How To Make A PDF Signable (2024)

Enable the signing feature in a PDF file. We'll teach you how to create your electronic signature and add it to any PDF for free
How To Make A PDF Signable (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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By nature, PDF documents are not meant to be edited, but you're here because you need to create and add your eSignature to the document.

So, you might be here because:

  • You have a PDF file;
  • And you must sign it;
  • But you're not sure if the file is signable;
  • So you have to assure that it is.

Signing documents is important, especially with online contracts. Now, let's look at how to make a PDF signable in just 3 simple steps.

How to make a PDF signable (for free)

Every PDF is already signable - what you're looking for is actually an online software to help you create and add your eSignature. The steps are:

  1. Upload your PDF;
  2. Create your signature (or import one);
  3. Add it to the document;
  4. Download the signable PDF.

These are the three steps that must be followed in order to make a PDF signable and to properly sign it. Let's get at it!

1. Upload your PDF

You first need to let us know the document that you want to make signable.

Upload a PDF to make it signable

Feel free to drag & drop your PDF or to browse your device's local files in order to upload the file.

By now, your PDF is confirmed to be signable. Let's see the next steps!

2. Create/Import your eSignature

Now, you want to create or to insert your already-existing electronic signature.

You should be on the PDF editor at the moment. To add your eSignature, click on the button visible on the left side's menu.

How to add a signature to my PDF

Follow the buttons below the red rectangle in order to open this pop-up.

Speaking of which, on this pop-up you can design your signature or import yours before adding it to the file.

Pro Tip: Your electronic signature isn't necessary to be your full name. Design your eSignature as something that you want to represent yourself.

3. Sign the PDF

The last step in our process of making a PDF signable is to actually sign the file.

How to sign a PDF in 3 steps

Simply drag and drop your signature from the left side's menu and put it anywhere on the document. You can then resize it and move it all around the PDF.

Can you unlock a PDF so it can be signed?

Yes, with an online PDF unlocking software. Upload your file, click the button to unlock it, and then create your signature so you can add it to the PDF.

At SignHouse, you can use all three of these tools: Unlock a PDF, Making it signable, as well as eSigning it.

That's it! Three big steps were made today:

  1. You learned how to make a PDF signable;
  2. Then, how to create your online signature;
  3. And lastly, you've added it to the PDF.

Thank you so much for stopping by.


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