Klarna Revenue and Growth Statistics (2023)

Key Klarna user stats. Includes data on revenue, investments, valuation, number of employees, number of users, and more.
Klarna Revenue and Growth Statistics (2023)
Last updated on:
April 23, 2023
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Klarna Interesting Key Facts

  • In 2005, Klarna was founded by Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Niklas Adalberth, and Victor Jacobsson.
  • Klarna was started through the help of an angel investor, Jane Walerud.
  • The company was named Kreditor Europe AB when it was first founded.
  • In 2009, Kreditor was rebranded as Klarna.
  • In the UK, Klarna was heavily criticized in the post payment sector as a company that encourages people to get themselves into large debts
  • In February 2021, the UK government started to regulate the post payment sector through UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.
  • In 2013, Niklas Adalberth stated that one of the company’s revenues comes from the reminders that they send to their consumers as well as legal fees for debt collection. He believed that the best customers for the company were people who didn’t pay their debts directly.
  • In Sweden, a large number of consumers complained about being charged with reminder fees in 2014. The company was also accused of threatening the consumers should they refuse to settle the debts.
  • In February 2020, Der Spiegel, a German news website, reported that Klarna’s consumer information are exposed and unsafe because of the autofill feature in the website. People can just extract their consumers’ information such as phone numbers, home addresses, postal addresses, date of birth, and so on.
  • In Germany, Klarna cannot demand a flat rate of €1.20 for reminder fees through email. This was ruled by the Discrict Court of Bremerhaven in 2022.
  • Identity theft and fraud were committed by using Klarna. A number of their consumers were victims of such crimes.
  • In March 2022, Klarna was fined by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection with KR7.5 million or $762.90 million for its inadequacies in handling their consumers’ private data.

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Klarna: Company Overview (About)

Klarna is a Buy Now Pay Later company that provides online financial services for online purchases in their platform where partner merchants showcase their products.

Key statKey Info
Founders:Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Niklas Adalberth, Victor Jacobsson
Based inStockholm, Sweden
Area ServedAustralia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Greece, Czech Republic
Key PeopleSebastian Siemiatkowski, Michael Moritz
Valuation$6.7 billion (2022)
Revenue$1.4 billion (Q3 of 2022)
Total Assets$11.33 billion (Q3 of 2022)
Total Equity$1.11 billion (Q3 of 2022)
Number of employees6,000 (per Linkedin)

Sources: Linkedin

What is Sebastian Siemiatkowski’s net worth?

Sebastian Siemiatkowski has a networth of $3.2 billion in 2022 according to Forbes, it is a slight increase of $1 billion from his net worth in 2021.

Graphic about Klarna Founder net worth
YearNet Worth
2021$2.2 billion
2022$3.2 billion

Source: Forbes

What is Klarna’s Revenue (USD)?

Data below shows us Klarna’s revenue in USD currency that is calculated with the last exchange rate of each specific fiscal year.

Graph about Klarna's Revenue
YearRevenue (USD)Y/Y Change
2011$108.93 million
2012$179.92 million65.17% increase
2013$244.25 million35.75% increase
2014$253.68 million3.86% increase
2015$305.56 million20.45% increase
2016$360.41 million17.95% increase
2017$544.93 million51.20% increase
2018$610.06 million11.96% increase
2019$763.24 million25.11% increase
2020$1.21 billion58.53% increase
2021$1.52 billion25.62% increase

Sources: Klarna

What is Klarna’s Revenue (SEK)?

Data below shows us Klarna’s revenue in SEK currency. They had a revenue of SEK13.75 billion in 2021, an increase of 37.50% in year-over-year growth.

YearRevenue (SEK)Y/Y Change
2011SEK750.28 million
2012SEK1.17 billion55.94% increase
2013SEK1.57 billion34.19% increase
2014SEK1.98 billion26.11% increase
2015SEK2.58 billion30.30% increase
2016SEK3.28 billion27.13% increase
2017SEK4.46 billion35.98% increase
2018SEK5.45 billion22.20% increase
2019SEK7.15 billion31.19% increase
2020SEK10.00 billion39.86% increase
2021SEK13.75 billion37.50% increase

Sources: Klarna

Klarna Profit (USD)

Klarna had a profit of -$826.92 million in 2022 with a decrease of 453.61% in year-over-year growth.

