Free: How To Make A PDF On iPhone (2023)

Create a PDF document using any iPhone from scratch & in just a few steps. It's free and it only takes 20 seconds.
Free: How To Make A PDF On iPhone (2023)
Last updated on:
November 7, 2022

You're most likely on this page becauase:

  • You've got an Apple iPhone;
  • You want to make a PDF file from nothing;
  • But you're not quite sure how to do it.

In this tutorial, we're going to teach you the quick steps to generating a PDF file from scratch — only using an iPhone.

The best way to follow this guide is to make the PDF side-by-side as we're going through each step. Let's get at it!

How to make a PDF on iPhone (without an app)

  1. Open a document on your iPhone/iPad (must be iOS 10 or later);
  2. Select Share on the bar at the bottom;
  3. Click on Print and you'll now see a PDF preview;
  4. Select Share and choose how to share the PDF.
How to make a PDF on my iPhone

When opening a document on your Apple iPhone and selecting to share it, the device automatically creates a PDF preview.

That preview is the final PDF form of the file that you're going to need further. The only way to obtain is to share it either via AirDrop or any other app.

How do I make a PDF from a photo on my iPhone?

To convert a photo to a PDF using your iPhone (or the other way around), upload the file to SignHouse, select the format, wait 10 seconds and download the file.

How to save a photo as a PDF on iPhone
  1. Upload the photo from your iPhone;
  2. Select the format: PNG, JPG etc;
  3. Wait 10 seconds & Download it.

For the full story on, you should check out our tool for image to PDF conversions.

At SignHouse, converting PDF files to images & images to PDF files is 100% free.


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