Revolut Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)

Key Revolut user stats. Includes data on Revolut's valuation, revenue, number of users, number of employees, and more.
Revolut Revenue and Growth Statistics (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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Revolut key statistics

  • In 2022, Revolut was valued at $33 billion in its most recent funding round, led by SoftBank and Tiger Global.
  • Revolut surpassed £95 billion in total transaction volume in 2021. It is expected to be over £100 billion by now.
  • Revolut generated £261 million in revenue in 2020, an 57% increase year-on-year.
  • Revolut has 25 million users as of November 2022.
  • Revolut has 500,000+ business users as of November 2022.
  • Revolut users transact in more than 30 currencies within the app as of November 2022.
  • in 2020, the average monthly deposit made by Revlout customers is £396.
  • As of 2020,  Revolut’s DAU was more than one million people.
  • Revolut has offices across 16 locations with headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

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Revolut Overview (About Company)

Revolut is one of the most popular online banking apps. Let's have a look at some interesting data about Revolut as an app and as a company.

Key StatKey Info
Date Launched1 July 2015
IndustryFinancial Technology
Company TypePrivate
Servicespeer-to-peer payments, currency exchange
Productscurrent accounts, debit cards, stock trading, currency exchange, foreign exchange, insurance
HeadquartersLondon, England, UK
Revenue£222.1 million (2020)
Net income£206 million (2020)
FoundersNikolay Storonsky, Vlad Yatsenko
Key peopleNikolay Storonsky - CEO, Vlad Yatsenko - CTO
Number of employees3,500 (2022)

Revolut Valuation

Revolut was valued at $33 billion in its most recent funding round, led by SoftBank and Tiger Global in 2021.

Graph about Revolut Valuation
2017USD0.4 billion
2018USD1.7 billion
2020USD5.5 billion
2021USD33 billion

In the past, there have been 4 official valuations of Revolut, from 2017 to 2021.

Look at how Revolut's worth changed in the course of 1 year! The company gained $27.5 billion in value from 2020 to 2021.

Source: Sifted, CNBC, CB Insights, PitchBook

Revolut Revenue

Revolut revenue was expected to reach more than £500 million in 2021.

Just like the value of Revolut, revenue also grew a lot from 2020 to 2021.

Graph about Revolut Revenue
2016£2.3 million
2017£13 million
2018£58 million
2019£166 million
2020£261 million
2021£500 million

Check out how Revolut's revenue jumped by at least £300 million more from 2020 to 2021. That's just amazing!

Source: Revolut

What is Revolut’s transaction volume throughout the years?

Revolut surpassed £95 billion in total transaction volume in 2021. It is expected to be over £100 billion in 2022.

This is referred to how much money went through Revolut payments, deposits, crpyto, transfers and so on.

Graph about Revolut's transaction volume
YearTransaction volume
2015£0.1 billion
2016£1 billion
2017£5 billion
2018£20 billion
2019£65 billion
2021£95 billion
2022£100 billion

Interestingly, in 2020 the transaction volume on Revolut was undisclosed.

Though, look at all the other years and see how there are a couple more billions with each new year.

Source: Revolut 1, Revolut 2, Forbes, Techcrunch

How much % does Revolut make out of their transaction volume?

In other words, comparing Revolut’s revenue with their transaction volume — how much value do they capture out of the money that their users are transacting?

Graph about Revolut percentage of captured value
YearCaptured Value

Looking at the table above, we can note how Revolut took 0.53% of all the transactions that went through the app.

Yet again, 2020's information remains undiscolsed and misterious. We can only wonder about that!

How much did Revolut users deposit monthly on average over the years?

In 2020, the average monthly deposit made by Revolut users was £396.

Graph about Revolut average customer's monthly deposit
YearAverage customer deposit

We also know a bit about the previous year. Speaking of which, you can see how Revolut users' monthly deposit, on average, grew by at least £50 every year.

Source: Telegraph, FT, Medium

How many users are actively using the Revolut app for transactions?

Revolut has more than 25 million registered users who use the app for currency conversion and banking.

Graph about Revolut number of active users
YearNumber of Active users
20160.1 million active users
20170.6 million active users
20182 million active users
20196 million active users
202012 million active users
202115 million active users
202225 million active users

From 2016, every year at Revolut had a new milestone. Check out how ther are millions of new active users with each new year on Revolut!

Source: Revolut, The Fintech Times

Revolut daily active users (DAU)

According to Revolut, more than one million people access the app daily (2020).

