How To Create A Handwritten Signature Online (2023)

Use this free handwritten signature generator to create yours: upload a picture, draw, or use text with handwritten font for your eSignature!
How To Create A Handwritten Signature Online (2023)
Last updated on:
July 9, 2023
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You're probably on this page because you want to get an eSignature based on your handwriting (and make it look like the physical one).

It's known that electronic signatures make things easier and save lots of time. They're also more secure!

Hence, there's no reason not to get an electronic signature. In this post, we'll show you how to create a handwritten signature online.

This post is not a list of 'best tools to create handwritten signatures'. Instead, it's the actual solution.

By the end of this page, you'll actually leave with your own signature!

What is a handwritten signature maker?

A signature maker is a tool that takes your physical handwritten signature and transforms it into an image that's reusable for online documents.

Once creating your handwritten signature with our software, you can download it and sign documents way faster than ever before.

How to create your own handwritten signature

  1. Open our handwritten signature generator (added below);
  2. Design your signature: draw, use text, or upload a picture;
  3. Download it;
  4. Optional: Apply it to a document.

That's all you have to do to make your own handwritten signature online. As you can see, SignHouse gives you quite a few options to design it!

Drawing handwritten signatures

Drawing your handwritten electronic signature used to be the easiest when you're using tablets, phones, or any device that lets you draw properly.

But, with SignHouse, we make it very easy to draw a nice handwritten signature even with a laptop's trackpad or a mouse!

Check out this example of a handwritten signature made on a laptop's trackpad:

Handwritten signature drawn with SignHouse

Customizing your signature is also easy. Feel free to change the width, angle, and the colour in the click of a few buttons.

If you make a mistake, you can always clear the signature, or you can simply use the arrow to undo. Redo as well, with the other arrow.

Using text for handwritten signatures

You can use your device to draw the signature and make it look just like your classic signature on a paper. Then, you can also use text!

When typing it, our handwritten signature generator designed the same signature with many different fonts for you to choose from.

eSignature with handwriting font - examples

Simply select the font you like most, and that's it — download your eSignature!

It's 100% free to create electronic signatures and apply it to documents with us.


How do I digitize a handwritten signature?

Digitizing a handwritten signature means taking it from a "wet ink" signature to a digital one.

To digitize your handwritten signature in 5 easy steps:

  1. Put down your best signature paper.
  2. Open up our app: SignHouse.
  3. Configure a document that will be sent for signatures. NOTE: Make sure you add yourself as a signee!
  4. Upload the picture to use it as a signature.
  5. Use the controls and settings in there to customize your signature.

And voila! You've officially digitized a handwritten signature.

Can you add a handwritten signature in Word?

Yes you can! You can either draw a signature by hand, or add one if you already have it

To draw a handwritten signature in Word:

  1. Click “Insert” in the top bar
  2. Select “Drawing”
  3. Make sure you click “Draw” as the 2nd option → then select a pen
  4. Start drawing your signature
  5. Click “Save and Close”
  6. Once you signature is added, make sure you resize it, as MS Word makes it full-width by default. Voila! That’s your signature.

This will definitely work better on a laptop with a touchpad, rather than with a mouse on a desktop device. Or, probably the best way, with a pencil on a tablet.

To add a handwritten signature in Word:

  1. Open up Word
  2. Go to “Insert”
  3. Click “Pictures”
  4. Click “This Device”
  5. Upload your signature’s photo

Can you add a handwritten signature to a PDF?

Yes, you can add a handwritten signature to your PDF file. We'll help you create it and then add it to the file as well.

How to add handwritten signature to email on iPhone?

Create your electronic signature with SignHouse in just 1 click and 10 seconds, save it as a PNG and then attach it to the Apple Mail app.

How do I put a handwritten signature in Gmail?

Create your free handwritten signature with SignHouse in 10 seconds, save it as a PNG file, and then attach it in Gmail.

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