PayPal Revenue and Growth Statistics (2023)

Key Paypal user stats. Includes data on Paypal's revenue, profit, acquisitions, investments, number of employees, and more.
PayPal Revenue and Growth Statistics (2023)
Last updated on:
November 7, 2022

PayPal Interesting Key Facts

  • PayPal was first established as Confinity in 1998 by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek. It was a company that developed security software for hand held devices. Failing with that venture, the founders decided to switched into digital wallet.
  • Confinity converged with, an online financial services company wherein Elon Musk was a cofounder of. Thus, PayPal was born.
  • Elon Musk was optimistic about Confinity’s potential to be a successful electronic payment system. He then proceeded to terminate all of’s internet banking operations and focus on PayPal.
  • In 2002, PayPal was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion in stock of which Elon Musk was the largest shareholder with 11.72% of shares and received $175.8 million.
  • Elon Musk used the PayPal money to build SpaceX.
  • After eBay bought PayPal. A group was formed by former PayPal employees and founders - The PayPal Mafia.
  • Members of this group would then create and develop other technologies and companies such as Tesla Inc, Linkedin, Affirm, Palantil Technologies, YouTube, Kiva, Slide, SpaceX, Square, Yammer and Yelp.
  • The members of the PayPal Mafia are considered by many as the main people who put Silicon Valley in the map to be one of the greatest technology hubs in the world.
  • PayPal was ranked 8th as America’s best employers in 2021.
  • PayPal is the most popular online payment system used in the United States.

Sources: Forbes, Tech Republic, eCommerceDB, WSJ, The Founders: The Story of Paypal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley

PayPal: Company Overview (About)

PayPal, the first name that comes in mind when talking about payment processors! Also an amazing company at whose stats we're going to check out now.

Snatch look:

Key statKey info
FoundedDecember 1998 as Confinity
 October 1999 as
 March 2000 as PayPal
Founders:Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, Yu Pan
Key PeopleJohn Donahoe (Chairman), Dan Schulman (President and CEO)
Business typePublic
Traded asNasdaq: PYPL, NASDAQ-100 component, SandP 100 component, SandP 500 component
IndustryFinancial Technology
HeadquartersSan Jose, California, U.S. (corporate headquarters) La Vista, Nebraska, U.S. (operative center)
Area ServedWorldwide
ProductsCredit Cards, Payment Systems
RevenueUS$25.37 billion
Operating Income$4.26 billion
Net IncomeUS$4.17 billion
Total Assets$75.80 billion
Total Equity$21.73 billion
DivisionsPayPal Inc (PPI), PayPal Pte. Ltd (3PL), PayPal Payments Pte., Holdings (PPLUX), PayPal Payments Pte, Limited (4PL)
SubsidiariesBraintree, Paydiant, Honey, Venmo, PayPal Credit, Xoom Corporation, Zettle, Tradera
Number of employees30,900

We guarantee that you'll learn lots of new stuff about PayPal in this post.

How much of this did you already know about PayPal?

Sources: SEC, PayPal, Google Finance

What is PayPal’s revenue?

As of 2021, PayPal has a revenue of $25.37 billion with year over year growth of 18.26%.

Graph about Paypal's revenue

Seeing $25.87 billion is already impressive. Though, 18.26% more than last year is absolutely incredible! The same idea repeats itself though in the past years.

The table shows us a more detailed look.

YearRevenueY/Y Change
2007$1.80 billion
2008$2.40 billion33.33% increase
2009$2.80 billion16.67% increase
2010$3.51 billion25.36% increase
2011$4.50 billion28.20% increase
2012$5.66 billion33.11% increase
2013$6.73 billion12.35% increase
2014$8.03 billion19.32% increase
2015$9.25 billion15.19% increase
2016$10.84 billion17.19% increase
2017$13.09 billion20.77% increase
2018$15.45 billion18.00% increase
2019$17.77 billion15.02% increase
2020$21.45 billion20.72% increase
2021$25.37 billion18.26% increase

Check out how at PayPal, in every year from 2007 there was an at least 14% increase in revenue.

