How To Create An Electronic Signature (Free, 2023)

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How To Create An Electronic Signature (Free, 2023)
Last updated on:
November 7, 2022

Looking to get an electronic signature and use it for online documents?

By the end of this post, you're going to learn how to create an eSignature for free, using any of your devices.

In fact, we're going to help you make your electronic signature on this very page. So, by the end of this guide, you'll leave the page with your new eSignature.

Oh, and did we mention that it's free? No need to pay anything here.

How to create a free electronic signature

The most effective way to create an electronic signature is with SignHouse:

  1. Open the eSignature maker;
  2. Draw or type your signature;
  3. Save & Use it.

It's really that easy to make an electronic signature! Now, let's go through each step into detail.

1. Open the signature maker

First of all, go to SignHouse's electronic signature maker, by going to the following link:

How to make an electronic signature

This is our page where you can start designing the electronic signature.

2. Design your eSignature

Now's the most fun part! You can choose to either draw your electronic signature, type it, as well as to modify it according to your taste.

2.1. Drawing the eSignature

Feel free to draw your signature on any device. The platform is user-friendly for mouses, pens, as well as fingers in case you're on a mobile device.

How to create an eSignature

Using the buttons all over the page, you can customise the width, angle or colour of your eSignature.

Curious to see if your eSignature has to be written in cursive? The short answer is that it isn't mandatory to write them like that.

2.2. Typing the eSignature

If you want to use text for your electronic signature, know that you can type it and then customise the font of the text.

To type your signature, simply head to the "Type" section at the top of the page. When opening the eSignature maker, you're automatically on the "Draw" section.

How to type an electronic signature

After typing your signature, you will see a preview of different handwritten fonts. Simply click "Select this eSignature" on the font that you like most.

You can also use San Seriff fonts for your eSignature. To get there, click the button in the upper left side of the page (see the image above).

Pro Tip: A signature doesn't have to be your full name. It can be whatever you like to represent your name on a document!

3. Download it

The last step is to click the "Download your eSignature" button in the bottom-right corner of the page (for both drawn & typed signatures).

How to save an electronic signature

You can choose to simply download your signature or to join SignHouse and have access to various other tools such as eSigning PDF documents. It's free!

That's it, you've just learned how to make your eSignature and download it against no charge. Thank you for stopping by!


How can I create a signature?‍

You can use SignHouse's signature generator, which is 100% free. You can choose between:

  1. Hand-drawing your signature.

    (This works better with a touchpad, tablet, smartphone or even a drawing tablet.)

  2. Choose from one of our carefully-curated fonts that mimic handwriting.

At the end, our Signature generator will put out a transparent-background signature that is ready to be uploaded.

A transparent-background signature works best, as that probably means you can use it in one of those rare situations where you either have a non-white background, or, on a white-background document, you still want the elements under the signature to be visible (e.g. a dotted line).

SignHouse's signature generator puts out transparent-background signatures! 

How do I create an electronic signature for legal documents?

At SignHouse, you can make an electronic signature for free by uploading a picture of it, drawing your signature, or using text with handwritten font.

It's 100% free!