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Everything you need (or want) to know about electronic signatures.
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eSign documents

Add your eSignature to documents, online, for free.

Upload your document in the box below: 100% free to start.

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Electronic Signature Maker

Create your electronic signature then download it: 100% free.

Once done, you're able to place it on any document you'd like.

Draw your eSignature with a mouse or trackpad — or simply type it in and use one of our beautiful, carefully-curated fonts.

What is an electronic signature generator?

An electronic signature generator or maker is an online tool through which you can create your very own electronic signature. Electronic signatures are then able to be used in 100% legally-binding documents.

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How to create your electronic signature: a guide

To create your electronic signature, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Online Signature Maker
  2. Choose where you want to type in or draw your signature
  3. If you're drawing your signature: draw it → select the width of the brush → select a colour → optionally, rotate it
  4. If you're typing your signature: type your name → select a color → select one of our carefully-curated fonts
  5. Once either step 3 or 4 is done, download your signature

And then that's it! Your electronic signature has been generated. You're free to use it to eSign documents from this moment onwards.

P.S: Wondering whether your signatures have to be in cursive?

How to electronically sign documents

To electronically sign documents, you'll need to:

  1. Go here to eSign documents
  2. Upload your document (or just use the box below 👇)
  3. Select signees — or leave that blank to only sign by yourself
  4. Place the signature blocks over the areas, in the document, where you need signatures
  5. Click "Review and finish"
  6. Double-check to make sure everything is ok → Download (if you're only signing by yourself) OR send the document, to your signees, for signatures

Everything about Electronic Signatures

What is an electronic signature?

According to the European Union's eIDAS Regulation, an electronic signature is defined as "data in electronic form which is attached to or logically associated with other data in electronic form and which is used by the signatory to sign."

Additionally, the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act (law from 2000) describes an electronic signature as "an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record."

Laws make it easy to use electronic signature in the modern age, and they're now 100% safe to use. As you can see above, the US officially adopted eSignatures all the way back in 2000.

In simple terms: An electronic signature is your physical signature that is transformed into a virtual, electronic signature next to your online documents.

An electronic signature is an element symbolising an individual's agreement of a contract's terms. This is the confirmation that somebody agrees to a contract's terms and conditions.

Electronic signatures are common nowadays because documents have been modernised, and so, the way of agreeing to these documents had to change as well.

Why should you use an electronic signature?

The most relevant reason to use electronic signature over we-ink signatures (physical) is that eSignatures help you sign documents from a distance.

No need to be there in person. In fact, electronic signatures make it easy for people in different places to sign the same document.

Besides, another good reason to use an electronic signature is that you're saving both yourself the time to travel just to sign a few papers, but also the Earth by not printing as much.

Electronic signature for online documets

Are electronic signatures legal?

Yes, electronic signatures are 100% legal and even more secure than wet ink signatures.

Security-wise, electronic signatures are better than the wet-ink signature alternative. Wet signatures can be faked or forged, but eSignatures come with multiple protection layers.

No need to take our word for it, as you can even look at the European Union's eSignature page, where you can observe how they also credit the eSignatures being legal.

Are electronic signatures admissible in court?

Yes. We guarantee that any eSignature made with us is going to be admissible in court.

There is no difference between a wet ink signature and its electronic version. Physical and online signatures have the same legal weight.

You can read more about our eSignature vs physical signature post and see how both of them work and why you should pick which.

Who uses eSignatures most commonly?

eSignatures are now used in lots of industries — from real estate to governmental purposes and more. There are a few interesting working domains/industries to check out and see that have adopted eSignatures:

Who uses electronic signatures?

Regarding government usage of eSignatures, right here you can see a PDF document related to the United Kingdom assisting individuals and businesses with eSignatures.

What is accepted as an electronic signature?

In order to make sure that your online signature is 100% secure and to authenticate it as yours, it's best that you sign using your full name or your own symbol.

Although, your electronic signature can be whatever you like: your name, a drawn signature, a tickbox etc. You get to choose what your eSignature looks like.

Can you electronically sign a document?

If you want to get an eSignature, you can use any online electronic signature making software, such as SignHouse, PandaDoc or DocuSign. You'll notice how most of them are also free.

At SignHouse, we're helping you create a reliable electronic signature and use it to sign all sorts of online documents. 

It's free, quick, and reliable.

How to add an electronic signature to a PDF file

  1. Upload your PDF document;
  2. Create your eSignature;
  3. Drag & Drop it on the PDF;
  4. Download the signed document.

If you're looking to sign an online document, that's most probably going to be a PDF. At SignHouse, we can help you electronically sign a PDF.

Electronically sign a PDF document

With our software, you just have to do upload your PDF document, select your signature and drop it anywhere on the document. Save changes & download the eSigned file.

How to add an eSignature to a Word document

To electronically sign a Word document, you first need to select the document that you wish to eSign, and then you simply need to drag and drop your signature on the file.

