Signature Requests, Explained (2023)

A signature request is the process of setting up a document, sending it to other parties so they can sign it, and receiving the signed document. The action is finished once the sender gets the signed document back.
Signature Requests, Explained (2023)
Last updated on:
July 9, 2023
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Wondering what is a signature request? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Signature requests aren't that complicated, especially with electronic signatures! In this guide we'll talk about what they are, as well as how to request one yourself.

First, let's figure out what this is about.

What does signature request mean?

A signature request means preparing at least one document and sending it to other parties so they can electronically sign it and send back to the party asking for the documents to be signed. The process is finished when the signed documents are received by the initial sender.

In simpler words, the term 'signature request' is used to talk about the whole process of sending a document for eSigning and collecting it once signed.

In most cases, signature requests are used online, with virtual documents and finished with online signatures. Though, they can also take place physically too.

Note: Sending multiple documents to the signer(s) in a single request message (email or other channels) counts only as one signature request.

How do you politely ask for a signature?

If you're choosing to request a signature via email, there are some norms which need to be followed. Politely ask for a signature like so:

  1. Include a cover letter in your signature request.
  2. Begin the message in a friendly tone.
  3. Mention your intent: you kindly want their signature.
  4. Ask them to return the file in useful time.
  5. Set a reasonable deadline.
  6. Thank and let them know when you receive the signed documents.

Following these 6 simple steps should be enough for you to politely ask for a signature and leave a nice impression to the signee(s).

How to request a signature in PDF (for free)

To request a signature in PDF, upload the document to SignHouse and first sign it yourself. Drag and drop fields for the signee (name, date, signature etc) and send the document via email for them to sign it and send it back to you.

Request somebody to add a signature in PDF in six easy steps:

  1. Upload your document in the editor below.
  2. Fill & Sign the file yourself.
  3. Click Review and Finish;
  4. Enter the signee's details: name, email, signature.
  5. Optional: Add a message to the signature request;
  6. Click Send this document.
  7. You'll get notified when they sign and send the document back.

With SignHouse, you can create your signature, then fill and sign the document and  send it to others so they can sign it themselves.

Add as many people as you need, and feel free to include yourself as well.

How to request an eSignature

Before sending the document, there will be a quick recap of what you've done.

Once requesting signatures for your document via email, we'll show your signees where they have to fill and sign the file for you. Don't worry, they won't be asked to pay anything either.

In the meantime, you can track the progress made to the document via the analytics tab for your document. Always stay updated and check new progress.

That's all you need to know about requesting a signature for a document.


Why ask for a signature?

It is important to ask for a signature and get it in order to finish work faster. Signatures are important especially when you need somebody's approval to go further on a specific task.

How do you ask someone to sign a document in an email?

Keep it simple when asking for somebody to sign a document in an email. Simply mention that you've attached a document to the message and that you wish them to sign it in useful time.

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