In 2023, the number of daily active users on Revolut is estimated to be way above one million users.

Graph about Revolut daily active users
YearDaily Active Users
20160.3 million
20180.4 million
20201.1 million

For now, we can only wait for Revolut to disclose this number.

In the past, it used to be 300,000 and 400,000 (2016, respectively 2018).

Source: Revolut

Revolut Funding History

Revolut has raised a total of $1.7B in funding over 19 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Aug 11, 2021, from a Secondary Market round.

Announced DateTransaction NameNumber of InvestorsMoney RaisedLead Investors
Aug 11, 2021Secondary Market - Revolut2$5.5M
Jul 15, 2021Series E - Revolut4$800MSoftBank Vision Fund, Tiger Global Management
Jan 1, 2021Secondary Market - Revolut1
Oct 5, 2020Funding Round - Revolut1
Jul 24, 2020Series D - Revolut1$80MTSG Consumer Partners
Feb 17, 2020Series D - Revolut7$500MTCV
Mar 27, 2019Non-Equity Assistance - Revolut1Future Fifty
Apr 26, 2018Series C - Revolut11$250MDST Global
Aug 21, 2017Seed Round - Revolut1
Jul 30, 2017Equity Crowdfunding - Revolut4$5.3M

Above you can see a list of all the 19 rounds of Revolut investments.

Source: Crunchbase

Revolut Investors

Now that we spoke about funding, let's have a look at Revolut's investors as well.

Therefore — Revolut is funded by 49 investors. Da Vinci Capital and Red Lions Capital are the most recent investors.

Investor NameLead InvestorFunding RoundPartners
Da Vinci CapitalSecondary Market - Revolut
Red Lions CapitalSecondary Market - Revolut
Target GlobalSeries E - RevolutRicardo Schaefer
SoftBank Vision FundYesSeries E - RevolutKarol Niewiadomski
Tiger Global ManagementYesSeries E - RevolutScott Shleifer
SprintsSeries E - Revolut
Material VSecondary Market - Revolut
Seven InvestmentsFunding Round - Revolut
TSG Consumer PartnersYesSeries D - RevolutBeth Pickens, Colin Welch
LakestarSeries D - Revolut

Note how three of them are lead investors: SoftBank, Tiger Global Management, as well as TSG.

Source: Crunchbase

Revolut Acquisitions

Revolut acquired Nobly POS - Point of Sale on Nov 25, 2021.

Acquiree NameAnnounced DateTransaction Name
Nobly POS - Point of SaleNov 25, 2021Nobly POS - Point of Sale acquired by Revolut

At the moment, Nobly POS is the only company that we know Revolut has acquired. Let's wait and see the next moves!

Source: Crunchbase

Revolut Profit

Revolut reported a £167 million net loss in 2021, its largest-ever annual net loss.

Graph about Revolut's profit/loss
YearNet income/loss
2016-£15 million
2017-£11 million
2018-£33 million
2019-£106 million
2020-£167 million

Unfortunately for Revolut, ever since 2016, there has only been loss within the Profit & Loss Account.

With each new year at Revolut in the 2016-2020 interval, the reported net loss was only going up.

Source: Revolut

How many people work at Revolut?

In 2022, there are over 3,500 employees at Revolut.

YearNumber of Employees
20202,500 employees
20213,000+ employees
20223,500 employees

Note how with each new year, there have been at laest 500 more new employees that started working for Revolut.

Source: Revolut, Business Insider, Startup Talky

How many office locations does Revolut have?

Revolut has offices across 16 locations with headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

The table below shows all of them:

United KingdomLondon4th Floor, 7 Westferry Circus HQ
United StatesDallas 
United StatesNew York 
United StatesSan Francisco 
AustraliaMelbourneLevel 8/222 Exhibition St
BrazilSão PauloAvenida Dra. Ruth Cardoso, 8501, Sala 1750, 17o andar, Pinheiros

Revolut has offices all over the world: North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania.

Source: Craft

In which countries is Revolut available?

Revolut is available and operational in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Source: Revolut

How does Revolut make money?

The Revolut app and core banking account are free to use.

Revolut makes its money through:

  • Subscription fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Perks
  • Ancillary services
  • Payment for order flow.

Source: Four Week MBA

Revolut subscription plans

These are the different Revolut subscriptions plans that you can purchase to get a better experience and different advantages on the app:

  • Plus (£2.99/month)
  • Premium (£6.99/month)
  • Metal (£12.99/month)

Source: Four Week MBA

Who are Revolut's users? (users demography)

Revolut user’s gender distribution

Users of Revolut are split between 58.23% men and 41.77% women.