You can also do it in Microsoft Word, but the process is longer:

  1. Click where you want to sign;
  2. Select "Insert" (top bar);
  3. Choose "Signature Line";
  4. Create a signature or use one if you already have one;
  5. Click "OK" and put it on the document.
Add signature to Word document

How to add an electronic signature in Google Docs

Google Docs doesn't have an option for you to add your signature, but SignHouse has the solution for you.

If you have to eSign a Google Docs file, follow these steps:

  1. Upload your document to SignHouse;
  2. Select your signature (or create one if you don't have - it takes 10 seconds);
  3. Drag and drop your eSignature on the document.

How do I electronically sign a PDF on my iPhone?

Creating and adding your electronic signature to a PDF document on an Apple iPhone works just the same on any other device besides computers.

To sign a PDF on your iPhone, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Upload your PDF to SignHouse;
  2. Turn your signature into an electronic one (free, takes 10 seconds);
  3. Apply the eSignature on the PDF using your phone.

How can I electronically sign using my Android phone?

There is a way to sign documents using any device, including your Android-powered phone. At SignHouse, you just have to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Click the button to upload your PDF;
  2. Select your signature: use text, draw it, or upload a picture of it;
  3. Attach the signature to the document.
Add signature to document on Android

You can use the Android electronic signature maker for any phone, tablet, or other Android-made devices: Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Google Pixel and so on.

Can you sign a document on a tablet?

At SignHouse, you certainly can. As we always say, every device is welcome to creating and adding electronic signatures with out software.

Feel free to sign documents on your tablet: Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or any other brand & model:

  1. Upload the PDF from your tablet;
  2. Select your signature (or make it if you don't have one - it's free and easy);
  3. Apply the signature on the PDF.

The process is exactly the same as with desktop computers or mobile phones.

What is the best electronic signature scanner?

There are lots of different electronic signature softwares on the market: Apple Notes, SignHouse, Microsoft Word, DocuSign, SignEasy, PandaDoc and so on.

We made this ultimate signature scanner comparison post where you can see what every software has to offer.

SignHouse - Electronic Signature Maker

Each electronic signature maker has its own service to offer, and at the end of the day, it is up to you on which one you want to use.

You can also read this in-depth PandaDoc vs DocuSign vs SignHouse post where we made an honest comparison between these three eSignature tools.

Do electronic signatures make it easier?

Yes, it's easier to use an eSignature to sign an online contract rather than printing the file just to physically sign it and scan it.

Electronic signatures are also way more ecological than wet-ink signatures.

Stats for electronic signatures

Electronic signatures are the smarter and more ecological way to get work done. Our research indicates that:

  1. This type of signatures can save up to 50 hours per month — this is time that's better spent on other, more relevant work rather than on printing and physically signing;
  2. Almost 30% more likely to close deals compared to wet ink signatures — eSignatures are more practical and it's easier to sign a contract or agreement from a distance;
  3. Over 40% faster than paper — electronic signatures are more ecological and way faster than paper. No need to print and re-scan documents anymore.
Per month, saved
More likely to close
Faster than paper


Are your electronic signatures legal?

Our signatures are 100% legally binding, as SignHouse is built around US and International Laws concerning digital signatures. SignHouse eSignatures are on par with paper signatures, from a legal point of view!

Signing papers digitally started being equal to physical, handwritten signatures in the U.S. eSignature Act of 2000 (U.S. Federal Act) + the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA). As a consequence, laws in other countries have followed suit. SignHouse is built around these laws.

Can a signature be typed?

Your signature 100% works and is 100% legal if it's typed, if you're using an electronic signature software!

Why? It's validity is given by other factors: 

  • As per the eSignature (2000) and UETA (2000) Acts passed by the US Government, alongside other requirements (explained in-depth by us here), one of them is this: “Attribution. The signature has to be uniquely identified to the signee and only linked to them”
  • Using an electronic signature software such as SignHouse automatically handles that, as such apps easily attribute signatures with identifiable details (e.g. account information, location, IP, etc)
  • Another requirement for a digital signature to be valid: “Retention. The documents must be stored for future reference, available to be viewed, reviewed, edited, etc. by both parties”
  • SignHouse takes care of this aspect as well.

Therefore, typing your signature makes it valid, due to the aspects that an eSignature software handles for you.

How do digitize a handwritten signature?

Digitizing a handwritten signature means taking it from a "wet ink" signature to a digital one.

To digitize your handwritten signature in 5 easy steps:

  1. Put down your best signature paper.
  2. Open up our app: SignHouse.
  3. Configure a document that will be sent for signatures. NOTE: Make sure you add yourself as a signee!
  4. Upload the picture to use it as a signature.
  5. Use the controls and settings in there to customize your signature.

And voila! You've officially digitized a handwritten signature.