How To Insert Electronic Signature In Google Docs (2023)

Learn how to electronically sign in Google Docs. Either insert a drawing of your signature or copy/paste your eSignature's image.
How To Insert Electronic Signature In Google Docs (2023)
Last updated on:
July 9, 2023
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Looking to add your electronic signature in Google Docs? This guide teaches you the two most reliable methods to do it.

There are two simple ways you can add your eSignature in Google Docs:

  1. Insert a drawing in Docs;
  2. Create your signature image and insert it in Docs.

We'll show you how to do it both ways. Regardless of which one you use, know that both of them work just fine.

Let's get at it.

How to electronically sign in Google Docs (in app)

  1. Open a Google Docs file;
  2. In the top-left corner, click Insert → DrawingNew;
  3. Click the Line icon;
  4. Select Scribble;
  5. Draw or handwrite your signature;
  6. Click save and close.
How to draw my signature in Google Docs

Once created, your can drag your signature around the document and position it as you wish. Also feel free to change its colour and resize it.

To reuse your signature in Google Docs, right-click the signature and download it in your preferred format: PDF, JPG, PNG or SVG.

If you want your reusable Google Docs signature to be transparent, we suggest saving it as a PNG or SVG. These file formats don't have any background colour.

How to electronically sign in Google Docs (online)

Use an online signature generator to download the image of your signature and insert it in Google Docs in order to eSign a document.

  1. Create your online signature below;
  2. Click the button to download it;
  3. Open your preferred Google Docs file;
  4. Drag & Drop your signature image in Google Docs.

Our software is free, and we've embedded it right below for your accessibility. You can either draw your signature or type your name with a nice font.

Alternatively after downloading your signature, you can simply copy the image and paste it in Google Docs.

How to create an eSignature for Google Docs

Reuse the electronic signature you made with SignHouse for Google Docs as many times as you need for all of your documents.

Pro Tip: Get access to our free Google Docs Contract Templates and automatize the way you work with documents, not just signatures.

Is there a signature line in Google Docs?

Yes. Access Google Docs' signature line feature like so: Insert > Drawing > New > Line > Scribble > Draw your signature > Apply changes.


Can I electronically sign in Google Docs?

Yes, and it's also free! Use a free eSignature maker like SignHouse, download your signature as PNG, and then attach it to the Google Doc file.

Can I sign a Google Docs file using my phone?

Yes! Our Google Docs signer works on any device: Create signature (100% free) > Save it as PNG > Attach it to the Google Docs file.

How can I sign on Google Docs on iPhone?

These three simple steps will get your Google Docs file electronically signed:

  1. Use SignHouse on your iPhone to create your signature (it's free and it takes 10 seconds);
  2. Save the signature as a PNG image;
  3. Upload the signature in Google Docs using your Apple iPhone.

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