Most Popular Mobile Apps Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

Key Most Popular Mobile Apps user stats. Includes data on the number of active users, revenue, and more.
Most Popular Mobile Apps Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Amazing facts about the Most Popular Mobile Apps

  • App downloads have increased from 140.68 billion in 2016 to 255 billion in 2022.
  • Google Play Store has almost 14 million Android apps as of 2022.
  • In 2022, the Apple App Store had 7.9 million apps available for download.
  • In 2022, the Microsoft Store had over 44,000 gaming apps, the largest number of available apps.
  • Global mobile app revenue has been steadily increasing, from $258 billion in 2019 to $346 billion in 2022.

Most Popular Mobile App Usage at a Glance

Mobile apps are software designed for wireless mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, with specific functionalities for each device.

According to a global survey, users primarily use mobile devices for communication and entertainment.

App stores such as the Google Play store for Android, the Apple App Store for iOS, or third-party providers like the Amazon Appstore offer a selection of apps.

Google Play generates the largest amount of app downloads, while the Apple App Store dominates the market in terms of revenue. BeReal, a social media and photo-sharing app, has become increasingly popular in 2022.

After Facebook's rebranding, mobile apps in several popular categories have added the keyword "metaverse" to their titles or descriptions. Mobile-first platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok have made ample usage of their incorporated augmented reality (AR) features, managing to attract a large number of users in the process.

Most Popular Mobile Apps Overview by Number of Downloads

Mobile apps have become essential for entertainment, communication, and productivity.

The number of app downloads has increased globally, reaching 255 billion in 2022. Games had the highest downloads at 130.6 billion, followed by Photo & Video and other segments.

Social media apps are still the most popular, but there could be other factors affecting usage rates. BeReal, TikTok, and X-HERO were the most downloaded iPhone apps worldwide in 2022, with a significant presence of social media and entertainment apps in the top 10.

Popular Mobile App downloads (Worldwide)

Mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives.

People around the world use apps for entertainment, communication, and productivity.

According to recent data, the number of app downloads has been steadily increasing from 140.68 billion in 2016 to 255 billion in 2022.

YearNumber of App Downloads
2022255 billion downloads
2021230 billion downloads
2020218 billion downloads
2019204 billion downloads
2018192.45 billion downloads
2017166 billion downloads
2016140.68 billion downloads

Source: Statista

Popular Mobile App Downloads by Segment

As shown in the table below, Popular Mobile App downloads by Segment reached a staggering 130.6 billion downloads in games, 26.4 billion downloads in Photo & Video, and 18.2 billion downloads in other segments by the end of 2022.

YearGamesPhoto & VideoUtilitiesEntertainmentSocial NetworkingMusicProductivityEducationLifestyleBusinessHealth & FitnessBooks & ReferenceFinanceFood & DrinkTravelSportsNews & MagazinesShoppingWeatherNavigationMedical
2022130.613 billion26.398 billion18.18 billion12.209 billion11.191 billion8.068 billion7.617 billion4.5 billion4.911 billion3.634 billion3.764 billion2.596 billion2.656 billion2.441 billion2.308 billion2.034 billion1.206 billion1.125 billion734.1 million682 million305.4 million
2021116.044 billion23.369 billion17.109 billion11.188 billion10.289 billion7.404 billion6.809 billion4.268 billion4.342 billion2.981 billion3.2 billion2.18 billion2.289 billion2.01 billion1.883 billion1.731 billion1.02 billion957 million634.3 million596 million265 million
202098.164 billion19.604 billion16.027 billion10.017 billion9.263 billion6.65 billion5.828 billion3.337 billion3.636 billion2.138 billion2.493 billion1.648 billion1.833 billion1.432 billion1.320 billion1.33 billion779.2 million755 million509.8 million490 million213 million
201974.237 billion14 billion13.702 billion8.063 billion7.279 billion5.368 billion4.324 billion2.181 billion3.077 billion1.142 billion1.633 billion995 million1.208 billion803 million951.2 million859.2 million492 million530.5 million368 million369.4 million149 million
201864.963 billion11.484 billion12.84 billion7.186 billion6.294 billion4.9 billion3.76 billion1.810 billion2.668 billion835.4 million1.347 billion78 million936 million669 million681.4 million708.2 million383 million350.5 million335.4 million327.3 million141.3 million
201756.916 billion9.78 billion11.249 billion6.096 billion5.227 billion4.378 billion3.282 billion1.479 billion2.332 billion699.1 million1.017 billion770 million797 million554.2 million525 million583 million340.2 million292 million360 million374 million125 million

Source: Statista

Popular Mobile App Downloads: Apple App Store vs. Google Play

The number of app downloads has increased for both platforms over the years. In 2022, a total of 35.6 billion apps were downloaded across both platforms.