The greatest Y/Y revenue change was in 2008, at the perfect number of 33.33% than last year's revenue.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Operating Expense Through the years

As of 2021, PayPal has an operating expense of $7.61 billion with year over year growth of 15.27%. The table shows us a more detailed look.

YearOperating ExpenseY/Y Change
2017$4.20 billion18.20% increase
2018$4.97 billion18.28% increase
2019$5.19 billion4.43% increase
2020$6.57 billion26.65% increase
2021$7.61 billion15.72% increase

We've been able to find 100% relevant data about PayPal's operating expense from 2017 to 2021.

While PayPal's operating expense may seem like a lot, we have to keep in mind the revenue it also generates.

Speaking of which, let's see what the profits look like at PayPal.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Profit Through the Years

As of 2021, PayPal has a  profit of $4.17 billion with year over year growth of -0.79% decrease.

Graph about Paypal's profit

Note how there's a little line that goes backwards in 2014 when compared to the previous years.

That only shows how PayPal is a normal business, like any other, having both better and worse days. Though, that didn't stop PayPal to make a fortune in 2015!

The table shows us a more detailed look from year to year.

YearProfitY/Y Change
2011$460 million
2012$778 million69.13% increase
2013$955 million22.75% increase
2014$419 million-56.13% decrease
2015$1.23 billion193.56% increase
2016$1.40 billion13.82% increase
2017$1.80 billion28.12% increase
2018$2.06 billion14.60% increase
2019$2.46 billion19.54% increase
2020$4.20 billion70.88% increase
2021$4.17 billion-0.79% decrease

The table above shows exactly what we previously mentioned. Look at 2013-2015 and see how PayPal went from -56.13% in profit to a 193.56% increase.

That's just beautiful!

Source: Google Finance

What is PayPal’s market cap?

Paypal has a market capitalization of $78.60 in 2022, a decrease of $142 billion from 2021.

Grapha about PayPal’s market cap

See how PayPal's highest market cap was in 2020, at $274.41 billion. Then, 2021 was also a pretty good year, but things went a bit downhill in 2022.

Let's check out this table for a better understanding.

YearMarket CapY/Y Change
2015$44.30 billion
2016$47.62 billion7.49% increase
2017$88.48 billion85.80% increase
2018$98.72 billion11.57% increase
2019$126.88 billion28.53% increase
2020$274.41 billion116.28% increase
2021$220.26 billion-19.73% decrease
2022$78.60 billion-64.31% decrease

While 2020 was PayPal's best year for market capitalization, only time can tell if that will have been the all time high market cap or not.

Speaking of which, as soon as new data comes out, we'll make sure to update the graphics and the tables so as to show you the latest information.

PayPal Acquisitions

PayPal has 26 acquisitions throughout the years from 2008 until their latest acquisition last September 2021.

Acquisition DateCompanyPrice
Jan 28, 2008Fraud Sciences$169 million
Oct 6, 2008Bill Me Later$945 million
Apr 20,$135 million
Apr 28, 2011FigCard
Oct 15, 2011Zong$240 million
Jul 17,
Apr 11, 2013IronPearl
Sep 26, 2013Braintee$800 million
Sep 26, 2013Venmo$26.2 million
Dec 17, 2013StackMob
Mar 2, 2015Paydiant$280 million
Mar 5, 2015CyActive$60 million
Jul 2, 2015Xoom Corporation$890 million
Aug 19, 2015Modest Inc
Feb 14, 2017TIO Networks$233 million
Aug 10, 2017Swift Financial
May 17, 2018Jetlore
May 29, 2018iZettle$2.2 billion
June 19, 2018Hyperwallet$400 million
June 22, 2018Simility$120 million
Sept 30, 2019GoPayundisclosed (70% stake)
Nov 20, 2019Honey$4 billion
Mar 8, 2021Curv
May 7, 2021Chargehound
May 13, 2021Happy Returns
Sep 8, 2021Paidy$2.7 billion

PayPal is one huge company, so it's pretty expectable for it to have acquired lots of companies. As you can see, 26 acquired companies can make a long list.

