LastPass Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

Key Lastpass user stats. Includes data on Lastpass' valuation, revenue, number of users, number of employees, and more.
LastPass Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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LastPass Key Facts

  • In 2022, LastPass revenue surpassed $100 million.
  • LastPass values were made public only twice: in 2017 ($110 million) and in 2019 ($4.3 billion)
  • Currently over 100,000 enterprises and 33 million individuals used the LastPass platform to protect their digital devices.
  • In 2022, the LastPass DB contain approximately 6.3 billion individual passwords and 19.1 million business passwords.
  • LastPass dominates the password management industry with a market share of 21.42%
  • On average, visitors to stay on the site for 8 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • LastPass has 121,627 app downloads per month.

LastPass Overview

Want to learn something new about LasPass as a service and company? Well, this is the right place to begin.

Let's have a quick look at LastPass' overview as a service & company.

Key StatKey Info
Year Founded2008
HeadquarterWashington DC Metro Area, East Coast, Southern US
Business TypePrivate
AcquirerGoTo (Formerly LogMeIn)
FoundersAndrew Zitnay, Joe Siegrist, Michael Simon, Robert Billingslea, Sameer Kochar
Key PeopleKarim Toubba (CEO, 2022)
Supported PlatformWindows, Mac, Linux, and mobile
Industry TypePassword management and Computer security
Revenue$110 million (2022)
Number of employees605 (2022)

Source: LastPass

LastPass Revenue

LastPass' revenue surpassed the $100 million mark in 2022.

2022$110 million
2021$99.7 million
2020$69.6 million
2019$63.4 million

Note how there was was a huge jump in LstPass' revenue in 2020-2021, as revenue went up by $30.1 million.

Source: Growjo

LastPass Valuation

Since LastPass was acquired in 2015 for $110M, its valuation is considered to be just that for 2015. Besides, CB Insights estimates a $4.3B valuation in 2019.

2019$4.3 billion
2015$110 million

We currently know about two valuations of LastPass. In 2015, the company was worth $110 million, jumping all the way up to $4.3 billion in 2019.

Source: CB Insights, Deal Room

LastPass Funding

LogMeIn acquired LastPass for $110 million in 2015. There have been two fundings over at LasPass, in 2015 and in 2021.

The table below shows you the two fundings:

Oct 1, 2015LogMeIn$110mAcquisition
Dec 1, 2021LogMeIn-Corporate spin-out

Surprisingly or not, the two of them were made by LogMeIn, which is the company that actually acquired LastPass.

Source: Deal Room

LastPass Acquisitions

LastPass acquired Xmarks Sync on Dec 2, 2010.

Acquiree NameAnnounced DateTransaction Name
XmarksDec 2, 2010Xmarks acquired by LastPass

This was the only acquiring that LastPass has made. Five years later, LastPass was acquired itself by LogMeIn, as previously noted.

Source: Crunchbase

How many people use LastPass? (Number of LastPass users)

In 2022, there were 33 million individual LastPass users and over 100,000 businesses using the platform to safeguard their digital devices.

YearNumber of Individual UsersNumber of Business Users
202233 million+ individual users100,000+ business users
202130 million individual users85,000 business users
202025 million individual users70,000+ business users
201916 million individual users58,000 business users

Check that out! In 2022, the number of individual LastPass users is over double what it used to be in 2019.

Source: WSJ, LastPass, Globe News Wire, LogMeIn, Dark Reading

How many passwords are stored in the LastPass DB?

LastPass holds approximately 6.3 billion individual passwords and 19.1 million business passwords in 2022.

YearNumber of Individual PasswordNumber of Business Passwords
20226.3 billion individual password19.1 million business password
20215.7 billion individual password16.2 million business password
20204.8 billion individual password13.4 million business password
20193 billion individual password11 million business password

In the course of just 3 years, the number of individual passwords stored in LastPass was doubled. From 3 billion in 2019 to over 6 billion individual passwords in 2022.

Source: LastPass

Top 5 countries where LastPass is used the most

LastPass's largest customer base is in the United States, with 15, 407,700 users.

CountryPercentage of UsersActual Number of Users
United States46.69%15, 407,700 users
United Kingdom4.40%1,452,000 users
Canada3.71%1,224,300 users
Germany3.05%1,006,500 users
Australia2.58%851,400 users

Followed by the US, LastPass has most of its users in the United Kingdom: 4.40% of the total users, or 1,45 million users.

The United States cover 46.69% of LastPass' total users worldwide.

source: Similar Web

Which major industries use LastPass most?

Financial services (6%), internet (7%), computer software (11%), information technology and services (15%), and marketing and advertising (6%), are the main industries using LastPass password management software.

Information Technology and Services15.00%
Computer Software11.00%
Financial Services6.00%
Marketing and Advertisement6.00%
Higher Education4%
Hospital and Health Care1%

Source: Enlyft

What is LastPass's market share in the password management market?

