Freshworks Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

Find interesting data about Freshworks as a company and as a service. The most up-to-date statistic information is on this page.
Freshworks Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Interesting facts about Freshworks (Top picks)

  • Since 2021, Freshworks went IPO at the end of 2021 market cap. was $3.43 billion.
  • Freshworks reached a new milestone of $4.35 billion as of Nov. 2022.
  • Freshworks has raised $484million in funding over 9 rounds
  • Freshworks has acquired 13 organizations. Their most recent acquisition was Flint on Jul 9, 2020.
  • On September 22, 2021, Freshworks made a debut on Nasdaq at a valuation of $13 billion, at the close of its first trading day.
  • In 2021, Girish Mathrubootham, Freshworks founder was worth an estimated $700 million.
  • In 2022, Freshworks has more than 58,100 customers.
  • Freshworks is available in more than 120 countries.

Source: Macro Trends

Freshworks Overview (About Freshworks)

Key StatsKey Info
Rebranded Name (New Name)Freshworks
Former Name (Old Name)Freshdesk
Launch DateOctober 2010
HeadquartersSan Mateo, California, U.S.A.
Business TypePrivate
Industry• Technology • Information technology • Software development • Cloud computing
Products• Freshdesk • FreshSales • FreshMarketer • FreshChat • FreshService • FreshTeam
Services• Customer relationship management (CRM) • IT service management tools (ITSM) • Online office suite • Online business management tools
Country AvailableWorldwide
Founders• Girish Mathrubootham (CEO) • Shihab Muahmmed
Key People• Girish Mathrubootham (CEO) • Shan krishnasamy - CTO • Tyler Sloat - CFO
Market Cap$4.35 billion
Enterprise Value$2.96 billion
Number of Employees4,600 (2022)
Number of Customers58,100
Stock SymbolFRSH

Source: Stock Analysis

Freshworks Market Capitalization

In 2021, Freshworks went IPO. By the end of 2021 Freshworks’ market cap. was $3.43 billion. In 2022, Freshworks reached a new milestone of $4.35 billion Market Cap.

Graph about Freshworks Market Capitalization
YearMarket Cap.
2022$4.35 billion (as of Nov. 2022)
2021$3.43 billion

Source: Macro Trends

Freshworks Valuation

Graph about Freshworks Valuation
2021$10.1 billion
2020$3.5 billion
2019$3.5 billion
2018$1.5 billion

Source: Inc42, Freshworks, Techcrunch, Investors

Freshworks Revenue

Freshworks’ annual revenues continue to improve as of 2021 their revenue was $371 million, a 67% increase from the $250 million revenue in 2020.

2021$371 million
2020$250 million
2019$172 million

Source: Macro Trends.

Freshworks Profit

Graph about Freshworks Profit
YearGross Profit
2021$293 million
2020$197 million
2019$136 million

Source: Macro Trends

Freshworks Fundings

Freshworks has raised $484M in funding over 9 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 1, 2020, from a Secondary Market round.

Announced DateTransaction NameNumber of InvestorsMoney RaisedLead Investors
Jan 1, 2020Secondary Market - Freshworks1$85MSteadview Capital
Nov 4, 2019Series H - Freshworks3$150MAccel, CapitalG, Sequoia Capital
Jul 31, 2018Series G - Freshworks3$100MAccel, Sequoia Capital India
Nov 1, 2016Series F - Freshworks3$55MSequoia Capital India
Apr 20, 2015Series E - Freshworks3$50MTiger Global Management
Jun 12, 2014Series D - Freshworks3$31MTiger Global Management
Nov 21, 2013Series C - Freshworks2$7MAccel
Apr 26, 2012Series B - Freshworks2$5MTiger Global Management
Dec 2, 2011Series A - Freshworks2$1MAccel

Source: Crunchbase

Freshworks Investors

Freshworks is funded by 6 investors. Steadview Capital and Accel are the most recent investors.

Investor NameLead InvestorFunding RoundPartners
AccelYesSeries H - FreshworksShekhar Kirani
CapitalGYesSeries H - Freshworks
Sequoia CapitalYesSeries H - Freshworks
Sequoia Capital IndiaYesSeries G - Freshworks
AccelYesSeries G - FreshworksShekhar Kirani
CapitalGNoSeries G - Freshworks
AccelNoSeries F - FreshworksShekhar Kirani
Tiger Global ManagementSeries F - FreshworksLee Fixel
Sequoia Capital IndiaYesSeries F - Freshworks

Source: Crunchbase

Freshworks Investments

Freshworks has made 5 investments. Their most recent investment was on Sep 19, 2022, when Presear Softwares PVT LTD raised $1.3K.

Announced DateOrganization NameLead InvestorFunding RoundMoney Raised
Sep 19, 2022Presear Softwares PVT LTDYesNon Equity Assistance - Presear Softwares PVT LTD$1.3K
Sep 24, 2021WorqHatYesNon Equity Assistance - WorqHat$20K
Oct 3, 2019FyleSeries A - Fyle$4.5M
May 24, 2019FyleSeries A - Fyle₹10.4M ($127,172)
Apr 20, 2018FyleSeed Round - Fyle$1.1M

Source: Crunchbase

Freshworks Acquisitions

Freshworks has acquired 13 organizations. Their most recent acquisition was Flint on Jul 9, 2020.