YearApple App StoreGoogle Play
202232.2 billion downloads109.9 billion downloads
202132.1 billion downloads111.6 billion downloads
202034.4 billion downloads108.6 billion downloads
201930.6 billion downloads84.7 billion downloads
201829.8 billion downloads75.5 billion downloads
201727.8 billion downloads66.7 billion downloads
201613.1 billion downloads29.2 billion downloads

Source: Statista

Most Downloaded Apps on Google Play Store in 2022 (Android)

Recent data shows that social media apps are still highly popular and the most downloaded Android apps worldwide in 2022.

However, there may be other factors that affect usage rates, such as age or geographic location. The dominance of social media apps in the Google Play Store could be due to pre-installation on Android devices, skewing download numbers.

Despite this, social media apps remain important in our daily lives, connecting people globally.

RankAppNumber of Downloads
1TikTok23.96 million downloads
2Instagram21.17 million downloads
3WhatsApp Messenger20.72 million downloads
4Stumble Guys17.51 million downloads
5Snapchat15.27 million downloads
6Stick War: Hero Tower Defense15.07 million downloads
7Facebook14.22 million downloads
8Amazon Shopping13.69 million downloads
9WhatsApp Business12.87 million downloads
10CapCut - Video Editor12.38 million downloads

Source: Statista

Most Downloaded Apps On Apple App Store In 2022 (iOS)

In 2022, BeReal became the most downloaded iPhone app worldwide, followed by TikTok and X-HERO.

This report displays the top 10 iPhone apps in the Apple App Store, based on the number of downloads in 2022.

The leading iPhone apps of 2022, ranked by the number of downloads, reveal a significant presence of social media and entertainment apps.

RankAppNumber of Downloads
1BeReal. Your friends for real.13.89 million downloads
2TikTok - Videos, Music & LIVE7.51 million downloads
3X-HERO7.18 million downloads
4WhatsApp Messenger6.96 million downloads
5Survivor!.io4.64 million downloads
6Telegram Messenger4 million downloads
7Facebook3.99 million downloads
8Amazon Prime Video3.68 million downloads
9Messenger3.57 million downloads
10Subway Surfers3.49 million downloads

Source: Statista

Overview of Most Popular Mobile App Stores

Number of Android Apps on Google Play Store

As of 2022, the Google Play Store offers nearly 14 million Android apps.

The Google Play Store has been the primary platform for Android mobile apps, offering a wide variety of applications for users.

This consistent growth in the number of available apps is evidence of the thriving mobile app development industry, with developers consistently producing apps that meet the needs of Android users.

YearNumber of available apps on Google Play
202213,812,089 apps
202116,244,515 apps
202011,279,146 apps
20199,502,344 apps
201810,913,924 apps
201713,156,229 apps
201610,426,938 apps
20157,099,044 apps

Source: Statista

Number of Apps on Apple App Store

As of 2022, there are 7.9 million apps available for download on the Apple App Store.

It's amazing to think about how many different apps are available on the App Store for almost any purpose imaginable. From games and entertainment to productivity and education, there is something for everyone on the App Store, and the possibilities are endless.

With so many options available, users are bound to find something that perfectly suits their needs and interests.

YearNumber of available apps on Apple App Store
20227,916,371 apps
20217,935,078 apps
20207,731,341 apps
20197,350,814 apps
20187,923,565 apps
20178,373,563 apps
20168,380,438 apps
20156,249,370 apps

Source: Statista

Number of Apps on the Amazon App Store

Currently, there are nearly 2 million apps available on the Amazon App Store as of 2022.

This displays the continuous growth of the platform and its commitment to providing its users with the latest and most innovative application options available in the market.

YearNumber of available apps on Amazon App Store
20221,919,208 apps
20211,864,932 apps
20201,857,420 apps
20191,931,481 apps
20181,788,849 apps
20171,512,530 apps
20161,512,278 apps
20151,387,204 apps

Source: Statista

Number of Apps on the Microsoft Store

As of 2022, the Microsoft Store had the largest number of available apps, with gaming apps being the most popular with over 44,000 titles.

