5,300 apps and integrations
  • from more than 1,250 Marketplace Partners
  • and more than 28,000 apps customer install per week!
Infographic about How many apps are there on the Atlassian Marketplace

Source: Atlassian

Atlassian Marketplace: Sales Revenue

Atlassian has a cumulative sales of $500 million in 2021.

Graph about Atlassian Marketplace Sales revenue
YearCumulative Sales
2018$500 million
2019$300 million
2020$400 million
2021$500 million

Note how 2021's cumulative sales match 2018's number, at $500 million.

It's also worth to point out how between 2019 and 2020, Atlassian Marketplace's sales revenue went up by $100 million.

Sources: Atlassian 1, Atlassian 2, Atlassian 3, Atlassian 4

How many people work at Atlassian?

In 2022, Atlassian had a total of more than 8,800 employees, an addition of more than 2,400 employees from the prior year.

Graph about Atlassian employee count
YearNumber of Employees

At Atlassian, every new year means at laest a few hundred people joining th company. Ever since 2019, it means at least 1,000 new employees for Atlassian.

Source: Statista, Atlassian

How many customers does Atlassian have?

As of 2022, there are over 242,600 customers that are using Atlassian products - an increase of around 42,600 new customers from 2021.

Graph about Atlassian customers count
YearNumber of CustomersY/Y Change
201789,20046.47% increase
2018125,00040.13% increase
2019152,00021.6% increase
2020174,00014.47% increase
2021200,00014.94% increase
2022242,60021.30% increase

In 2016, there were 60,900 employees at Atlassian. Fast-forward to 2020, there are now 242,600 customers at the company.

Source: Atlassian 1, Atlassian 2, Atlassian 3, Atlassian 4

How many Atlassian community members are there?

In 2022, there are more than 4.4 million community members in Atlassian, an additional 500,000 new community members since 2021.

Graph about Atlassian community members
Year# of Community MembersY/Y Change
20201.2 million
20213.9 million225% increase
20224.4 million12.82% increase

Sources: Atlassian 1, Atlassian 2, Atlassian 3

How many people visit the Atlassian Community?

Together with Atlassian’s community members, there are other people who visited Atlassian either for interest, business, or just plain curiosity.

Graph about Atassian community visitors count
YearTotal Number of Visitors
20191 million
202020 million
202117.6 million

There were 17.6 million visitors in 2021, a decrease of 3.4 million from its prior year.

Sources: Atlassian 1, Atlassian 2

Atlassian Visitors Age Distribution

Most of Atlassian’s visitors are ages 25-34 with 38.19% of the visitors.

The table below shows us an estimation of the age distribution based on the web traffic that goes in and out of Atlassian.

Graph about Atlassian Visitors Age Distribution
Age BracketPercentage

Source: Similarweb

Atlassian Visitors Gender Distribution

As of December 2022, 70.02% of Atlassian visitors are male while the rest are female.

Graph about Atlassian Visitors Gender Distribution

Source: Similarweb

Most popular training videos by theme in Atlassian

The most popular theme in Atlassian is Jira Basics with 67% of the total number of views from a total of 4.4 million views in 2021.

Graph Atlassian most popular training videos by theme
Jira Basics67%
Cloud Migrations13%
New to Confluence8.00%
All Others3.00%
Cloud Premium3%
Jira Service Management3%
Team Playbook2%

Source: Atlassian

Views by content type in Atlassian community

Aside from Atlassian’s products, the company’s community is also active. Exchanges of questions and answers among Atlassian users make their products, like Jira and Confluence, much more easier to use.

The Atlassian community can be divided into three types: Articles, Discussions, and Groups. Let’s have a look at how many views each content type had in 2021.

Content TypeNumber of Views
Articles3.3 million
Discussion1.2 million

Furthermore, there were

  • a total number of 4.4 million views.
  • with 1.6k articles
  • 5.7k discussions
  • and 1.3k group posts

Source: Atlassian

Atlassian Products

As of December 2022, Atlassian has 27 products. Most of the company’s revenue comes from subscriptions of these products as such it is just a good thing to have a general look at what these products are.

Some of the Atlassian products that you might be familiar with are Jira, Confluence, Trello, and more.

