How To Type Your Signature (2024)

Open this page, type your signature and choose a font. With over 8000 combinations, you can customize your typed signature's font, colour, angle, and width to find the perfect text.
How To Type Your Signature (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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In this post, we're going to teach you how to type your signature in a few steps.

There are many benefits to a typed online signature, as you can automatise the way that you work with documents.

But, you may already know what an electronic signature is and how to work with it. Let's get into the tutorial and waste no time.

Can I type my digital signature?

Yes, you can type a digital signature by opening our signature maker, typing your signature and choosing a font. With over 8000 combinations, you can customize your typed signature's font, colour, angle, and width to find the perfect text.

With our software, you can type or draw your signature in seconds.

How to create a typed signature (with text)

  1. Open our online signature generator (linked below).
  2. Click the Type button.
  3. Type in your signature.
  4. Customize it: font, text, colour, angle, width.
  5. Download your typed signature.
  6. Optional: Apply it to a document.

When tying your signature, you'll notice how there are different signature fonts that you can choose from.

Besides, there are two different menus: Sans Serif and Handwritten.

Choose whether you want a typed signature that looks like regular digital text, or one that looks like your handwritten signature.

How to type an online signature

From the 'Handwritten fonts' section, you'll notice different handwriting styles. Our suggestion is to pick one that looks the closest to your style.

Once you found the font you like the most, click the blue button and download it. You can then insert your signature in Word, on PDF documents, and so on.

Is it OK to type your signature?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to type your signature. Typed signatures are 100% legally binding, and thy work just as fine as the good old handwritten signatures.

Read further on this topic: Wet signatures vs eSignatures.


Can a signature be typed?

Your signature 100% works and is 100% legal if it's typed, if you're using an electronic signature software!

Why? It's validity is given by other factors: 

  • As per the eSignature (2000) and UETA (2000) Acts passed by the US Government, alongside other requirements (explained in-depth by us here), one of them is this: “Attribution. The signature has to be uniquely identified to the signee and only linked to them”
  • Using an electronic signature software such as SignHouse automatically handles that, as such apps easily attribute signatures with identifiable details (e.g. account information, location, IP, etc)
  • Another requirement for a digital signature to be valid: “Retention. The documents must be stored for future reference, available to be viewed, reviewed, edited, etc. by both parties”
  • SignHouse takes care of this aspect as well.

Therefore, typing your signature makes it valid, due to the aspects that an eSignature software handles for you.

How do I type on a PDF?

To properly type on a PDF (for free), you should use a software like SignHouse to:

  1. Upload the PDF document;
  2. Click anywhere & Start typing;
  3. Save the edited PDF.

At SignHouse, we can help you type on a PDF against no charge. It's also quick!

Can you type on a PDF for free?

Yes, absolutely. There are many online free software for PDF typing (we have one too), and most of them simply require you to upload the PDF and click wherever you want to type.

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