Utilities and tools followed with around 10,000 apps, while personalization had the fewest mobile titles, with only 192 apps available.

The table below displays the number of apps available in each category on the Microsoft Store as of 2022.

YearNumber of apps
Games44,275 apps
Utilities & tools10,151 apps
Entertainment9,064 apps
Education8,161 apps
Business5,985 apps
Books & Reference5,804 apps
News & weather3,946 apps
Productivity3,876 apps
Lifestyle3,812 apps
Travel3,629 apps
Health & Fitness3,418 apps
Photo & video3,348 apps
Personal Finance2,565 apps
Social2,055 apps
Shopping1,886 apps
Food & Dining1,872 apps
Kids & Family1,768 apps
Navigation & maps1,307 apps
no data1,062 apps
Developer tools655 apps
Government & politics575 apps
Medical571 apps
Security483 apps
Multimedia design296 apps
Personalization192 apps

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps Overview by Revenue

In 2022, the revenue from global mobile apps was $346 billion. In 2021, it was $332 billion. In 2020, it was $318 billion, and in 2019, it was $258 billion.

The mobile games segment generated the highest revenue at more than $200 billion, followed by social networking mobile apps at around $31 billion.

According to a report, most popular mobile app revenue segments are expected to continue to grow over the next few years, with overall revenue projected to reach around $613 billion by 2025.

YearTotal Revenue
2022$346 billion
2021$332 billion
2020$318 billion
2019$258 billion

Worldwide Revenue by Mobile Apps by Segment

Based on current estimates, global mobile app revenue for 2022 is projected to be approximately $346 billion. The mobile games segment is expected to lead with the highest revenue of nearly $300 billion, followed by social networking apps generating approximately $46 billion.

YearGamesSocial NetworkingEntertainmentPhoto & VideoLifestyleMusicProductivityBooks & ReferenceEducationHealth & FitnessUtilitiesSportsBusinessNews & MagazinesNavigationFinanceShoppingFood & DrinkWeatherMedicalTravel
2022$296 million$46.4 million$31.6 million$19 million$11.5 million$11.3 million$10 million$8.9 million$7.6 million$7.7 million$5.2 million$4 million$3 million$1.4 million$1.2 million$1 million$1 million$1 million$825,000$465,000$364,000
2021$252 million$39.6 million$27 million$16 million$10 million$10 million$8.7 million$7.3 million$6.4 million$6.6 million$4.6 million$3.5 million$2.5 million$1.2 million$994,000$945,000$821,000$858,000$708,000$382,000$296,000
2020$200 million$31.4 million$21.5 million$12.5 million$8.3 million$8.5 million$7.2 million$5.4 million$5 million$5.3 million$3.9 million$2.9 million$1.8 million$923,000$777,000$764,000$602,000$664,000$566,000$283,000$214,000
2019$167 million$21.8 million$15 million$8.4 million$8.8 million$8 million$5.5 million$3.3 million$3.6 million$3.8 million$3.1 million$2.5 million$1 million$696,000$557,000$563,000$359,000$448,000$420,000$226,000$245,000
2018$140 million$19.7 million$14 million$5.6 million$8.3 million$7.7 million$4.9 million$2.7 million$2.9 million$3 million$2.7 million$2 million$878,000$572,000$483,000$537,000$284,000$381,000$396,000$203,000$203,000
2017$117 million$16.7 million$10.6 million$3.9 million$6 million$6.2 million$3.7 million$2.3 million$2.2 million$2 million$2.3 million$1.5 million$637,000$480,000$465,000$457,000$203,000$328,000$282,000$211,000$186,000

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps revenue by app version

Tinder and Coin Master were the highest earners among mobile apps worldwide, with TikTok ranking high in both app stores. Gaming apps were the majority of the top grossing apps, showing their continued popularity.

  • Most Popular Mobile Apps Revenue for iOS
Most Popular iOS AppsRevenue
Tinder$37.6 million
TikTok$35 million
Honor of Kings$24 million
Candy Crush Saga$21 million
Puzzle & Dragons$20 million
Disney+$19 million
Game for Peace$17.9 million
Genshin Impact$17 million
Monster Strike$16 million
Tencent Video$15 million
  • Most Popular Mobile Apps Revenue for Android
Most Popular Android AppsRevenue
Coin Master$48 million
TikTok$40.1 million
Candy Crush Saga$38.7 million
Roblox$18.3 million
Royal Match$12.4 million
Garena Free Fire: 5th Anniv.$12 million
Pokémon GO$11.2 million
Tinder$10.6 million
Evony: The King's Return$10.4 million
PUBG MOBILE$10 million

Source: Statista 1, Statista 2

Overview of Most Popular Mobile Apps by users’ spending

The gross consumer mobile app spending has decreased from the previous year and is gradually normalizing. Although app usage and engagement surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, spending trends are returning to pre-pandemic levels. However, there is still potential for further impact on user spending behavior, as several key global markets face a possible recession.

