Kakao Talk Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

Key Kakao Talk user stats. Includes data on valuation, revenue, number of active users, number of employees, and more.
Kakao Talk Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Kakao Talk Key facts

  • In 2021, Kakao Talk generated $4.8 billion in revenue
  • The KakaoTalk database has approximately 53.5 million active accounts
  • As of 2021, there were roughly 53 million active users of Kakao Talk worldwide
  • As of 2021, there were roughly 34.1 million active users of Kakao Talk from South Korea
  • Approximately 1 billion messages are exchanged daily on Kakao Talk, according to a report
  • Kakao Talk has more than 100 million android downloads

Kakao Talk Overview

Key StatsKey Info
Initial Release DateMarch 18, 2010
DeveloperKakao Corp.
Type of AppMessaging app
Supported Operating system(s)iOS, macOS, Android, Bada, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows NT
Supported Languages15 languages
Number of MAU53 million Monthly Active Users

Kakao Talk at a glance

KakaoTalk is among the most widely used mobile messaging applications in South Korea.

Over 47.6 million of the 53.5 million active users worldwide were based in South Korea, according to kakaotalk's parent company Kakao Corp.

KakaoTalk, users send more than one billion messages per day on average.

KakaoTalk is the best messaging platform for businesses and the best way to connect with South  Korean consumers thanks to its up to 97% market share in that country.

Kakao Talk Valuation

As of 2021, Kakao, the parent company of Kakao Talk, received a valuation boost of approximately $3.4 billion (4.09 trillion won) due to the recent funding of $84.9 million (100 billion won) from LG Corp, a South Korean multinational conglomerate. This significant investment is expected to propel Kakao to expand its services, including the popular messaging app Kakao Talk, in Korea, Japan, and beyond.

Kakao's total valuation now stands at approximately $57.4 billion (64.2 trillion won), which is a testament to its resounding success in the communication and technology industry.

Despite this impressive figure, the valuation of Kakao Talk, a subsidiary of Kakao, has not been publicly disclosed. However, it is known that Kakao Talk has been a profitable venture for the company, with millions of users worldwide.

With the recent funding from LG Corp, it is highly likely that Kakao will continue to innovate and expand its services, further cementing its position as a technology industry leader.

YearKakao Talk Valuation
2021$57.4 billion
2020$54 billion

Source: Techcrunch

Kakao Talk Revenue

The rapid revenue growth of Kakao, according to a report, is largely attributable to the company's advertising business connected to the mobile chat app Kakao Talk.

This implied that since Kakao Talk's launch, it has been very successful at making money through advertising, games, stickers, and other ambitious endeavors.

It is estimated that Kakao Talk and other Kakao online Community services make up about 30% of Kakao Corp.'s (The Parent Company) annual revenue.

In 2021, Kakao Talk generated $4.8 billion in revenue.

YearEst. Revenue of Kakao CorpActual Kakao Talk Revenue
2021$4.8 billion$1.4 billion
2020$3.3 billion$990 million
2019$2.4 billion$720 million
2018$1.9 billion$570 million
2017$1.6 billion$480 million
2016$1.2 billion$360 million
2015$736.4 million$220 million
2014$709.7 million$212 million
2013$585.8 million$175 million

Source: Pulse, Statista

How many Kakao Talk accounts are there?

Users of KakaoTalk create their accounts with their individual, unique mobile numbers and use the app for daily tasks.

The KakaoTalk database has approximately 53.5 million active accounts.

YearNumber of Kakao Talk Accounts
202253.5 million accounts
202153.45 million accounts
202052.22 million accounts
201951.5 million accounts
201850.22 million accounts
201749.71 million accounts
201648.96 million accounts
201548.32 million accounts
201448.41 million accounts
201350.62 million accounts

Kakao Talk MAU (Monthly Active Users)

As of 2021, there were roughly 53 million active users of Kakao Talk worldwide.

YearNumber of Kakao Talk MAU
202153.45 million monthly active users
202052.22 million monthly active users
201951.5 million monthly active users
201850.22 million monthly active users
201749.71 million monthly active users
201648.96 million monthly active users
201548.32 million monthly active users
201448.41 million monthly active users
201350.62 million monthly active users

Source: Statista

Kakao Talk Monthly Active Users from South Korea

As of 2021, there were roughly 34.1 million active users of Kakao Talk from South Korea.

Making South Korea the country with the most Kakao Talk users in the world.

YearNumber of South Korea Kakaotalk MAUPercentage of South Korea Kakaotalk MAU
202134.1 monthly active users63.79%
202033.6 monthly active users64.34%
201933 monthly active users64.07%
201832.2 monthly active users64.11%
201731.2 monthly active users62.76%
201630.3 monthly active users61.88%

Source: Stat Investor

What is the average time spent on Kakao Talk by users?