YearProfitY/Y Change
2011$7.85 million
2012$3.54 million-54.91% decrease
2013$8.31 million134.75% increase
2014$10.99 million32.25% increase
2015$15.11 milion37.49% increase
2016$13.25 million-12.31% decrease
2017$40.33 million204.38% increase
2018$12.1 million-70.00% decrease
2019-$95.42 million-888.60% decrease
2020-$149.37 million-56.54% decrease
2021-$826.92 million-453.61% decrease

Source: Klarna

Klarna Profit (SEK)

In 2021, Klarn's profit was of -SEK 7.09 billion.

YearProfitY/Y Change
2011SEK 50.95 million
2012SEK 23.97 million-52.94% decrease
2013SEK 54.13 million125.78% increase
2014SEK 75.42 million39.36% increase
2015SEK 127.41 million68.93% increase
2016SEK 113.42 million-10.98% decrease
2017SEK 345.61 million204.72% increase
2018SEK 105.22 million-69.56% decrease
2019-SEK 902.35 million-957.58% decrease
2020-SEK1.38 billion-52.93% decrease
2021-SEK 7.09 billion-413.77% decrease

Source: Klarna

Klarna Funding History

In over 29 funding rounds, Klarna has raised a total of $4.5 billion. Their latest was named Venture - Series Unknown that raised $800 million.

Announced DateTransaction NameNumber of InvestorsMoney RaisedLead Investors
Jul 11, 2022Venture Round - Klarna10$80 million
Dec 23, 2021Venture Round - Klarna1SEK15 million
Dec 10, 2021Secondary Market - Klarna2£6.6 millionCrowdcube
Jul 20, 2021Secondary Market - Klarna1$6 millionArctic Venture
Jun 10, 2021Venture Round - Klarna7$639 millionSoftBank Vision Fund
May 1, 2021Secondary Market - Klarna1
Mar 20, 2021Secondary Market - Klarna1$8.2 millionMindrock Capital
Mar 1, 2021Venture Round - Klarna19$1 billion
Oct 6, 2020Corporate Round - Klarna1Macy's
Oct 6, 2020Private Equity Round - Klarna10$650 millionSilver Lake

Source: Crunchbase

Klarna Investments

Klarna’s most recent investment was on October 25, 2021

Announced DateOrganization NameLead InvestorFunding RoundMoney Raised
Oct 25, 2021BillieSeries C - Billie€86.2 million
Oct 12, 2021VioletYesSeries A - Violet$10 million
Jul 11, 2019BorgoVenture Round - Borgo$1.3 million
Nov 2, 2015WrappYesVenture Round - Wrapp
Aug 6, 2015WrappNoFunding Round - WrappSEK25 million

Source: Crunchbase

Valuation: How much is Klarna worth?

Klarna has a valuation of $6.7 billion from their most recent funding last July 2022. The company’s worth falls 85% off from the mountain’s peak of $45.6 billion in 2021. Michael Mortiz stated that this fall is due to “investors suddenly voting in the opposite manner to the way they voted for the past few years”.

Graph about Klarna's Valuation
Aug 1, 2015$2.5 billion
Aug 1, 2019$5.5 billion
Sep 1, 2020$10.6 billion
Mar 1, 2021$31.0 billion
Jul 1, 2021$45.6 billion
Jul 2022$6.7 billion

Source: TechCrunch 1, TechCrunch 2, Sifted

Who invested in Klarna?

Klarna has a total of 70 investors, 18 of which are lead investors. Sequoia Capital and Canada Pension Plant Investment are the most recent investors. Let’s take a quick look on their most recent investors as of December 2022.

Investor NameFunding RoundPartners
Canada Pension Plan Investment BoardVenture Round - Klarna
Sequoia CapitalVenture Round - KlarnaMichael Moritz
Sebastian SiemiatkowskiVenture Round - Klarna
Silver LakeVenture Round - KlarnaEgon Durban
MubadalaVenture Round - KlarnaIbrahim Ajami
Niklas AdalberthVenture Round - Klarna
Bestseller GroupVenture Round - Klarna
Vika VenturesVenture Round - Klarna
Victor JacobssonVenture Round - Klarna
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaVenture Round - KlarnaMatt Comyn

Source: Crunchbase

What is Klarna’s market share in the global BNPL industry?