YearUser Spending
2022$167 billion
2021$170 billion
2020$143 billion
2019$120 billion
2018$101 billion
2017$82.1 billion
2016$57.7 billion

Source: Statista

Overview of Most Popular Mobile Apps by users engagement and activity

Overview of Most Popular Mobile Apps by users activity

The majority of smartphone users reported using their devices for messaging and emailing.

Listening to music and accessing online banking were also popular activities, while watching videos was also common.

User ActionsUsage
Chatting or sending messages76%
Listening to music61%
Online banking61%
Watching videos61%
Searching for products57%
Buying products56%
Uploading videos or photos56%
Reading news pages54%
Making internet calls49%
Using online map / navigation services46%
Watching movies / series44%
Comparing prices42%
Video gaming / online gaming39%
Visiting special deal pages38%
Reading blogs29%
Listening to Internet radio27%
Watching live TV25%
Job search24%
Listening to podcasts24%
Visiting traveling pages24%
Writing comments in forums23%
Selling products21%
Writing customer reviews20%
None of the above1%
No answer0%

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps by time spent per category

Social media apps take the top spot, with users spending an average of 55.48 minutes per day. Gaming comes in second, with 16.7 minutes per day, and entertainment apps take third place with an average of 13.53 minutes per day.

YearAverage Time Spent per Day

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps by time spent per category share

Mobile social media and communication apps were the most popular category of mobile apps in terms of user engagement, accounting for the majority of time spent on mobile apps worldwide.

Social & Communication43.40%43%42.40%
Photo & Video24.20%25.40%25.10%

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps retention by app version

The study examined how long people keep using popular mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Results showed that only 2.6% of Android users still use the app after 30 days, compared to 22.6% after one day, indicating most users quit within the first month.

More research is needed to understand why retention rates are low and how to improve long-term user engagement.

On the other hand, iOS apps showed higher retention rates.

  • Android apps retention rate
TimeframeApp retention rate
Day 302.60%
Day 144.30%
Day 76.50%
Day 311%
Day 122.60%
  • iOS apps retention rate
TimeframeApp retention rate
Day 304.30%
Day 146.70%
Day 79%
Day 313.70%
Day 125.60%

Source: Statista 1, Statista 2

Most Popular Mobile Apps: Country and Time spent

This report highlights the daily mobile app usage of different countries, with some spending as much as 5 hours and 39 minutes using mobile apps each day, while others spend as little as 3.33 hours.

Saudi Arabia03:09:0003:41:0004:21:0005:18:00
South Korea04:0404:49:0004:59:0004:59:00
United States03:16:0003:05:0004:09:0004:21:00
United Kingdom02:58:0003:41:0003:59:0004:14:00

Source: Statista

In-depth Overview of Most Popular Mobile Apps (Regions, Demographics and Others)

Social media apps usage by Regions

Android users in Asia spent the highest number of hours engaging with mobile social apps, with approximately 449 billion hours spent in the first half of 2021, which is a 15% increase from 2019. In comparison, Android users in South America spent 84.4 billion hours on social media apps in the same period.

YearAfricaAsiaEuropeMiddle eastNorth AmericaOceaniaSouth America

Source: Statista

Social media apps spending by regions

Asia has consistently had the highest consumer spending on mobile social apps, with users generating $6.6 billion over the years.

This table provides information on the number of mobile phone users (in millions) in various regions across the globe in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

YearAfricaAsiaCentral AmericaEuropeMiddle EastNorth AmericaOceaniaSouth America
2021$30.8 million$2.7 billion$11.8 million$794.2 million$827.4 million$2.1 billion$92.6 million$99.3 million
2020$23.4 million$2.1 billion$10.6 million$650.6 million$469.0 million$1.5 billion$79.7 million$71.6 million
2019$17.5 million$1.8 billion$6.6 million$549.8 million$254.8 million$937.9 million$63.6 million$52.0 million

Source: Statista

Social media apps usage by age group (Demography)

Users aged between 40 and 44 years spent the longest average time on social media apps, while global users aged 19 or younger spent the least amount of time. Users aged 50 years or older spent around 56.43 minutes per day on social media apps.

