How To Make A Name Signature For Free (2023)

Type your name as your electronic signature: learn how to make a signature with your initials or full name.
How To Make A Name Signature For Free (2023)
Last updated on:
July 9, 2023
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You're probably on this page because you:

  • Want to create an electronic signature;
  • And you want it to be your name;
  • Or the initials of your name and surname;
  • But you don't know where start.

Fear not, this is the guide you've been looking for. We'll teach you everything you have to know about online signatures and how to sign your very own name.

You can create your name signature on this very page. So, by the end of reading this article, you'll actually leave the page with your new signature.

How to type your name as a signature (free)

  1. Select the Type signature maker below;
  2. Type in your name;
  3. Pick your favourite font from the preview list;
  4. Customize it: change the size, angle, or colour;
  5. Download your signature

When typing your name in the signature generator, you will see how there are different fonts generated instantly for you.

Choose from the Sans Serif Font library or from the Handwritten Font list.

How to type an electronic signature

Pro Tip: Your signature doesn't have to be your full name. You can write your name or initials, all according to your personal preference.

Found the right font? Simply click the 'Select this eSignature' button and our system will automatically start downloading your online signature.


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