In November 2021, CNBC reported that Klarna has a market share of 18% in the BNPL industry in the U.S. alone based on total revenue, trailing behind Affirm and Afterpay.

Graph about Klarna Market share in Global Buy NowPay Later Industry
CompanyMarket Share (2021)

As of October 2022, Klarna is currently the leading company in the BNPL industry with a market share of 44.5% based on the total number of downloads, an increase of 26.5% in less than a year.

CompanyMarket Share (2022)

Source: CNBC, Payments Dive

How does Klarna work?

Klarna is a buy now pay later processing company. Consumers or shoppers can purchase products in their website that are being sold by merchants, usually these products are offered for a discount to entice the consumers more. The wonder idea of this company is that consumers can buy products now and then pay the amount of the order value in a much later date with zero interest. The US website offers three products:

  • Pay in 30 Days
  • Pay in 4 Installments
  • Financing

Meanwhile, their UK website offers only two products:

  • Pay in 30 Days
  • Pay in 3 Installments

Source: Klarna

How does Klarna make money?

Klarna has three plans, Pay in 30 Days, Pay in 4 Installments, and Financing in the US. For their Pay in 30 Days, and Pay in 4 Installments, the company makes their money by charging retailer’s fee. Every time a consumer shop, retailers pay a fee to Klarna. For US clients, the flat fee is fixed on $0.30 and a variable percentage fee between 3.29% to 5.99%. For UK clients, the retailer fee is 30p and 3.4% of the order value.

It should also be noted that in the UK, Klarna has only two plans presented in their website: Pay in 30 days and Pay in 3 Installments.

Meanwhile, the Financing option is ideally for larger purchases such as furniture and technology. This option helps consumers spread the cost of their purchase from 6 to 36 months through transparent credit card options in partnership with WebBank.

Infographic about How does Klarna make money

Source: Klarna

What happens if your payment is late on Klarna?

If a consumer fails to pay on the scheduled date, Klarna will try again to collect the payment. If the second try still fails then the missed payment will be added to the amount of the next payment. For US consumers, they will have to pay late payment fees for “Pay for 4 Installments”.

Klarna does not charge interest for both Pay in 30 days products and instalment products. However, their Financing product is akin to credit card loans wherein consumers receive financing from WebBanking to help spread the cost of the purchase.

Source: Klarna

What are the late fees for “Pay for 4 Installments”?

If consumers couldn’t pay on time, they incur late fees according to the value of their purchases. Consumers that has purchases below $25.00 will not incur late fees. Below is a more structure look on Klarna’s late fees for “Pay for 4 Installments”.

Total Order ValueFee per late repaymentMaximum late fee per order
up to $24.99$0$0
$25 to $24.99$2$6
$60 to $ 59.99$4$12
$100 to $199.99$6$18

Source: Klarna

What is Klarna’s GMV (gross merchandise volume)?

Klarna had a gross merchandise volume of $80 billion in 2021, a 50.94% increase in YoY growth.

Graphic about Klarna GMV
YearGMVY/Y Change
2018$26.51 billion
2019$35 billion35.71% increase
2020$53 billion178.95% increase
2021$80 billion50.94% increase

Source: Klarna

How many merchants does Klarna have?

As of 2022, Klarna is in partnership with 450,000 merchants in their website. A marketplace that has large merchant base such as this will give consumers the most varied options they can choose from. A lot of these merchants offer discounts on their products for as high as 60%.

Graphic about Klarna number of Merchants
YearNumber of MerchantsY/Y Change
201789,00041.27% increase
2018103,49816.29% increase
2019200,00093.24% increase
2020250,00025.00% increase
2021400,00060.00% increase
2022450,00012.50% increase

Source: Klarna

How many people work at Klarna?

As of 2022, Klarna has 6,000 employees, an addition of over 1,300 employees since 2021.

Graphic about Klarna Employee count
YearNumber of EmployeesY/Y Change
201267256.64% increase
201377815.77% increase
20141,01730.72% increase
20151,0745.60% increase
20161,24415.83% increase
20171,38010.93% increase
20181,71324.13% increase
20192,24831.23% increase
20203,23844.04% increase
20214,78947.90% increase
2022~6,00025.29% increase

Source: Klarna, Linkedin

How many people use Klarna?

In 2022, there are 150 million consumers using Klarna, that’s ten times in just 6 years.