Age GroupAverage minutes per day

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps: Social Media Overview

Social media app downloads on the Apple App Store

In June of 2022, BeReal was the most-downloaded social networking app for iPhone in the Apple App Store worldwide, with almost 14 million downloads from iPhone users worldwide. WhatsApp was the second most downloaded iPhone app, with approximately seven million downloads from iPhone users, followed by Telegram with roughly four million downloads from global users.

BeReal13.89 million downloads
WhatsApp Messenger6.96 million downloads
Telegram Messenger4 million downloads
Facebook3.99 million downloads
Messenger3.57 million downloads
WeChat2.68 million downloads
Xiao Hong Shu1.88 million downloads
Discord - Parla e chatta1.73 million downloads
QQ1.4 million downloads
Life3601.31 million downloads

Source:  Statista

Social media app downloads on Google Play Store

In September 2022, TikTok was the top downloaded social media app for Android devices globally, followed by Instagram and Facebook. TikTok had almost 24 million downloads in that month, while Instagram had over 21 million downloads and Facebook had approximately 14.22 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

TikTok23.96 million downloads
Instagram21.17 million downloads
Facebook14.22 million downloads
Facebook Lite11.34 million downloads
Twitter6.86 million downloads
TikTok Now6.24 million downloads
BeReal. Your friends for real.5.6 million downloads
TikTok Lite5.54 million downloads
Bigo Live - Live Streaming App5.52 million downloads
NGL: anonymous q&a4.22 million downloads

Source: Statista

Social media app downloads Worldwide

The popularity of social media apps continues to grow, with millions of downloads reported across various platforms.

In 2022, Instagram emerged as the most downloaded social media app worldwide, followed by WhatsApp and Telegram.

Furthermore, a newcomer, BeReal, entered the ranking as the tenth most downloaded app with over 90 million global downloads.

Instagram547 million downloads
WhatsApp424 million downloads
Telegram310 million downloads
Facebook298 million downloads
Messenger210 million downloads
Twitter159 million downloads
Facebook Lite151 million downloads
Discord105 million downloads
WeChat96 million downloads
BeReal91 million downloads

Source: Statista

Social media apps by open rate

Social media platforms are known for their massive user bases, but how frequently are users engaging with them? In 2022, data showed that some platforms had higher daily user engagement rates than others. Here's a summary of the engagement rates of some of the most popular social media apps.

AppsDaily Open Rate

Source: Statsista

Social media app engagement time

Social media apps have become an integral part of daily life for many people, and engagement rates on these apps continue to rise. In 2022, TikTok emerged as the most engaging social media app, with users spending an average of 95 minutes per day on the platform. YouTube ranked second in terms of engagement, while Snapchat had the lowest average engagement rate. Let's take a closer look at the engagement rates of these popular social media apps.

AppsAverage Time Spent
TikTok95 minutes
YouTube74 minutes
Instagram51 minutes
Facebook49 minutes
Twitter29 minutes
Snapchat21 minutes

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps: Messaging and Business App Overview

Messaging apps monthly downloads

Mobile messaging apps are increasingly popular, with millions of downloads each month. In June 2022, WhatsApp was the most downloaded app, followed by Snapchat.

Telegram also had a significant number of downloads, indicating the growing use of instant messaging worldwide.

YearMonthly Average Downloads
WhatsApp Messenger44.93 million downloads
Snapchat34.66 million downloads
Telegram31.84 million downloads
Messenger31.15 million downloads
WhatsApp Business26.22 million downloads
WeChat9.17 million downloads
QQ4.78 million downloads
Zalo3.66 million downloads
Viber - Safe Chats And Calls3.34 million downloads
LINE3.1 million downloads

Source: Statista

Mobile app user preference for business

About half of respondents in a poll conducted between December 2020 and January 2021 in ten international marketplaces said they preferred email for business communications.

Only 12% of respondents preferred Facebook Messenger, while 25% of respondents each found SMS and WhatsApp to be popular.

Surprisingly, despite TikTok not being a standard messaging app, 9% of the smartphone users polled selected it as their preferred route for business interactions.

AppsResponse Rate
Facebook Messenger12%

Source: Statista

Mobile apps usage for Workspace

With the widespread usage of mobile devices, messaging apps have emerged as a common form of workplace communication.