But as payment processing is a large domain, and since PayPal was started in 1999, you would expect a lot of acquisitions from a company at PayPal's level.

Sources: Reuters 1, Reuters 2, Finovative, WSJ, The Verge, Forbes 1, Forbes 2, Techcrunch 1, Techcrunch 2, Techcrunch 3, Techcrunch 4, Techcrunch 5, Techcrunch 6, Techcrunch 7, Techcrunch 8, NewsCenter, Yahoo Finance, BBC, Market Watch, Paypal 1, Paypal 2, Paypal 3, Venture Beat, Chargehound

PayPal Investments

PayPal had made 29 investments so far. Out of those 29, they are the lead investors of 9 investments.

Below are the latest investments that Paypal has made over the years.

Announced DateOrganization NameLead InvestorFunding RoundMoney Raised
Nov 8, 2022FordefiSeed Round - Fordefi$18 million
Aug 4, 2022MetaYesPost-IPO Debt - Meta$10 billion
Mar 13, 2022Lava NetworkSeed Round - Lava Network
Feb 8, 2022ShopwareYesVenture Round -Shopware$100 million
Jul 1, 2021CHER®Seed Round - CHER®$130,000
Dec 7, 2020Home Lending PalGrant - Home Lending Pal$45,000
Nov 18, 2020HeydaySeries A - Heyday$175 million
Oct 29, 2020Fellow PayYesPre Seed Round - Fellow Pay$45,000
Jul 25, 2020PiPiT GlobalYesGrant - PiPiT Global
Jul 23, 2020Quipu MarketGrant - Quipu Market$15,000

The table above shows which organization is a lead investor, as well as those who are not.

Have a look at that interesting Meta investment in 2022, with $10 billion being raised at PayPal. It's also quite recent!

Source: Crunchbase

PayPal Funding History

PayPal has 5 funding rounds throughout the years. The total funding amount was $216 million with the last funding happened in 2001.

Announced DateTransaction NameNumber of InvestorsMoney RaisedLead Investors
Feb 16, 2001Series D - PayPal5$90 million
Apr 5, 2000Series C - PayPal16$100 millionMadison Dearborn Partners
Jan 20, 2000Series B - PayPal2$23 millionClearstone Venture Partners, Goldman Sachs
Jul 1, 1999Series A - PayPal1$3 millionBlueRun Ventures
Jul 1, 1999Seed Round - PayPal4

The table above shows you the necessary information to be known about PayPal's five fundings.

As PayPal became so successful, you can observe how the last funding took place in 2001. Definitely a long time ago.

Source: Crunchbase

How many people work at PayPal through the years?

Most recent data shows that there were 31,000 employees at PayPal in 2022.

Graph about number of employees at Paypal

It is pretty understandable why a company like PayPal has so many employees. There are many sectors to be taken care of, and there is a lot to take care of.

Yet again, note how every year at PayPal had the numbers going up, including the amount of employees. New years, more people working for the company.

YearNumber of Employees
2022 (Nov. 2022)31,000

See how 9 years can change the amount of people working for PayPal. The number is over double what it was in 2013!

Sources: Statista, Linkedin, Forbes

How Many Active Users Does PayPal Have?

As of the first quarter of 2022, PayPal had 429 million users. By now, the number has definitely gone up.

Grapha about number of Paypal active users

If we zoom into the 2000s, you can see how there was a pretty big peak in 2005, followed by a little fall of users.

Though, ever since 2008, the number has only gone up, and it seems to keep on growing with each new year.