Acquiree NameAnnounced DateTransaction Name
FlintJul 9, 2020Flint acquired by Freshworks
AnswerIQFeb 26, 2020AnswerIQ acquired by Freshworks
CanvasFlipSep 17, 2019CanvasFlip acquired by Freshworks
NateroMay 21, 2019Natero acquired by Freshworks
ZargetAug 29, 2017Zarget acquired by Freshworks
JoeHukumJul 20, 2017JoeHukum acquired by Freshworks
Pipemonk (Formerly ZapStitch)Jan 4, 2017Pipemonk (Formerly ZapStitch) acquired by Freshworks
ChatimityOct 18, 2016Chatimity acquired by Freshworks
AirwootApr 13, 2016Airwoot acquired by Freshworks
FramebenchFeb 22, 2016Framebench acquired by Freshworks

Source: Crunchbase

Freshworks IPO History

On September 22, 2021, Freshworks made a debut on Nasdaq at a valuation of $13 billion, at the close of its first trading day. The company raised $1.03 billion, selling 28.5 million shares at $36 per share. The shares started trading at a 21% premium to the IPO price and closed the day 32% higher at $47.55.

Source: Golden

How many people work at Freshworks?

More than 4,500 people work at Freshworks offices around the world.

Graph about Freshworks employee count
YearNumber of Employees
20224,600+ employees
20214,600 employees
20204,300 employees
20194,000 employees

Source: Freshworks, Golden, Macro Trends

Who founded Freshworks?

Girish Mathrubootham is the CEO and Founder of Freshworks. Girish Mathrubootham attended the University of Madras and founded Freshworks, formerly Freshdesk in 2010.

Infographic about who founded freshworks

What is Girish Mathrubootham Net Worth?

In 2021, Mathrubootham, 46, was worth an estimated $700 million.

Infographic about What is Girish Mathrubootham Net Worth

Source: Forbes

How many office locations does Freshworks have?

Freshworks has 15 offices worldwide, including a headquarters in San Mateo, California, U.S.A.

United StatesSan Mateo2950 S Delaware St Suite 201 HQ
United StatesDenver1401 Lawrence St #1200
United StatesLewes16192 Coastal Hwy
United StatesSan Bruno1250 Bayhill Drive, Suite 315
AustraliaMelbourneLevel 22/120 Spencer St
AustraliaSydneyLevel 28/161 Castlereagh St
FranceParis92 Av. des Champs-Élysées
GermanyBerlinNeue Grünstraße 17
IndiaBengaluru560, Old Madras Rd, Indira Nagar II Stage, Kadiranapalya, Indiranagar
IndiaChennaiGlobal Infocity, Block B, 40 MGR Road

Source: Craft

How many customers does Freshworks have?

In 2022, Freshworks has more than 58,100 customers.

Graph about Freshworks number of customers
YearNumber of Users
202258,100 customers
202152,000 customers
202050,000 customers

Source: Emergent, Freshworks, Diginomica

Countries where Freshworks products are used most

Graph about Countries where Freshworks products are used most
CountryPercentage of Users
United States25.05%
United Kingdom6.31%

Source: Similar Web

How many customers are using Use Freshworks CRM?

There are more than 56,000 customers using Freshworks CRM and other products.

Infographic about How many customers are using Use Freshworks CRM

Who are the top companies using Freshworks?

Top companies using Freshworks include:

  • Bridgestone
  • Chargebee
  • DeliveryHero
  • ITV
  • Klarna
  • Multichoice
  • OfficeMax
  • TaylorMade
  • Vice Media.

Source: Freshworks

Who are Freshworks users? (users’ demography)

Freshworks users by gender's users are 64.29% male and 35.71% female.

Graph about Freshworks users by gender

Source: Similar Web

Freshworks users by age

The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34-year-olds

Graph about Freshworks users by age
18 - 2420.71%
25 - 3435.82%
35 - 4421.55%
45 - 5411.71%
55 - 646.57%

Source: Similar Web

Where is Freshworks available?

Freshworks is available in more than 120 countries around the world. Freshworks Products and Services are available anywhere in the world where the internet is accessible.

Infographic about Freshworks availability  around the world

Source: Freshworks

How does Freshworks make money?

Freshworks makes the majority of its money through the sales of its software-as-a-service on the cloud.

Infographic about How does Freshworks make money

Source: City Index

What is Freshworks’ product pricing? (Subscriptions)

Subscription categories per ProductFreshdeskFreshchatFreshsalesFreshserviceFreshmarketerFreshteam

Source: Freshworks

What are the most popular Freshworks products?

FreshDesk Customer SupportCustomer SupportCRM
Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat)Chatbots and Conversational AIArtificial Intelligence
Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM)CRM, Sales EngagementCRM
FreshserviceIT Service ManagementIT-SM
Freshworks FreshmarketerMarketing AutomationCRM
Freshworks FreshteamRecruiting, OnboardingHCM
Freshworks Freshteam Interview SchedulingInterview SchedulingHCM
Freshworks ZargetMarketing AnalyticsCRM

Source: Apps Run The World

How many app downloads did Freshworks get in 2022?

  • Freshworks got more than 10,000+ android app downloads

Source: Play Google

What is the average time spent by users on the Freshworks app?

The average time spent by Freshworks app users is 10 minutes and 41 seconds.

Infographic about Freshworks user average time spet

Source: Semrush

Freshworks website traffic and engagement analysis

Freshworks top marketing channels

The top traffic source to is referrals traffic, driving 35.45% of desktop visits, and search is the 2nd with 31.79% of traffic.

Graph about Freshworks top marketing channels
Marketing ChannelsShare of Traffic

Source: Similar Web

Social media traffic to Freshworks

Graph about Social media traffic to Freshworks
Social MediaShare of Traffic
Telegram Webapp29.21%
Whatsapp Webapp4.70%

Source: Similar Web

What device do most countries use to access Freshworks?

Graph about Freshworks device used per country
United States27.32%72.68%
United Kingdom84.75%15.25%

Source: Semrush


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