In all of the nations studied, with the exception of France and the United States, the majority of individuals use public messaging applications for mobile work communications, according to a global poll performed in January 2021.

84 percent of Brazilian users surveyed said they used WhatsApp or a comparable instant messaging service for business communications.

CountryMessaging Apps (WhatsApp/WeChat/Facebook etc.)E-mailPhone callsTexting (SMS)Company's Messaging App
South Africa74%65%62%44%12%
United Kingdom46%41%35%30%14%
United States40%54%47%51%11%

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps: Video Apps Overview

Video apps downloads

The popularity of short-form video apps has been on the rise, with TikTok emerging as the most downloaded video app globally in 2021.

According to data from Google Play and Apple App Store, TikTok garnered over 796.7 million downloads, followed by YouTube's mobile app with 220.7 million downloads.

Indian video-sharing platform MX TakaTak ranked third with 182 million downloads worldwide.

TikTok796.73 million downloads
YouTube220.7 million downloads
MX TakaTak182.24 million downloads
Moj141.2 million downloads
Josh127.93 million downloads
SnackVideo112.82 million downloads
Likee86.27 million downloads
Zili62.7 million downloads
Tiki61.8 million downloads
BOOYAH!53.79 million downloads

Source: Statista

Video streaming apps downloads

In recent years, video streaming has become an increasingly popular way for people to consume entertainment on their mobile devices.

In 2021, several video streaming apps saw significant growth in terms of downloads.

Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime were among the top three most downloaded video streaming apps worldwide during this period, with Netflix taking the lead with approximately 130 million downloads.

Netflix130 million downloads
Disney+100 million downloads
Amazon Prime Video94 million downloads
HBO Max57 million downloads
Pluto TV41 million downloads
Holstar38 million downloads
ZEE533 million downloads
WeTV32 million downloads
iQIYI30.4 million downloads
Tubi30 million downloads

Source: Statista

Most Popular Mobile Apps: Gaming App Overview

Mobile gaming users by regions

The mobile gaming industry has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, with Asia leading the way. According to data from 2021, Asia had over 1.29 billion mobile gaming users, accounting for more than 48 percent of the global mobile gaming audience.

In comparison, Europe ranked second with approximately 551.7 million mobile gaming users. Furthermore, mobile gaming has emerged as the top-grossing gaming segment worldwide, surpassing traditional console and PC gaming.

RegionNumber of Gamers
Asia1.3 billion
Europe551.7 million
Latin America309.2 million
North America207.7 million
MENA145.8 million
Sub-Sahara Africa126.2 million
Oceania25.3 million

Source: Statista

Mobile Gaming Apps Revenue

Mobile gaming continues to be the biggest revenue segment of the worldwide gaming market.

According to estimates, global mobile gaming app revenues are expected to grow from $86.9 billion in 2020 to $92.2 billion in 2022.

The impressive growth is attributed to the increasing demand for mobile games and the rise in smartphone ownership worldwide.

2022$92.2 billion
2021$98.22 billion
2020$86.9 billion
2019$68.3 billion

Source: Statista

Mobile gaming spending apps by genres

Mobile gaming is booming, led by RPGs which are the most popular genre with 31% of in-app spending and a global revenue of $25.5 billion.

Strategy apps come in second with $12.1 billion  in revenue.

AppsMobile Gaming Apps IAP Revenue
RPG$25.5 billion
Strategy$12.1 billion
Match$8.7 billion
Casino$8.3 billion
Simulation$8.1 billion
Action$5.3 billion
Shooter$4.8 billion
Sports$2.8 billion

Source: Statista

Mobile gaming spending apps by sub-genres

In 2021, the mobile gaming market grew due to the popularity of hypercasual games.

Hypercasual action games and puzzles had 4.01 billion and 3.78 billion downloads respectively, showing a significant year-over-year increase and a preference for hypercasual games among mobile gamers.

Action (hypercasual)$2.7 billion$4 billion
Puzzle (hypercasual)$3.5 billion$3.8 billion
Simulation (hypercasual)$2.5 billion$3.1 billion
Kids (other)$2.3 billion$2.6 billion
Driving (simulation)$1.7 billion$1.6 billion
.io (hypercasual)$1.3 billion$1.4 billion
Runner (action)$1.3 billion$1.2 billion
Creative sandbox (simulation)$952 million$1.1 billion
Simulation sports (hypercasual)$1.1 billion$1.1 billion
Pet (simulation)$911.58 million$900.29 million

Source: Statista


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