YearNumber of Active Users
200223 million
200340 million
200464 million
200596 million
200686 million
200760 million
200870 million
200981 million
2010100 million
2011106 million
2012117 million
2013143 million
2014157 million
2015179 million
2016199 million
2017229 million
2018267 million
2019305 million
2020377 million
2021426 million
(Q1)2022429 million

Even with that being said, you can see how 2021-2022 didn't have such an immense change in the amount of PayPal users.

There's only 1 million users separating the two previously-mentioned years.

Source: GlobalData

PayPal active users gender distribution

In 2023, it's estimated that 61.9% of PayPal's users are males, and 38.1% of the users to be females.

Graph about PayPal active users gender distribution

Note: These numbers are estimation from Similarweb and unofficial.


Source: Similarweb

PayPal active users age distribution

PayPal's most popular user age group is the 25-34 group, with almost 28% of the total users. Then, there's the 18-24 age group, covering 21.09% of the total users.

Graph about PayPal active users age distribution

Note: These numbers are estimation from Similarweb and unofficial.

The 35-44 age group is not that far away from the second most popular one, as it covers 19.56% of PayPal's users.

Age BracketPercentage

For a better view and understanding, this table shows you the precise numbers for each age bracket of people that are on PayPal.

Source: Similarweb

What is the Total Payment Volume of PayPal?

A recent PayPal report shows that as of Q3 2022, PayPal has a $337 billion in total payment volume.

Graph about the Total Payment Volume of PayPal

PayPal has a total payment volume of $1.25 trillion in 2021 with 29.80% year over year growth.

It's absolutely impressive to look at the graph above and see how the line in 2021 is longer than any other one above.

YearTotal Payment VolumeY/Y Change
2003$12.2 billion
2004$18.9 billion54.92% increase
2005$27.0 billion42.86% increase
2006$37.8 billion40.00% increase
2007$47.50 billion25.66% increase
2008$60.0 billion26.32% increase
2009$71.0 billion18.33% increase
2010$92.3 billion30.00% increase
2011$118.0 billion27.8% increase
2012$145.0 billion22.88% increase
2013$180.0 billion24.14% increase
2014$235.0 billion30.56% increase
2015$282.0 billion20.00% increase
2016$354.0 billion25.53% increase
2017$451.0 billion27.40% increase
2018$578.0 billion28.16% increase
2019$712.0 billion23.18% increase
2020$963.0 billion35.25% increase
2021$1.25 trillion29.80% increase

That doesn't mean that, for eaxmple, 2003 was a slower year.

Remember that 2003 was still in the early days of the internet, and $12.2 billion moving in through PayPal was absolutely massive.

But then again, if we look at how much 2021's TPV was, it's just incredible to think of how much eMoney there is, and how much PayPal handles.

Frankly, PayPal's TPV table shows numbers that are also a pretty good reference point for how relevant the internet is in our world.

Source: GlobalData, Paypal 1, Paypal 2, Paypal 3, Paypal 4, Paypal 5, Paypal 6, Paypal 7

Which industries are using PayPal Enterprise the most?

PayPal Enterprise is a function wherein the company helps businesses find active buyers, increase conversion across channels, and scale into new markets. Payments are discussed through PayPal sales team.

The table below shows us which industries are using PayPal Enterprise the most.

Graph about Which industries are using PayPal Enterprise the most

Thee Retail industry covers 24.80% of PayPal's usage. Then, there are the Professional Services, with 15.50%.

Professional Services15.50%
Consumer Packaged Goods14.60%
Construction and Real Estate5.70%
Banking and Financial Services2.60%
Non Profit1.70%

Looking at the table above and seeing all these different industries, you can see how there are really no boundaries for PayPal.

There's money to be made in both Retail, Media, and even Non Profit, so be assured that PayPal is always there as a payment processor.

