Resize PDF Online

We've looked at all PDF resizers out there - they weren't enough. We made ours even simpler. 30 seconds, 1 click. Oh and no login/payment necessary...
Resize PDF Online
Published on
September 29, 2022

Here’s how to compress a PDF in order to reduce its size, in the simplest way possible.

Whether you’re in need of resizing a document:

  • Because you’ve hit an upload limit (e.g. on a website)
  • To make it easier to send it on email
  • Just to save some space on your device

Or for any other reason, then you’re in the right place and we’ve got great news — you’ll be able to resize a PDF on this very page.

How to resize a PDF, online, 100% free

  1. Upload your document below (or just drag and drop)
  2. Choose the compression mode. (If you don’t have any preference, just leave it as it is.)
  3. Wait a few seconds ⏲️ Download your file.
Resizing a PDF

That’s… pretty much it!

Our goal at SignHouse is to make it as simple as possible for you to have your (document-related) work done.

But will my PDF be the same?

The short of it is: yes, your compressed PDF will be the same.

What happens ‘under the hood’ is the following: our compressor looks for data that

  • A. You won’t use, in most cases
  • B. Which won’t affect your (or your document’s viewers) experience

For instance, if there are some repetitive patterns in your PDF that don’t affect the viewer’s experience, we’ll remove the duplicates.

That said, details such as the following will stay the same:

  • Text
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Page settings
  • Colors
  • Tables

What happens to my document?

When you upload your file, our compressor will apply its changes and create a new, updated document.

To protect your privacy, two things happen:

  • In a few hours (at most) from the initial upload, we permanently delete your initial file. Nobody has access to this file.
  • The new, updated document will be available in your dashboard (and on the very page where you make the changes), once it’s done. From over there, you can select whether you want to delete, share, privately share or re-edit your document.

We give you full control over it, based on your preferences!


What do I do after I resize my PDF?

The possibilities are endless, so to speak.

We offer a suite of PDF-editing tools that work to the same level of efficiency, simplicity and speed — you can delete pages, split PDFs, merge PDFs and so much more.

In our dashboard (but also on our website), you can browse through the plethora of tools we put out.

But remember: we're an eSigning company first and foremost — you can eSign your documents, safely and securely, for free with us! So do check that out as well.

Once your document is edited, it'll be in your dashboard (if you want to keep it there). From there, it takes even fewer clicks to edit further, in case you have any alterations you want to make to it.

About the author

Ch Daniel is the co-founder of SignHouse and chairman of the CH Group. Daniel is leading the development of SignHouse's product, as well as strategising how else the company can reach its main mission: empowering 100M+ to use the world's most efficient document organisational tools.

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