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Frequently asked questions

How do I create an online signature?

The most relevant way to make an online signature (for free too) is to open our designer and either draw your signature, use text, or upload a photo.

How can I make my handwritten signature online?

Turn your handwritten signature into an online signature by opening our free designer and using the brush tool to draw your signature. Alternatively, use text with handwriting font.

Can you just write your name as a signature online?

Yes, absolutely — it is 100% legally binding to write your name as the online signature.

Are online signatures valid?

Yes, online signatures are 100% valid in every region of the world, if they respect the country's laws regarding eSignatures. SignHouse makes sure that is the case with our eSignatures!

Are online signatures legally binding the UK?

Yes, our online signatures are 100% legally binding in the United Kingdom (UK).

What if I have more questions?

Then we're standing by to help. Contact us, and we'll do our best to help 🤗

More about online signatures

Online signatures, also known as electronic signatures, can help improve your workflow a lot. Nowadays, most documents are online as well.

Therefore, get ready to ditch paper (generally to print less) and design your online signature in seconds with our software.

With a SignHouse-made online signature, you and your team or clients can sign documents electronically, without having to bring everyone together.

Since you made it so far, here are some fun facts about online signatures.

Your personality based on your online signature

Did you know that signatures can suggest some facts about the signer?

You can get to know a bit of information about someone only by looking at their signature. Now that you've made your online signature, let's have some fun:

  • Legible signature: If your cursive signature is clear, it can suggest that you are a pretty confident and organized person;
  • Unclear signature: Messy signatures suggest the opposite of a legible one - they show that somebody may be disorganized;
  • Big signature: You most certainly have lots of confidence and trust in yourself;
  • Small signature: You're probably shier or more introverted, or you simply just like to be quiet at times;
  • Detailed signature: A fancy signature that shows more details than usual can show that you're more creative and expressive;
  • Simple signature: These always suggest minimalism and the idea that you're someone who's straightforward and likes to get work done quickly;
  • Straight-line signature: If your signature has a few straight lines, it can show that you're practical and rational;
  • Curve-line signature: A signature with curves suggests that you're an expressive personality that likes creativity (kind of like a the detailed one).

Those are some of the most popular 'categories' for online signatures that suggest different types of personalities and characteristics of signers.

Do you find yourself in any of these categories?

Maybe your online signature shows more of these personality types — in the end, we're humans and we can't always fall into just one category (or personality trait).

As you may have seen above, popular figures always have different signatures. Some of them are just their initials, and others are their full names.

Wondering if a signature has to be your full name? We've answered that.

The short answer is: no, it doesn't have to be. You can choose whatever you want to represent your name for both your physical and online signatures.

Lastly, let's answer one of the most popular questions on the topic of eSignatures.

Are online signatures legally binding?

Yes, our online signatures are 100% legally binding in all countries. Here's a list of some countries where our eSignatures are valid:

  • United Kingdom;
  • Ireland;
  • United States;
  • Australia;
  • Canada;
  • New Zealand;
  • Singapore;
  • India.

In case you're wondering, online signatures have the same power as physical ones.

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