Source: Atlassian

What is Atlassian’s customer retention rate?

Atlassian has a customer retention rate of 98%. Multiple sources believe that this retention rate is part of Atlassian’s success in their market capitalization.

Source: My Wall Street, Seeking Alpha

Who uses Jira?

More than 65,000 companies rely on Jira software alone. Also, this product is used with teams of 2 through 2000 in companies of all sizes.

Source: Atlassian

What are some of the largest customers that are using Jira?

Jira is Atlassian’s most popular product. With its features and functions suitably appealing to both small and large-scale team management alike, Atlassian’s Jira has attracted the biggest customers in the world. Some of these are:

  • NASA
  • Audi AG
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Domino’s
  • Carfax
  • Hubspot
  • Costco
  • Dropbox
  • Anheuser-busch
  • Hitachi
  • Arizona University
  • VMware
  • and many more

Source: Atlassian

Where is Atlassian available (in which countries)?

Atlassian is available in 190 countries. Their products can be accessed in these countries

Countries/Regions Where Atlassian is not Available
Crimea Region of Ukraine
North Korea

In 2018, U.S.A. prohibited Atlassian from providing their products and services to organizations or end-users located on these countries and region:

Source: Atlassian Community

Time spent visiting Atlassian

As of December 2022, the average time spent visiting Atlassian is:

  • 00:02:44
Infographic about  user Time spent visiting Atlassian

Source: Similarweb

Top countries that visit Atlassian the most

United States visits Atlassian the most with 18.18% percent of the web traffic coming from the country. In second place is India, with 8.46%.

CountryPercentageMonthly Change
United States18.18%-7.36% decrease
India8.46%7.57% increase
Brazil4.79%-9.45% decrease
United Kingdom3.77%5.59% increase
Germany3.69%14.41% increase

Source: Similarweb

Jira Cloud Atlassian Mobile App Statistics: Android vs iOS

These are the key stats and key info on Jira Cloud Atlassian mobile app on Android as of October 2022:

Key StatKey Info
Launch DateOctober 05, 2017
Total Downloadsmore than 1 million
Rating Reviews4.6 out of 5 stars
Total Review Votes29,100

These are the key stats and key info on Jira Cloud Atlassian mobile app on iOS as of October 2022:

Key StatKey Info
Launch DateJuly 20, 2016
Total Downloadsmore than 100 million
Monthly Downloads3.9 million
Monthly Download Growth21.90%
Rating Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars
Total Review Votes‎1,243,053


Atlassian Financials

The following subsections give us detailed information on Atlassian’s financials, from its net profit margin to its free cash flow. The company had its IPO on December 10, 2015.

Source: Google Finance, The Fool

Atlassian Net Profit margin

Atlassian has a net profit margin of -21.91 with 34.26% increase in 2022.

YearNet Profit MarginY/Y Change
2018-12.88-115.38% decrease
2019-52.69-309.08% decrease
2020-21.7258.78% increase
2021-33.33-53.45% decrease
2022-21.9134.26% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Earnings per Share

In 2022, Atlassian has earnings per share of 1.69, a slight increase from its prior year.

YearEarnings per ShareY/Y Change
20180.4936.11% increase
20190.8675.51% increase
20201.1533.72% increase
20211.421.74% increase
20221.6920.71% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian EBITDA

In 2022, Atlassian has an EBITDA of negative $77.74 million, which decrease 154 times from the prior year of the same period.

YearEBITDAY/Y Change
2018$12.20 million237.47% increase
2019-$18.10 million-248.37% decrease
2020$47.29 million361.19% increase
2021$143.77 million204.06% increase
2022-$77.74 million-154.07% decrease

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Effective Tax Rate

Atlassian has an effective tax rate of -8.78% in 2022.

YearEffective Tax Rate

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Cash and Short-term Investments

Atlassian has cash and short-term investments of $1.47 billion with an increase of 19.45% in 2022.

YearCash and Short-term InvestmentsY/Y Change
2018$1.73 billion215.22% increase
2019$1.71 billion-1.15% decrease
2020$2.16 billion25.83% increase
2021$1.23 billion-42.85% decrease
2022$1.47 billion19.45% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Total Assets

Atlassian has $3.36 billion of total assets in 2022, an increase of around 900 million since 2018.