Kakao Talk users spend an average of 4 minutes and 62 seconds per interaction on the app.

Source: Korea Herald

Kakao Talk users’ demographics

Kakao Talk users by gender

Male Kakao Talk users make up about 49.67% of the total user base, while female users make up


This assumption was made for all users worldwide based on the fact that the majority of Kaakao Talk users are from South Korea.


Source: Statista

Kakao Talk users by age

The vast majority of Kakao Talk users, 16.95%, are aged 30 to 39. This assumption was made for all users worldwide based on the fact that the majority of Kaakao Talk users are from South Korea.

This assumption was made for all users worldwide based on the fact that the majority of Kaakao Talk users are from South Korea.

Age GroupPercentage
15 - 1916.17%
20 - 2916.54%
30 - 3916.95%
40 - 4916.74%
50 - 5916.85%
60 - 6916.75%

Source: Statista

How many messages are exchanged on Kakao Talk every day? (Global Kakao Talk Message Volume Per Day)

Approximately 1 billion messages are exchanged daily on Kakao Talk, according to a report.

Number of Messages Exchanged on Kakao Talk by its Users
Every Second11,500 messages
Every Minute694,000 messages
Every Hour41.6 million messages
Every Day1 billion messages
Every Month30 billion messages

Source: Sinch

How many Operating Systems does Kakao Talk support?

The Kakao Talk app is a cross-platform app that is compatible with and supports the following operating systems: iOS, macOS, Android, Bada,  BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Windows NT.

How many Kakao Talk downloads are there?

Kakao Talk has more than 100 million android downloads.

VersionNumber of Kakao Talk Downloads
Android100 million+ downloads
iOS5.1 million+ downloads

Source: Google Play, Apple Play

How does Kakao Talk make money? (Kakao Talk business model)

Kakao Talk made money by selling the platform's premium features, which bring in money through a number of different channels, including advertising, games, stickers, and online shopping.

Where is Kakao Talk available?

Kakao Talk is accessible and available everywhere, with the exception of some countries where the government has imposed restrictions on its citizens using instant messaging apps.

What is the market share of Kakao talk in the social media industry?

KakaoTalk dominates the South Korean messaging app market with a 97% share.

It's the go-to platform for businesses seeking to connect with South Korean consumers, thanks to its popularity and features such as voice and video calling.

Although other messaging channels like Line, Telegram, and WhatsApp exist in South Korea, they're not as popular as KakaoTalk. To reach a wider audience, businesses should prioritize KakaoTalk.

Source: Sinch

Where is the Kakao Talk Head Office located?

The parent company of Kakao Talk, Kakao Corp., has two offices in Korea, one each in Jeju-si and Seongnam-si.

Korea (Republic of)Jeju-si242 Cheomdan-ro (HQ)
Korea (Republic of)Seongnam-si166, Pangyoyeok-ro

Source: Craft

How many people work at Kakao Talk?

Kakao Talk is a subsidiary of Kakao Corp. As such, it does not make independent employment decisions but instead hires its employees through the parent company.

Therefore, the distinct number of Kakao Talk employees is not publicly disclosed. However, we can refer to the headcount of employees at Kakao Corp. to gain insight into the scale of its operations.

YearKakao Talk Employee Headcounts
202216,519 employees
202116,000 employees
202010,644 employees
20197,300 employees
20185,200 employees
20175,000 employees
20163,472 employees
20152,335 employees

source: Forbes, Owler,

Who owns Kakao Talk?

Kakao Corp. owns the messaging platform Kakao Talk. Kakao Corp. is one of Korea's most powerful business conglomerates.

The South Korean company Kakao, whose flagship messaging app is installed by 90% of the nation's smartphone users, was founded by Kim Beom-su.

About Kim Beom-su

Kim Beom-su is the founder of Kakao, the largest messaging app in South Korea, which is installed by 90% of the country's population.

In March 2022, he stepped down as chairman and left the board. Tens of millions of Kakao users use the app for gaming, shopping, and chatting. Kakao acquired Daum, the country's second-largest search engine, in an all-stock transaction worth $3.3 billion in 2014, resulting in a back-door listing.

The South Korean government classified Kakao as a large company the same year, making it the first tech startup to do so. Kim signed the Giving Pledge in 2021, pledging to donate the majority of his wealth to charitable causes.

Kim Beom-su's net worth history

YearNet Worth
2022$9.1 billion
2021$9.3 billion
2020$2.8 billion
2019$2.2 billion
2018$2.7 billion
2017$1.7 billion
2016$1.7 billion
2015$2.9 billion

Source: Forbes


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