Electronic Signature Terms

This document is meant to show the list of terms and conditions you agree to, in regards to your electronic signature, when eSigning a document with SignHouse.

By agreeing to the Electronic Signature Terms and by signing the document digitally, you agree that:

  • You consent to the legally binding terms and conditions of this document, through the eSignature
  • The electronic signature (hereinafter also called “eSignature”) represents the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature on this document
  • You are authorized to sign the Electronic Signature Terms
  • In an event in which you are representing a minor and you are signing on behalf of them, you agree and warrant that you are the minor’s parent, tutor or legal guardian.

You understand and warrant that the copies of you signature and/or eSignature and the written authorizations/instructions offered by SignHouse to you are accurate, true, of complete record, fully legally enforceable in any legal proceedings to the same extent as if they were created in paper/printed form.

You also have the right to request, directly from the owner of the document, the paper version of the document: either for signing, or a copy of the signed document.

You agree not to challenge, dispute or otherwise question the enforceability of the eSignature of this document, as well as any other documents

When you sign the document through SignHouse, you are bound to receive a copy of the signed document via email. If you sign up for a SignHouse account, you will be able to use the SignHouse dashboard to download, edit, alter or view the eSigned document, in your account, at any moment.

You may decline to eSign this document.

You may withdraw your consent to sign this document electronically through SignHouse’s document signature declining function or through contacting the owner of the document directly.

By continuing with the eSigning procedure of this document, through SignHouse, you hereby agree to the Electronic Signature Terms.