YearTotal AssetsY/Y Change
2018$2.42 billion88.64% increase
2019$2.98 billion22.93% increase
2020$3.89 billion30.79% increase
2021$2.95 billion-24.36% decrease
2022$3.36 billion14.12% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Total Liabilities

Atlassian has a total liability of $3.03 billion with a 14.16% increase in 2022.

YearTotal LiabilitiesY/Y Change
2018$1.51 billion288.52% increase
2019$2.41 billion59.25% increase
2020$3.32 billion37.61% increase
2021$2.65 billion-20.14% decrease
2022$3.03 billion14.16% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Total Equity

As of 2022, Atlassian’s total equity is $335.60 million.

YearTotal Equity
2018$907.32 million
2019$565.47 million
2020$575.31 million
2021$294.91 million
2022$335.60 million

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Shares Outstanding

Atlassian has shares outstanding of 254.93 million as of 2022.

YearShares Outstanding
2018235.31 million
2019242.91 million
2020247.96 million
2021251.65 million
2022254.93 million

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Price-to-Book Ratio

Atlassian’s price to book ratio is 102.81 in 2022.


Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Return on Assets

Atlassian’s return on assets is negative 2.11% in 2022.

YearReturn on Assets

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Return on Capital

Atlassian has a return on capital of -5.21% in 2022.

YearReturn on Capital

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Cash from Operations

Atlassian’s cash from operations has a slight increase of 5.01% from $841.33 million in 2021 to $883.50 million in 2022.

YearCash from OperationsY/Y Change
2018$311.46 million56.21% increase
2019$466.34 million49.73% increase
2020$574.21 million23.13% increase
2021$841.33 million46.52% increase
2022$883.50 million5.01% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Cash from Investing

Atlassian has cash from investing of only $46.85 million in 2022, a large decrease of -81.74% from $256.64 million in 2021.

YearCash from InvestingY/Y Change
2018-$51.70 million76.98% increase
2019-$604.20 million-1,068.75% decrease
2020-$318.93 million47.21% increase
2021$256.64 million180.47% increase
2022$46.85 million-81.74% decrease

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Cash from Financing

Atlassian has cash from financing of -$461.73 million in 2022.

YearCash from FinancingY/Y Change
2018$906.79 million9507.85%
2019-$3.19 million-100.35%
2020-$42.58 million-1235.90%
2021-$1.65 billion-3786.80%
2022-$461.73 million72.10%

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Net Change in Cash

Atlassian has a net change in cash of $466.04 million in 2022, almost double what they had in 2021.

YearNet Change in CashY/Y Change
2018$1.17 billion7,725.87% increase
2019-$141.90 million-112.17% decrease
2020$211.53 million249.07% increase
2021-$560.74 million-365.09% decrease
2022$466.04 million183.11% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Free Cash Flow

Atlassian has a free cash flow of $253.75 million in 2022 with an increase of 183.11% from 2021.

YearFree Cash FlowY/Y Change
2018$278.58 million7,725.87% increase
2019$1.04 billion-112.17% decrease
2020$848.09 million249.07% increase
2021$459.97 million-365.09% decrease
2022$253.75 million183.11% increase

Source: Google Finance

Atlassian Traffic Summary Overview

Key StatKey Info
Daily Unique Visitors849,333
Monthly Visits25,734,790
Pages per Visitor2.35
Daily Pageviews1,995,933
Monthly Visits (SEMrush)39,118,192
Monthly Unique Visitors (SEMrush)21,564,670
Monthly Visits (SimilarWeb)25,479,999
Alexa Rank441
Alexa Reach0.103% (of global internet users)
Bounce rate55.30%

Source: HypeStat

Atlassian Website Traffic Sources

Atlassian gets most of is traffic through direct sources, with 45.38% of the total traffic.

Graph about Atlassian Website Traffic Sources
Direct sources45.38%
Referral sources32.53%
Search sources19.80%
Social sources0.57%
Paid sources1.73%

Source: HypeStat

Atlassian Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

  • 80.25% of the users visit the website through desktop devices
  • 19.75% of the users visit the website through mobile devices
Graph about Atlassian Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

Source: HypeStat


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