How To Sign Forms Electronically (Free, 2023)

Answer: It's best to use a free electronic signature software like ours. Upload the form > Create signature > Add to the document.
How To Sign Forms Electronically (Free, 2023)
Last updated on:
March 31, 2023
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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to put an electronic signature on a form. Our software is 100% free, and we promise you'll get the job done quickly.

Let's waste no time and check out the process.

How to sign forms online (for free)

  1. Upload your form in the box below;
  2. Select Signature from the left side;
  3. Create an eSignature (or select if already existing);
  4. Drag & Drop your electronic signature on the form;
  5. Download your signed PDF form.

With SignHouse, you can create a legally binding electronic signature and add it to a form — may it be a PDF, DOCX, image, or any other file format.

Simply upload the form you want to sign, select your signature, and put it anywhere on the document.

How to sign a form online for free

Pro Tip: You can also send a form for signing if you need to collect multiple people's electronic signatures.

If not, you can just put your signature on an online form and download it alone.

Can you write a signature on a form?

Yes, you can. Write a signature on a form like so: Upload the PDF in our form signer > Design your signature > Drag and drop it on the form.

SignHouse allows you to design your electronic signature in a couple of different ways: draw, write (type), or upload if you already have an eSignature.

Can you add a signature in a Google Form?

Yes, absolutely! Save the Google Form as a PDF, upload it in our system, select your signature, and attach it anywhere on the form.

You can use our Google Form Signer for free as many times as needed. Our software is made precisely for any form, including Google's Forms.

how to add signature to google forms

Read more: We've got a guide dedicated to signing Google Forms. Go ahead and have a read on our page that explains every step clearly, with images

For now, that's it. You've just learned how to add your signature to a form online!


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