With a market share of 21.42%, LastPass is the password management industry leader.

In comparison, 1Password's market share is of 7% of the total industry.

Source: Statista

What apps and devices are compatible with LastPass?

LastPass is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms.

Apps and DevicesCompatible
Chrome, ChromeOSYes
Windows PCYes

LastPass works on every popular device and operating software.

Source: LastPass 1, LastPass 2

How many people work at LastPass?

According to LastPass's LinkedIn page, there are 605 employees as of 2022.

YearNumber of Employees
2022605 employees
2021550 employees
2020384 employees
2019350 employees

With every new year, there are a couple douzin more people working at LastPass.

Source: LinkedIn, Owler, Growjo

Who founded LastPass?

Andrew Zitnay, Joe Siegrist, Michael Simon, Robert Billingslea, and Sameer Kochar founded LastPass in 2008.

Source: Crunchbase

How does LastPass make money?

LastPass makes money in three ways:

  • Subscription revenue (LastPass Premium)
  • Additional add-on services
  • Ad revenue

Source: Entrepreneur

What is the LastPass subscription? (pricing)

LastPass subscriptions include:

  • LastPass Premium - $3/month
  • LastPass Families - $4/month
  • LastPass Teams - $4/user/month
  • LastPass Business - $6/user/month

Source: Trust Radius

Does LastPass support integrations of other apps?

Yes. LastPass Business accounts are offered API integrations for provisioning, reporting, and authentication when using the LastPass Authenticator app and/or SSO (Cloud) apps.

LastPass can automatically fill in your credentials for various Android apps and websites seamlessly. Open the app, then log in with your email address and master password.

Source: LastPass

Who are LastPass' users? (Users demographics)

LastPass audience by gender

The users of are 67.89% male and 32.11% female.


Most of's users are males.

Source: Similar Web

LastPass audience by age

The largest age group of visitors is between the ages of 25 and 34.

Age GroupPercentage
18 - 2418.16%
25 - 3432.83%
35 - 4421.69%
45 - 5412.82%
55 - 648.35%

Source: Similar Web

How many countries is LastPass available in?

LastPass is available worldwide. There is no restriction to where LastPass is used.

Therefore, LastPass is not banned in any country worldwide.

How many languages does LastPass support?

LastPass supports the following languages:

  • English
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Francais (French)
  • Espanol (Spanish)
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • Portugues (Portuguese)

LastPass: Monthly active users (MAU)

As of 2022, LastPass' MAU is 2,750,000 users.

What is the daily active users (DAU) count on LastPass?

As of 2022, LastPass DAU is 88,709 users.

How many app downloads does LastPass have?

  • LastPass has 121,627 monthly app downloads, according to Apptopia.
  • The most popular apps downloaded are LastPass Password Manager, LastPass Authenticator, and LastPass Wallet.
  • More than 10 million Android users have downloaded the LastPass app.
  • 49, 000 people have downloaded the iOS app.
Operating SystemApp StoreNumber of Downloads
AndroidGoogle Play10 million+ downloads
iOSApple App49, 000 downloads

Source: Crunchbase, Play Google, Apps Apple

LastPass top users’ countries and devices used to access LastPass  in 2022

In 2022, the United States had the most LastPass users, with 62% of them being on desktop, and 38% on mobile devices.

United States62.05%37.95%
United Kingdom73.91%26.09%

Note how Germany has the most fair split between desktop and mobile users on LastPass. It's almost a perfect 50/50 split!

Canada is also pretty fairly split between desktop and mobile users on LastPass.

Source: Semrush

LastPass traffic and engagement analysis in 2022

What are LastPass top marketing channels

Direct traffic, which accounted for 62.81% of last month's desktop visits, is followed by search, which accounts for 29.73% of traffic.

Marketing channelsPercentage
Social media0.87%

Source: Similar Web

Social media traffic to LastPass

The majority of's social media traffic comes from YouTube, followed by Facebook and WhatsApp Webapp.

Social MediaPercentage

Note how LinkedIn drives the least social media traffic to the website.

Source: Similar Web

What is the average time spent on by users users spend at least 8 minutes and 20 seconds on the website per visit.

Source: Semrush

LastPass FAQs

Can two people use the same LastPass account?

You can add up to 5 other users to your LastPass Families account so everyone can easily store and share passwords.

How many devices can I use with LastPass?

With LastPass Free, you can use LastPass on an unlimited number of devices of one device type (computers or mobile devices). Here's how it works: If you choose Computers as your active device type, you can access LastPass on as many desktop computers and laptops as you want.

Can I share all of my passwords in LastPass?

In your Vault, you can right-click on a folder name to share an entire folder of logins with one or more people. Or, you can open the Sharing Center, and in the “Manage Shared Folders” view you can click the Add button to create and share a new Folder.


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