Top 10 Signaturely Alternatives (2024)

Replace Signaturely with a highly-performant eSignature software. Right now, SignHouse is the #1 alternative.
Top 10 Signaturely Alternatives (2024)
Last updated on:
December 29, 2023
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A Signaturely alternative is supposed to help you build documents, sign them faster, and send them for signing with ease.

This alternative should ideally be cheaper than Siganturely.

Find your next eSignature software to replace Signaturely with on this list, as we have compiled 10 of the best Signaturely alternatives for any business.

Each app on this list has a small review of the most essential upsides and downsides in comparison to Signaturely. This is to make sure you're switching to the right app.

But first...

Why seek a Signaturely alternative?

Seek a Siganturely alternative if you don't like their pricing and the features you get for electronic signatures... Considering how much you pay for them.

This list was made possible by people in the same position as you right now. We listened to people complaining about Signaturely and made this list.

Hence, let's look at what people signing documents in many industries say when switching from Signaturely to another eSignature software.

Expensive software

Signaturely isn't the cheapest software, and that's no secret. Their cheapest plan starts at $20 per user/month, and it climbs up to $40 per user/month for the most expensive plan.

Paying $20 for every person in your team every month can pile up in the long run. That's why people love cheaper tools or adopt lifetime pricing, like SignHouse.

Solution: Get SignHouse's lifetime deal offer and pay just one time for the tool.

No PDF tools

Signaturely is just an electronic signature software. You can't build documents with their tool and edit them in any way you want.

Many apps on this list are actually all-in-one PDF signers and editors, and some of them have document editing tools like compressing a PDF or conversion options.

Solution: Join SignHouse to sign documents and customize them anyhow.

Limited free plan

Signaturely's free plan isn't accessible. If you're looking for a free eSignature app and you don't need all the paid tools, Signaturely wouldn't be very helpful.

For instance, their free plan limits you to just one signature request per month, while all of the paid plans offer unlimited signature requests.

With most other apps on this list, you can sign unlimited PDFs and request unlimited signatures even on the free plan.

Solution: Use SignHouse to sign and request unlimited signatures for free.

Which Signaturely alternatives are free?

  • SignHouse
  • HelloSign
  • PandaDoc
  • SignWell
  • Xodo Sign
  • Note: Signaturely itself is a free eSignature tool

If you want a 100% free online signature tool, you should look at these 5 apps, as they have free plans — this excludes free trials.

Top 10 Signaturely Alternatives

These are the best Signaturely alternatives at the moment: SignHouse, DocuSign, HelloSign, signNow, PandaDoc, SignWell, Adobe Sign, Xodo Sign, FormStack Sign, RightSignature.

Now, let's have a detailed look at each of these apps.

1. SignHouse

DocuSign alternative: SignHouse
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $499 per every 5 users (lifetime, no monthly fees)
  • Key features: eSignature maker, document builder and editor, contracts
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4.8/5
Lifetime pricing
$20 to $40 user/mo
Free Plan
Collaboration, multi-user
Share documents with teammates
Only from $40/user/mo
Unlimited docs to be signed
Email reminders
Coming soon!
Document analytics
Coming soon!
Request attachments
Coming soon!
Drag and drop file builder
Coming later
Access to the founders
Customer support from the founders!
You can contribute to the roadmap + the vision of the product

SignHouse is the best Signaturely alternative for those that need an all-in-one signing tool and document builder + editor.

At SignHouse, we go beyond just electronic signatures, as we have PDF editing tools that help you get the most out of your documents.

Besides, you can use SignHouse to do everything you'd do with Signaturely, even accessing free contract templates that not every other eSignature provider has.

Why switch to SignHouse?

Because pricing is better than Signaturely's. At SignHouse, we're running a lifetime deal offer: you pay just one time for the tool and keep it forever.

Signaturely's cheapest pricing plan starts at $20 per user/mont, and their most expensive plan is $40 per user/month.

At SignHouse, we believe we've got the better approach. Why? Because getting a lifetime eSignature software is advantageous especially in the long run.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign website homepage
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $10 to $65 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSignature maker, unlimited signatures, team collaboration
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4.2/5

DocuSign is lots of companies' go-to eSignature software, as it is one of the first players in the electronic signature industry.

Switching Signaturely for DocuSign is a good idea for a few reasons, including the fact that you've got a huge community of people like you. The community is helpful because you can easily find out why something's not working and how to fix it.

Though, communities aside, DocuSign is a good online signature maker because their signatures are legally binding, and it is a more known and trusted software.

Downside 1: DocuSign is an old electronic signature software made in the very early 2000s, and the whole user experience is worse compared to other apps on this list.

Why? Because DocuSign can be slow sometimes and a clunky app compared to how others perform.

Downside 2: Know that DocuSign isn't free. They have a free trial, though not a free plan which you can stick with forever.

SignHouse, Signaturely and other apps on this list offer 100% free plans.

3. HelloSign (Dropbox Sign)

HelloSign website homepage
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $15 to $30 per user/mo
  • Key features: Unlimited eSignatures, free plan, multi-user signing
  • Accessibility: Online, mobile and desktop
  • Ease of use: 4.7/5

HelloSign is an electronic signature software owned by Dropbox, and it helps you sign documents and request signatures with ease.

One of the best parts about HelloSign (Dropbox Sign) is that you can use their free plan, and it is pretty generous for basic eSignature needs.

You know that HelloSign is another trustworthy electronic signature solution as it is owned by Dropbox, which everybody knows about.

Downside 1: You still have to pay monthly fees for Dropbox Sign (HelloSign). An app like SignHouse only asks for one payment thanks to the lifetime deal offer.