Graph about Revolut user’s gender distribution

We can conclude that Revolut has a pretty fair ratio of male and female users.

Source: Similar Web

Revolut user’s age distribution

The majority of Revolut users are between the ages of 25 and 34.

Graph about Revolut user’s age distribution
Age GroupShare
18 - 2418.40%
25 - 3434.15%
35 - 4422.03%
45 - 5413.10%
55 - 647.53%

After that comes the 35 - 44 age group, with 22.03% of the total Revolut users.

Source: Similar Web

Revolut users by country

Revolut has most of its users from the United Kingdom, with 14.72% of the total users, and the number of 3.68 million.

Graph about Revolut users by country
CountryShareActual Numbers of Users
United Kingdom14.72%3,680,000 Users
Poland6.37%1,592,500 Users
France6.35%1,587,500 Users
Spain6.02%1,505,000 Users
Ireland5.15%1,287,500 Users
Others61.39%15,347,500 Users

Fun fact: Monzo is yet another eBanking app whose users are mostly from the UK.

After the UK, most of Revolut's users are from Poland, France, and Spain, with over 6% of the total users for each.

Source: Similar Web

How many app downloads did Revolut get in 2022?

  • Revolut got more than 10 million Android app downloads
  • Revolut has more than 317,000 iOS app downloads

Note how most of Revolut's users are on Android rather than on iOS.

Source: Google Play, Apple Apps

Revolut top marketing channels

The top traffic source to Revolut is search traffic, driving 48.78% of desktop visits last month, and direct is the 2nd with 43.23% of traffic.

Marketing ChannelsShare of Traffic

Source: Similar Web

Social media traffic to Revolut

Regarding social media, YouTube is the #1 traffic source for Revolut. It has a share of 43.94% from Revolut's total social media traffic.

Graph about Social media traffic to Revolut
Social MediaShare of Traffic

After YouTube, Revolut's second most popular social media app is LinkedIn, with 35.85% of the total social media traffic.

Source: Similar Web

Revolut website traffic by country and device used

Revolut's most users come from the United Kingdom, and they prefer the mobile version of the app. The same goes for the US too!

CountryAll DevicesDesktopMobile
United Kingdom5.1M14.17%85.83%
United States4M10.91%89.09%

Though, when we get to Netherlands, things have a bit of a twist, as Dutch people like to use Revolut on their desktop devices rather than phones or tablets.

Source: Semrush

What is the average time spent by users on Revolut?

The average time spent by users on the Revolut website is 3 minutes.

Graph about average time spent by users on Revolut

Source: Similar Web

Who founded Revolut?

The pair Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko founded Revolut in 2015.

Revolut founders’ net worth

  • Nikolay Storonsky
Graph about Revolut founders’ net worth
NameNikolay Storonsky
Current Net Worth$7.1 billion
Age38 years
Source of WealthFintech, Self Made
ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
Marital StatusMarried
EducationMaster of Science, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Nik Storonsky cofounded and runs U.K.-based financial services firm Revolut, which was valued by private investors at $33 billion in July 2021.
  • Revolut offers everything from currency exchange and surcharge-free ATMs to global transfer payments and budgeting.
  • The company, one of Europe's top unicorns, says it has handled more than 350 million transactions for more than 10 million customers.
  • Storonsky, who also holds Russian citizenship, got his start as a derivatives trader at Lehman Brothers, then Credit Suisse.

Nikolay Storonsky’s Net Worth History

YearNet Worth
2022$7.1 billion
2,021$1.2 billion
2020$1.1 billion

Source: Forbes

  • Vlad Yatsenko
NameVlad Yatsenko
Current Net Worth$1.1 billion (2022)
Age39 years
Source of WealthFintech, Self Made
ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom
EducationDiploma, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
  • Vlad Yatsenko is cofounder of digital bank Revolut, the most valuable fintech company in the U.K., worth $33 billion.
  • The dual British-Ukrainian citizen called Vladimir Putin "one of the most brazen liars in history" on February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine.
  • Revolut, which he runs with Nik Storonsky, who grew up in Russia but left at age 20, helped raise $11 million in donations for the Ukrainian Red Cross.
  • Yatsenko is Revolut's chief technology officer; he previously built software at UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse.
  • Yatsenko owns a bit less than 4% of Revolut.

Source: Forbes


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