Graphic about Klarna number of consumers
YearNumber of ConsumersY/Y Change
201615 million
201734 million126.67% increase
201860 million76.47% increase
201985 million41.67% increase
202087 million2.35% increase
2021147 million68.97% increase
2022150 million2.04% increase

Source: Klarna, CNN

Klarna Users Gender Distribution

More females are visits Klarna according to the data below. This is only an estimation based the web traffic coming in and out of Klarna.

Graphic about Klarna usersgender distribution

Source: Similarweb

Klarna Users Age Distribution

Klarna is very popular on people aged 25 to 34 with 26.86% of the traffic coming from this age bracket. This data is only an estimation based on the web traffic coming in and out of Klarna.

Graphic about Klarna users age distribution
Age BracketPercentage

Source: Similarweb

Where is Klarna available (in which countries)?

As of 2022, Klarna is available in these countries:

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Great Britain
  • the USA
  • France
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Australia

Source: Klarna

How many shopping categories does Klarna have?

There are 18 shopping categories on Klarna with multiple subcategories each. Klarna’s shopping categories are:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Toys & Hobbies
  • Home & Appliances
  • TV & Audio
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Computers & Tablets
  • Home Improvement
  • Photography
  • Video Games
  • Phones & Smartwatches
  • Kids & Family
  • Automotive
  • Garden & Patio
  • Small Home Appliances
  • Home Appliances
  • Books, Movies, & Music
  • Office Equipment

Source: Klarna

What are the most popular items on Klarna?

Klarna reported that ‘nostalgia’ served as the key shopping theme in 2022. Consumers bought products that reminded them of a more ‘carefree time’. Below is the list of the most popular items in 2022 per subcategory. This data will also shows us the year-over-year growth of per item on the same period from prior year.

The most popular items in terms of subcategories are:

  • Vintage Tech
  • Hyperfemininity
  • Y2K
  • Counterculture
  • Regencycore

Source: Klarna

Most popular items on Vintage Tech subcategory

For Vintage Tech, Boombox was the most popular item on Klarna.

Vintage Tech  
RankItemY/Y Change
1Wired headphones317% in Feb
2Vinyl144 % in Aug
3Basic phone/feature phone81 % in Feb
4Flip Phones81% in Aug
5Turntable69% in Sep

Source: Klarna

Most popular items on Hyperfemininity subcategory

For Hyperfemininity, the most popular product was products with pink garment.

RankItemY/Y Change
#1The Pink Garment (eg. Pink cargo pants)126% Aug
#2Jellis98% in June
#3Ballet Flats93% in May
#4Micro Skirt76% in Sep
#5Nail Diamonds55% in June

Source: Klarna

Most popular items on Y2K subcategory

Velor tracksuit was popular for Klarna consumers in 2022. It’s sales grew by +134% from January 2021. Army trousers were also trending on the platform.

RankItemY/Y Change
#1Velour Tracksuit134% in Jan
#2Army Trousers113 % in Aug
#3Lips Gloss83% in June
#4Racer Sunglasses68% in Aug
#5Claw Clip57% in June

Source: Klarna

Most popular items on Counterculture subcategory

Skateboards were popular in 2022 with a growth of +143% in the same period from 2021.

RankItemY/Y Change
#1Skateboard143 % in Aug
#2Maxi Skirt84 % in July
#3Chunky Boots57 % in Sep
#4Eyeliner44 % in Aug
#5Sheer Top44 % in Aug

Source: Klarna

Most popular items on Regencycore subcategory

Consumers in Klarna bought more Corsets in 2022 with +117% growth in the same period from 2021. Opera gloves were also popular in 2022.

RankItemY/Y Change
#1Corset117% in Aug
#2Opera Gloves56% in Sep
#3Pearl Earrings50% in Feb
#4Pearl Necklaces32% in Feb
#5Feather Headbands25 % in Sep

Source: Klarna

Which countries is Klarna most popular in?

Graphic about top countries using klarna
United States21.55%
United Kingdom11.30%

Source: Similarweb

Which countries visit Klarna the most?

Klarna is most popular in Germany with 28.65% of the traffic coming from the country. It is also very interesting to see that United States hold the second spot with 21.55%. Klarna was launched in the U.S.A. in 2015. This data is an estimation based on Klarna’s web traffic.

United States21.55%
United Kingdom11.30%

Source: Similarweb

How much time do people spend on Klarna?