4. signNow

signNow homepage
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $8 to $50 per user/mo
  • Key features: multi-user signing, minimal PDF editing, reusable templates
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (has mobile apps)
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5

signNow is an accessible electronic signature software, especially in terms of its pricing, since it is one of the cheapest Signaturely alternatives on this list.

You can use signNow as a personal eSignature software, as it is quite cheap and easily accessible for everybody.

Downside: While it is a cheaper Signaturely alternative, we've said this before in our signNow review: there is no free plan, so you'd still have to pay for signNow.

Sure, they have a 7-day free trial, but once that ends, you'll have to pay to continue using signNow to sign documents.

Though, your users won't have to pay anything. Anybody who has received a file to sign via email through signNow is exempted from paying.

Between SignHouse, signNow and DocuSign, you've got a variety of apps to replace Signaturely with, as every tool offers something different:

  • SignHouse: Best value for long-term document building and signing;
  • signNow: Cheap personal-use software;
  • DocuSign: Trusted tool with most features at the moment.

5. PandaDoc

SignRequest alternative - PandaDoc
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $29 to $59 per user/mo
  • Key features: form creation, payment collection, unlimited templates
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (has mobile apps)
  • Ease of use: 4.7/5

PandaDoc is one of the most expensive Signaturely alternatives on this list, but if you want to take money out of your pocket for a well-built app, you wouldn't go wrong with PandaDoc.

One of the best upsides of using PandaDoc is that you can build documents from scratch with their document templates — something that not every app offers.

Aside from contract templates and a few other tools, this is a good Signaturely alternatives because PandaDoc has all the basic features every tool should have.

For more details on what you can do with this Signaturely alternative, make sure ot read our fully-detailed PandaDoc review.

Downside: PandaDoc is pricy, and that's no secret. Their cheapest plan starts at $29 per user/month, and many other eSignature solutions are cheaper.

We've written this previously in our PandaDoc vs Docusign vs SignHouse review, concluding that SignHouse has the best value for money between the 3 apps.

6. SignWell

SignWell - website homepage
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $8 to $30 per user/mo
  • Key features: multi-user signing, minimal PDF editing, reusable templates
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (has mobile apps)
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5

SignWell is yet another cheap eSignature software to replace Signaturely with.

Just like signNow, SignWell's pricing starts at $8 per user/month, which makes it pretty accessible for everyone looking to get a new eSignature solution.

Compared to Signaturely, SignWell has a few more features. The fact that you can edit PDF documents at a basic level is standing out in comparison to Signaturely.

Though, SignWell's PDF editing tools are not as many as SignHouse's, which allows you to do everything to you files — from converting PDFs to compressing them.

Downside: SignWell is yet another app without a free plan. You need to pay money anywhere from $8 to $30 per user/month.

And then, SignWell is this minimalistic eSignature software whose main purpose is to electronically sign documents rather than build and edit them too.

7. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign homepage
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $13 to +$24 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSignature tools, PDF tools, integrations, branding
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4/5

Adobe Sign is a great Signaturely alternative for those who need an all-in-one PDF editor and signing software.

Pricing isn't the worse for Adobe Sign, but it still isn't the most efficient app, since their cheapest plan starts at $13 per user/month.

Though, as the name Adobe may ring a bell, another good side of Adobe Sign is that you may already be familiar with the app's interface and how to use it.

This is especially if you've used Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat Reader before.

Downside: Adobe Sign doesn't have a free plan and customer support may be a pain since you have to wait lots of time to solve complaints.

8. Xodo Sign

Xodo Sign homepage
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Price: $8 to +$100 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSignature tools, document editor, integrations
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4/5

Formerly known as Eversign, Xodo Sign is an electronic signature software with many pricing plans, designed for pretty much any use case.

Xodo Sign's cheapest pricing plan starts at $9 per user/month if billed yearly, or $12 per user/month if billed monthly.

A good side of Xodo Sign is that you can also build and edit documents instead of just electronically signing them. Integrations are also a great part of the deal.

Downside: You don't have document analytics and you can't request attachments with Xodo Sign.

Other apps, including SignHouse, allow you to do those two things you can't with Xodo Sign.

9. FormStack Sign

FormStack Sign - website homepage
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $50 to $79 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSign documents, team collaboration, PDF editor
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4.2/5

FormStack Sign is an expensive alternative to Signaturely, though it offers more than Signaturely: PDF editing, building, and more.

With FormStack Sign, you can build and sign documents with your team, access multi-user signing, and integrate many apps to your eSign tool.

You've also got many document templates at FormStack Sign, and they may come in handy when you need to start documents from scratch.

Downside: FormStack Sign is an expensive tool. Paying $59-$79 per user/month is not cheap for a tool that helps you fill and sign documents.

10. RightSignature

RightSignature homepage
  • Free plan: No
  • Price: $60 to $135 per user/mo
  • Key features: eSign tools, collaboration features, in-person signing
  • Accessibility: Online, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: 4.3/5

RightSignature is another more-expensive Signaturely alternative, though it offers quite a few features compared to Signaturely.

With RightSignature, you access a lot of team collaboration features and multi-user signing. You can also sign documents online and in-person.

Downside: RightSignature doesn't have a free plan, and it is very expensive. Their cheapest plan is $60 per user/month, and the most expensive one goes up to $135.

Which Signaturely alternative is right for me?

The best Signaturely alternative depends on your needs: if it's just signing a few documents, look for SignWell or signNow, as they are cheap. If you need an all-in-one PDF editor and signer, you should go for SignHouse.

Figuring out which Signaturely alternative is right for is first understanding what you're looking for. Then, it's simple!

There are many solutions to choose from in the eSignature industry. Many are cheap, many are expensive, and only a few provide great value for money.

Thank you for reading our guide on the 10 best Signaturely alternatives!


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