Sources: AppsRunTheWorld, Paypal

PayPal Enterprise customers by country

Paypal Enterprise's most customers are from the United States, with 84.90% of the total users.

Next after the big player, there's the United Kingdom, with (only) 6.40% of the pie.

Graph about PayPal Enterprise customers by country

Followed by which, there are Canada, France, and Australia on the list. They cover from 1 to 3% of the users.

United States84.90%
United Kingdoms6.40%

Sources:  AppsRunTheWorld, Paypal

PayPal's Market Share (Online Payment Industry)?

As of 2022, PayPal has a market share of 52.45% in the online payment industry.

Graph about Paypal's market share

This really means that PayPal is pretty much over 50% of the online payment industry. As we've previously seen from PayPal's revenue and profits, this is a very large industry.

Therefore, seeing how PayPal is literally over half of the industry, we can try only and understand how big PayPal really is when it comes down to ePayments.

Source: enlyft

How does PayPal make money?

PayPal has a three-phase business model.

In phase 1, payment volumes are largely coming from eBay. Individuals and businesses without credit cards were very attracted to the system as they can have transactions in eBay without relying on credit cards.

In Phase 2, PayPal planned to earn interest through funds on papal accounts. However, most of the PayPal users would immediately withdrew their money.

To solve this problem, PayPal catered more to business accounts. PayPal started relying on earnings from its service charges rather on the interests from deposited funds.

In Phase 3, after increasing its domestic and international penetration on eBay, PayPal started their off-eBay strategy by adding users across multiple platforms, meaning they will expand more on different platforms other than eBay.

In 2003, Merchant Services was created within PayPal. This provided payment solutions to small and large e-commerce businesses outside eBay.

To sum it up, PayPal earns from its transaction fees, subscription fees for its premium features mainly offered to businesses, sales of card readers, referral fees on cashback rewards, interest on cash advance, business loans, interchange fees, and more.

Sources: Linkedin, Wall Street Folly

How much time do people spend on PayPal?

As of November 2022, the average time spent using PayPal  is 00:04:06.

Infographic about how much time do people spend on PayPalh

How much time do you spend using PayPal?

Source: Similarweb

Where is PayPal available (countries)?

PayPal is available in 200 countries/regions, which makes it available worldwide.

Source: PayPal

How many currencies does PayPal support?

As of November 2022, PayPal supports 25 currencies. Below is a list of them:

Australian dollarAUD
Brazilian realBRL
Canadian dollarCAD
Chinese RenmenbiCNY
Czech korunaCZK
Danish kroneDKK
Hong Kong dollarHKD
Hungarian forintHUF
Israeli new shekelILS
Japanese yenJPY
Malaysian ringgitMYR
Mexican pesoMXN
New Zealand dollarTWD
Norwegian kroneNZD
Philippine pesoPHP
Polish zlotyPLN
Pound sterlingGBP
Russian rubleRUB
Singapore dollarSGD
Swedish kronaSEK
Swiss francCHF
Thai bahtTHB
United States dollarUSD

Source: PayPal

Which countries visit PayPal the most?

The United States is PayPal's #1 visitor, with 39.41% of the total PayPal users.

Infographic about which countries visit PayPal the most

After the US, Germany is the most popular country for PayPal, with 15.72% of the total total users. The table below lists the most popular countries:

CountryPercentage of Visitors
United States39.41%
United Kingdom9.52%

Source: Similarweb

PayPal Mobile App Statistics: Android vs iOS

These are the key stats and key info on PayPal mobile app on Android as of October 2022:

Key StatKey Info
Launch DateJuly 11, 2008
Total Downloads100 million
Rating Reviews4.3 out of 5 stars
Total Review Votes2.8 million

These are the key stats and key info on PayPal mobile app on iOS as of October 2022:

Key StatKey Info
Launch DateFebruary 19, 2016
Total Downloads
Rating Reviews4.6 out of 5 stars
Total Review Votes~33,800

Source: Google Play, Apple Store

PayPal Financials

The following subsections provides us with a detailed look on PayPal financials through the years. As of 2021, PayPal has a net profit margin of 16.43 with 4.6 earnings per share.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Net Profit Margin Through the Years

As of 2021, PayPal has a net profit margin of 16.43 with year over year growth of -16.13% decrease. The table shows us a more detailed look.