People spend 02:37 visiting Klarna’s website. Additionally, people spend around 8 minutes browsing and shopping on Klarna’s mobile app.

Sources: Similar Web, HypeStat

Infographic about average time Klarna users spent

Klarna Mobile App: Android vs iOS

Klarna mobile app has been downloaded 45 million times in 2022. The data below shows us that Klarna has been downloaded more than 10 million times in Google Play. With this, we can assume that the rest were downloaded through the Apple Store.

These are the key stats and key info on Klarna mobile app on Android as of December 2022:

Key StatKey Info
Launch DateNovember 01, 2018
Total Downloads10 million plus
Rating Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars
Total Review Votes501,249

These are the key stats and key info on Klarna mobile app on iOS as of December 2022:

Key StatKey Info
Launch DateJune 22, 2016
Total Downloads30 million
Rating Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars
Total Review Votes‎817,852

Sources: Google Play, Apple Store

Klarna Financials

This section provides us an insight to Klarna’s operating income, total assets, and total equity through the years. In 2022, Klarna considered going public but has yet follow through as of the time of this writing.

Source: Forbes

Klarna Operating Income

Klarna has an operating income of -SEK6.58 in 2021, a huge decrease of -303.68% from 2021.

YearOperating IncomeY/Y Change
2011SEK68.43 million
2012SEK31.64 million-53.76% decrease
2013SEK66.81 million111.16% increase
2014SEK101.44 million51.83% increase
2015SEK170.13 million67.71% increase
2016SEK168.30 million-1.08% decrease
2017SEK523.99 million211.34% increase
2018SEK160.91 million-69.29% decrease
2,019-SEK1.09 billion-777.40% decrease
2020-SEK1.63 billion-49.54% decrease
2021-SEK6.58 billion-303.68% decrease

Source: Klarna

Klarna Total Assets

Klarna has a total asset of SEK105.12 billion at the end of 2021 with an increase of 70.10% from 2021. Their asset also increased by SEK102 billion in 10 years.

YearTotal AssetsY/Y Change
2011SEK2.91 billion
2012SEK3.63 billion24.74% increase
2013SEK4.62 billion27.27% increase
2014SEK7.20 billion55.84% increase
2015SEK8.76 billion21.67% increase
2,016SEK12.08 billion37.90% increase
2017SEK18.99 billion57.20% increase
2018SEK27.86 billion46.71% increase
2019SEK39.87 billion43.11% increase
2020SEK61.80 billion55.00% increase
2021SEK105.12 billion70.10% increase

Source: Klarna

Klarna Total Equity

Klarna has a total equity of SEK18.44 billion in 2021, triple of what they had in 2020.

YearTotal EquityY/Y Change
2011SEK547.56 million
2012SEK776.77 million41.86% increase
2013SEK832.18 million7.13% increase
2014SEK2.00 billion140.33% increase
2015SEK2.46 billion23.00% increase
2016SEK2.62 billion6.50% increase
2017SEK4.03 billion53.82% increase
2018SEK4.14 billion2.73% increase
2019SEK5.30 billion28.02% increase
2020SEK6.32 billion19.25% increase
2021SEK18.44 billion191.77% increase

Source: Klarna

Klarna Website Traffic Analysis Overview

Key StatKey Info
Daily Unique Visitors669,496
Monthly Visits20,285,729
Pages per Visitor2.92
Daily Pageviews1,954,929
Monthly Visits (SEMrush)40,942,260
Monthly Unique Visitors (SEMrush)27,890,438
Monthly Visits (SimilarWeb)20,084,892
Alexa Rank2,505
Alexa Reach0.0216% (of global internet users)
Bounce rate57.76%

Source: HypeStat

Klarna Website Traffic Sources

Direct sources to klarna.com are responsible for 76.37% of the web traffic.

Graphic about Klarna Website Traffic Sources
Direct Sources76.37%
Referral Sources17.36%
Search Sources5.94%
Social Sources0.05%
Paid Sources0.28%

Source: HypeStat

Klarna Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

86.08% of people who are either interested on Klarna or already consumers of the app, interact with Klarna through their mobile devices.

  • 13.92% of the users visit Klarna through desktop devices
  • 86.08% of the users visit Klarna through mobile devices
Graphic about Klarna Traffic Source: Desktop vs Mobile

Source: hypestat


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