YearNet Profit MarginY/Y Change
201713.716.11% increase
201813.31-2.92% decrease
201913.843.98% increase
202019.5941.55% increase
202116.43-16.13% decrease

See how PayPal's net profit margin is versatile throughout these years. It doesn't increase by a lot, and yet, it also doesn't decrease by a lot.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Earnings per Share Through the Years

As of 2021, PayPal has earnings per share of 4.60 with year over year growth of 18.56%. The table shows us a more detailed look.

YearEarnings per ShareY/Y Change
20171.926.67% increase
20182.4227.37% increase
20193.128.10 % increase
20203.8825.16 % increase
20214.618.56 % inrcease

When it comes down to PayPal's earnings per share, you can see how every year from 2017 to 2020 had an at least 25% increase.

Then, in 2021, there was an almost 19% increase from last year.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal EBITDA Through the Years

If we're talking about financial details, we obviously have to take EBITDA in account. The table below shows PayPal's EBITDA situation for 2017-2021.

YearEBITDAY/Y Change
2017$2.71 billion28.92% increase
2018$2.73 billion0.85% increase
2019$3.41 billion24.81% increase
2020$4.3 billion25.92% increase
2021$5.21 billion21.40% increase

Observe how PayPal's 2017-2018 EBITDA didn't change that much. After 2018, the numbers went at least 20% higher with each new year until 2022.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Effective Tax Rate Through the Years

PaypPal's average effective tax rate throughout 2017-2021 was of 13.03%.

The table below shows the precise data.

YearEffective Tax Rate

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Cash and Short-Term Investments Through the Years

There are lots of investments going on at PayPal. See how the numbers change in 2017-2021 in the table below:

YearCash and Short-Term InvestmentsY/Y Change
2017$5.70 billion14.47% increase
2018$9.11 billion59.95% increase
2019$10.76 billion18.14% increase
2020$13.08 billion21.58% increase
2021$9.50 billion-27.39% decrease

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Total Assets Through the Years

PayPal had assets worth $75.80 billion in 2021.

YearTotal AssetsY/Y Change
2017$40.77 billion23.17% increase
2018$43.33 billion6.27% increase
2019$51.33 billion18.46% increase
2020$70.38 billion37.10% increase
2021$75.80 billion7.71% increase

You would expect a company like PayPal to have some pricy assets - and you would be right. With each new year, the number goes higher than before.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Total Liabilities Through the Years

The liabilities at PayPal were of $54.08 billion in 2021, increased by 7.47% than the ones from 2020.

The data below shows PayPal's 2017-2021 liabilities.

YearTotal LiabilitiesY/Y Change
2017$24.78 billion34.74% increase
2018$27.95 billion12.78% increase
2019$34.40 billion23.11% increase
2020$50.32 billion46.25% increase
2021$54.08 billion7.47% increase

With assets come liabilities as well, and you can't do much to lower them if you want to increase assets and equity.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Total Equity Through the Years

The total equity at PayPal was of $21.73 billion in 2021.

YearTotal Equity
2017$15.99 billion
2018$15.39 billion
2019$16.93 billion
2020$20.06 billion
2021$21.73 billion

See how equity stayed almost the same in 2017 and 2018. This number doesn't change as drastically as others from before throughout the years.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Shares Outstanding Through the Years

PayPal's shares outstanding in 2021 were of 1.17 billion. In fact, they were the almost the same ever since 2017!

YearShares Outstanding
20171.2 billion
20181.17 billion
20191.17 billion
20201.17 billion
20211.17 billion

The only different year was 2017, when they used to be 1.2 billion. Though, after that date to 2021, the number was set at 1.17 billion.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Price-to-Book Through the Years

Over the course of 2017-2021, PayPal's average price to book was of 5.326.


As you can note from the table above, 2018 was at the highest, with 6.1.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Return on Assets Through the Years

The return on assets at PayPal was of 3.69% in 2021, as that is the most recent data.

YearReturn on Assets

It's also worth pointing out that 2017 had the highest return on assets, but definitely not by much, since it was at 3.72%.

Though, in business, every penny can make a difference. And then, remember, at PayPal it's really more than just about pennies!

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Return on Capital Through the Years

PayPal's return on capital was of 8.80% in 2021.

YearReturn on Capital

Previous years show that PayPal's return on capital from 2017-2021 always used to be of at least 8%.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Cash From Operations Through the Years

PayPal's cash from operations was of $6.34 billion in 2021, making it 8.30% higher than 2020's.

YearCash from OperationsY/Y Change
2017$2.53 billion-19.85% decrease
2018$5.48 billion116.52% increase
2019$4.07 billion-25.71% decrease
2020$5.85 billion43.80% increase
2021$6.34 billion8.30% increase

See how there was an over -25% decrease in 2019.

Though, cash from operations went up after that! With 43.80% in 2020, and 8.30% in 2021, as said before.

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Cash From Investing Through the Years

As for cash from investing, PayPal had the number of -$5.49 billion in 2021, with a 66.18% increase from 2020.

YearCash from InvestingY/Y Change
2017-$4.49 billion24.03% increase
2018$821 million118.31% increase
2019-$5.74 billion-799.39% decrease
2020-$16.22 billion-182.45% decrease
2021-$5.49 billion66.18% increase

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Cash From Financing Through the Years

Regarding cash from financing at PayPal, 2021 is the most recent report, showing -764 million.

YearCash from FinancingY/Y Change
2017$4.08 billion100.39% increase
2018-$1.24 billion-130.36% decrease
2019$4.19 billion437.66% increase
2020$12.49 billion198.35% increase
2021-764 million-106.12% decrease

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Net Change in Cash Through the Years

YearNet Change in CashY/Y Change
2017$2.17 billion405.93% increase
2018$4.95 billion128.44% increase
2019$2.51 billion-49.27% decrease
2020$2.30 billion-8.49% decrease
2021-11 million-100.48% decrease

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Free Cash Flow Through the Years

YearCash FlowY/Y Change
2017$1.01 billion-17.47% decrease
2018$7.30 billion620.27% increase
2019$1.96 billion-73.11% decrease
2020$5.06 billion157.53% increase
2021$2.75 billion-45.55% decrease

Source: Google Finance

PayPal Traffic Summary Overview

Key StatKey Info
Daily Unique Visitors16,562,630
Monthly Visits501,847,689
Pages per Visitor88,444,446
Daily Pageviews88,444,446
Monthly Visits (SEMrush)1,422,837,001
Monthly Unique Visitors (SEMrush)469,411,504
Monthly Visits (SimilarWeb)501,897,889
Alexa Rank42
Alexa Reach0.9534% (of global internet users)
Bounce rate22.28%

Source: HypeStat

PayPal Website Traffic Sources

PayPal's most traffic sources come from Direct Sources, as well as Referral Sources.

Let's look at all of them in the table below:

Direct Sources90.02%
Referral Sources7.75%
Search Sources1.96%
Social Sources0.18%
Paid Sources0.09%

Source: HypeStat

PayPal Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

  • 12.67% of the users visit the website through desktop devices
  • 87.33% of the users visit the website through mobile devices
Graph about PayPal Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

Most PayPal users like to browse the app on their phone or table.

In case you're a PayPal use, ow about you? What's your favourite way to use PayPal?

Source: HypeStat


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